Rabbit Class 2016 -17

Mrs Redman – Year 2 and Year 3

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Termly Overview Rabbit Spring 2017

Week beginning March 20th 2017 

In maths we have been using different strategies to add two numbers together. Some of us chose to work mentally, some on a blank number line and some of us chose to use a written method to support our calculating.


In art we have been learning how to mix the primary colours to create secondary colours. We used powder paint and practised the dip, dip, mix method. We also had fun experimenting with making tints, tones and shades of colours.


For Mother’s Day we enjoyed sharing our lunch with our mums on Thursday and we’ve had great fun making them Mother’s Day cards.


Today was very exciting as it was Red Nose Day. We came dressed in red clothes and bought cakes from Year 6’s Bake Sale. We also enjoyed wearing our red noses in class!

Week beginning March 13th 2017 

This week Rabbit Class have been really busy for science week. We have been finding out all about the seven life processes and used MRS NERG to help us remember them. We have explored the difference between habitats of the world and discussed how animals and plants are adapted to living in these habitats. We have been out into our school grounds and observed plants and animals in their micro habitats. We used scientific language to record our observations.


On Friday we were also very lucky to have Mr Twitchett visit us from the Lawn Tennis association. He gave an assembly telling us all about how tennis is played and facts about famous tennis players. Then we went out onto the playground for some fun tennis activities. It was great fun and we learnt a lot and developed our tennis skills.

Week beginning March 6th 2017 

This week Rabbit Class have been busy preparing for their class assembly. We hope you enjoyed it. We are really proud how confidently we all spoke and remembered our lines. 

In art we have experimented using powder paint and different size and type brush to create different paint effects.


In PE we continued to develop our football skills with Gary from the FA. We focused on changing direction whilst maintaining control of the ball.

Week beginning February 27th 2017 

This week in topic we have used the computers to research river of the world. We located the source and mouth of the river. Which continent it was in and how long it was.


In art we have experimented using different media to draw. We drew buildings you would find along the river Thames and we used magnifying glasses to look closely at the shape, texture and line of shells.


In PE we have been practising different ways to move with the football. We had great fun playing a tag football game where we had to use different parts of our foot to dribble the ball.

Week beginning February 20th 2017 

This week Rabbit class have been telling the time. We have worked hard to read and write the time in both digital and analogue. We’ve had great fun playing time games on the computers, making times on mini clocks and completing written tasks in our books.

In English we used freeze framing to show key events from Jack and the Beanstalk. We used body shape and facial expressions to represent different characters and different events. See if you can guess which part of the story we are representing. We also did a thought tapping activity in our freeze frames where we had to suggest ideas as to what the character would be thinking.

In Geography we finally finished our models of Rabbit River using playdough for the river. We have learnt all about the water cycle and we had lots of fun learning a song to help us remember the vocabulary evaporation, precipitation, condensation and collection.

We’ve also had great fun visiting the Explorers Area. The mud kitchen was very popular and Mrs Redman and Mrs Twitchett had lots of delicious meals cooked for them!!

Week beginning February 6th 2017

This week Rabbit class have enjoyed taking risks in their learning. Challenging themselves to try things they might not usually try.


In maths we have been finding fractions of amounts. Some of us chose to work mentally, some made jottings and some of us chose to use equipment to help us find the answer.


In geography we started our Journey of a river model. First we built our mountain with newspaper and paper mache and today we painted our model. After half term we will add the river using playdough from source to mouth and label our models.


In English we have read poems by Alan Alhberg and we had great fun writing excuses for being late for school. We also explore patterns and rhymes in poems and some of us looked at different phonemes making the same sound in phonics.


Week beginning January 30th 2017

This week in Rabbit class we have been busy asking questions linked to our topic River and Mountains.


In Geography we found out about the journey of a river from source to mouth. We labelled a diagram and made a glossary of the words we had learnt.


On Friday we were very excited to have our visitor Mollie Hughes in school. She told us all about her climb up Mount Everest. It was very exciting and interesting and the questions we asked her helped us find out all about how she trained, how she went up the highest mountain in the world, what food she ate and clothes she wore etc.


Well done to those children in Rabbit class who have been busy making models of famous landmarks in the UK. We really enjoyed eating the gingerbread Shard!!

Week beginning January 23rd 2017

Rabbit Class have been working with perseverance this week.

In PE with Mr Bailey we have been exploring different body shapes such as tall, wide, long.

In music we have continue to learn notes in the treble clef. We have practised reading and playing D and E.

In English we have been learning all about the features of instructional texts. We have followed instructions to make things such as Pizza. In our writing we have been challenging ourselves to write instructions with command sentences, adverbs and conjunctions.

