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Ofsted Report

Friday 25th October 2013

Dear Parents and Carers,

We have just received our report from our Ofsted Inspection on the 10th and 11th October.  The whole report can be viewed on the school website, or a paper copy can be requested from the school office.  As you will see, we have been judged to require improvement to be good.

There are four areas within the inspection framework.  We were graded as good in ‘Behaviour and Safety’.  We were judged as requiring improvement to be good in ‘Achievement’, ‘Teaching and Learning’ and ‘Leadership and Management’.

The Ofsted inspector recognised many strengths in our school and she particularly noted

  • Pupils are happy  at school and say that it is a warm and welcoming place.
  • There has been  good improvement in teaching since the previous inspection and pupils’      books as well as lessons observed show that teaching is now frequently good.
  • Pupils’ positive attitudes to learning make a good contribution to their progress.
  • Throughout the school teachers do their best to make lessons interesting for pupils and they instil in them an enjoyment of learning.
  • Pupils show a real thirst for knowledge.
  • The school has produced a very clear plan of action about how to raise pupils’ achievement.

Despite all these positive aspects, of which we are rightly proud, the key judgement – that of the Achievement of the pupils – is based on the published results of the pupils, especially on Key Stage 2 SATS tests.  Our results have fluctuated over the past couple of years, ranging from in line with national figures (2013) to well above national figures (2012).  To be judged a good school, our inspector was clear that the figures needed to be consistently above national averages.   Because of this judgement for achievement, the judgements for both ‘Teaching and Learning’ and ‘Leadership and Management’ were also deemed to require improvement to be good.

We were pleased that the Ofsted inspector recognised that the school had correctly identified its areas for development and was focusing on the right priorities to raise achievement and further improve teaching.  Whilst she was with us she shared that if it were not for the historical data, she would have said that the school was currently good.

We are confident that we are building on the strengths outlined in the report and look forward to our next inspection where we will be able to show that we are a good school with good historical data.

Yours sincerely,

Alice Travis                                                                  Andrew Robertson

Chair of Governors                                                      Headteacher


Please click here for the full report – Ofsted Final October 2013


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