In Geography we have used maps and atlases to locate and name the continents and oceans of the world and to explore countries within these continents.

Week beginning January 16th 2017

Thus week we have been focusing on learning from our mistakes or ‘mustakes’ as we’ve been calling them! Rabbit class have been really good at challenging themselves in particular in maths and reviewing their mistakes and learning from them.

In Science we have really enjoyed carrying out investigations. We have predicted and then tested which elastic band was the stretchiest and which materials were absorbent.


In English we have been studying the features of an instructional text and we have been learning about the structure of command sentences. We have had great fun making paper fortune tellers and finding examples of bossy (imperative) verbs in instructional texts.


Week beginning January 9th 2017

This week Rabbit Class have been taking on challenges.


In maths we have been recalling and using x and ÷ facts and solving problems with arrays to support our calculations.

In Music we have been challenging ourselves to read the c note in the treble clef and play this on a glockenspiel.

For home learning we have made models of famous landmarks in the UK or made flags of each of the countries in the UK.

Week beginning December 5th 2016

Christmas Craft Morning

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Week beginning November 28th 2016


Week beginning November 21st 2016


Our visit to St. James’ Church

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Week beginning November 14th 2016


Week beginning November 7th 2016


Week beginning October 31st 2016


Week beginning October 17th 2016

In Maths we have been adding ones and multiples of tens to 2 and 3 digit numbers e.g. 567 + 9, 34 + 30. We have played games and worked on problem solving activities to enhance our addition skills.

img_1685 img_1688 img_1689 img_1690

In Science we had Melissa from Everyone Health visit us. We learnt all about eating a balanced diet and how it is important to try and include food from all the food groups to keep you healthy. We also learnt what the different food groups are and what they provide for our body e.g. Carbohydrates give us energy.

img_2140 img_2139 img_2136 img_2135 img_1702


Week beginning October 10th 2016

In RE we have explored special places in our school and wrote about how we can look after these areas.

dscf3657 dscf3664

In English we have been reading Traction Man. We wrote questions to Traction Man and then took turns at sitting in the hot seat to answer the questions in role.

dscf3665 dscf3666 dscf3667 dscf3668 dscf3670

This week in Maths we have been adding and subtracting numbers mentally. We used ‘Build it, Draw it, Write it’ to help us add 2 two digit numbers.

img_1644 img_1645 img_1646

In Music we have been listening and responding to an African song. We learnt about the difference between pulse and rhythm and we had great fun keeping a pulse in different ways using our body.

img_1676 img_1680


Week beginning October 3rd 2016

In computing we have been working really hard with Mrs Bowen to programme using fun games. We have also been practising saving our finished work in the correct folder on the computer.

dscf3636 dscf3637 dscf3638 dscf3639 dscf3640 dscf3641 dscf3642

In topic we have been learning all about Roman soldiers. We researched and found out lots of fun facts. Today we started designing and making our own Roman Shields.

dscf3643 dscf3644 dscf3645 dscf3646 dscf3647 dscf3648 img_1630 img_1631 img_1634 img_1635


Week beginning September 26th 2016

This week Rabbit Class visited Colchester Museum as part of our Back to the Future topic. We had an amazing time. We learnt lots of facts all about how the Romans invaded Britain. We really enjoyed visiting the vaults, seeing artefacts in the museum and building a Celtic Round House and Roman Villa.

dscf3520 dscf3528 dscf3535 dscf3550 dscf3558 dscf3559 dscf3587 dscf3588 dscf3592 img_1541 img_1566 img_1498-copy img_1575-copy


Week beginning September 19th 2016

img_1411 img_1406

In PE we have been playing invasion games that encourages us to work as part of a team.

img_1462 img_1463

In Maths we have been partitioning numbers and working on place value problems.

img_1448 img_1415 img_1414

In art we have been preparing our Christmas cards (Yes this early!!) to bring home for you all to order!

img_1464 img_1465


Week beginning September 12th 2016

In maths this week we have been counting in steps of 1,2,5,10,50 and 100 and playing lots of counting and ordering games

 img_1357 img_1358

In English we have been reading Bob the Man on the Moon. We have written questions to ask Bob the main character and worked in groups to tell the story using a story map.


We started off our topic Back to the Future with our Roman visitor. It was very exciting to see all the artefacts he brought in.

img_1380  img_1377  img_1370img_1363


Week beginning September 5th 2016



In Maths Rabbit Class have had great fun playing place value games outside. We worked collaboratively to order numbers of our choice.

 img_1316 img_1317 img_1318 img_1319 img_1320 img_1321 img_1322 img_1323 img_1324


In PSHE we have read the Rainbow Fish and talked about what qualities good friends have. We went outside and spun a web of friendship as a class.

img_1347 img_1346 img_1345 img_1344