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Mrs Hawes and Mrs Woodman – Year 4 and Year 5

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What a busy week of finishing off and fun!

Badger Class, Mrs Hawes and Mrs Woodman would like to wish everyone a wonderful summer holiday! Stay safe and have fun!


Week beginning July 10th 2017

Active Science: This week in our Active Science lesson Badgers enjoyed a mini Olympics. We explored high jump, long jump, javelin and sprint.


Olivia! – This week we thoroughly enjoyed our evening performances of Olivia! The hall was full, atmosphere fabulous and the two performances were amazing!

Sports Day: On Thursday afternoon we enjoyed our Sports Day. We all ran a flat sprint race and then our class novelty race. It was designed by Finnley Chilvers and involved us all becoming ‘Badgers,’ going out to find our food! We was great fun but quite exhausting!


Bastille Day: On Friday we celebrated Bastille Day! We came dressed in red, white and blue and enjoyed a variety of activities learning about the storming of the Bastille. The best part was the French café after school!

Week beginning July 3rd 2017

Active Science: This week in our Active Science lesson Badgers had great fun exploring wind resistance.

Sponsored Step and Stride – On Tuesday afternoon the whole school took part in the sponsored walk to Little Thetford! We all really enjoyed it; being out and about in our local countryside was lovely!

Sports Morning: On Thursday morning we dodged the rain and enjoyed a carousel of sports, including javelin, netball, long jump and ‘beat the goalie’!! It was lots of fun working in our house teams!

Week beginning June 26th 2017

Active Science: This week in our Active Science lesson Badgers were learning how to be accurate scientists. We were measuring liquid accurately using pipettes.


Production rehearsal: We don’t want to give too much away but our rehearsals are going well for our production of Olivia! We have been working very hard this week, hopeful we will be able to put on a great show!


PSHE: In PSHE this week we have been thinking about changes that have happened in our lives. We have drawn timelines and marked any important events on. We then thought about the emotions linked to these events; using a rainbow we started to think about a colour we would associate with each event.

Week beginning June 19th 2017

English: This week we have been working on a story called ‘An Alien Landing’. We edited and improved the introductory paragraph, making it exciting and intriguing! What will the alien look like? We drew our aliens and then thought of powerful descriptions, before planning the rest of our story.


Maths: We have been revising the written methods for multiplication and subtraction this week. Some of us were great teachers, explaining our working to the rest of the class.


Marvellous Maths: On Thursday we welcomed our family into school to enjoy an hour of Maths with us! We had great fun and even Mr Robertson had to think hard about one of our challenges!

Week beginning June 12th 2017

French   In French this week we were learning how to give our opinions on clothes. We wrote our sentences in French and then did some role play with our learning partners.

Maths This week we have been looking at 3D shapes, their properties and how to recognise them from 2D representations. We had great fun making some 3D shapes from nets.

Science Continuing our topic on space, we have made moving models showing the relationship between the sun, earth and moon.

Week beginning June 5th 2017

This week has been a fantastic week of Science for Badger Class, with lots of curriculum enrichment.


Active Science: On Tuesday we had an Active Science session with Cambridge United, investigating our heart rate after exercise.

Virtual Reality Space Experience: We were visited by the OU and able to use virtual reality headsets to explore space! We were able to compare the size of the planets in relation to the sun and investigate the movement of the moon. It was so much fun and all the children all agreed it was the future for classroom lessons!

Science Festival: On Thursday we went to the Science Festival at Ely Cathedral. We explored lots of hands-on exhibits to deepen our knowledge of space even further. We also had a session learning about the digestive system and the role of amino acids!

Week beginning May 22nd 2017

Week beginning May 15th 2017

Science: Badgers have been learning about astronomers through time who believed in the Geocentric and Heliocentric models of how the planets moved in the solar system.

RE: We thoroughly enjoyed our trip on Monday visiting the Mosque in Peterborough. We learned so much about the Islamic faith and it was great to see inside a Mosque and learn from the Imam. Lunch at the park was wet but still lots of fun!

Computing: On Thursday we watched an E-Safety play in school. We were reminded about how to keep safe on-line from the characters Spam, Virus and Password.

Week beginning May 8th 2017

RE / History: We have been exploring Islamic style geometric patterns. We have designed and created our own.


Science: this week we recorded everything we already know about the solar system. We then enjoyed ‘speed dating’ to meet each planet!

Maths Challenge: We are very proud of 4 of our Year 5s who represented us so well at the area Year 5 Maths Challenge. They received special commendation for their efforts in the memory round.

Week beginning May 1st 2017

English: We have continued with drama this week. We have explored various drama techniques and used ‘freeze frame’ to depict a scene from an Arabian Nights story.

PE: At last the pool was ready so we were able to enjoy our first swimming lesson of the year!


Art: In RE we are learning about Islam and today we found out about Mosques. So in Art we draw a Mosque skyline, onto which we flicked paint to create a night sky. It was messy and lots of fun!

Week beginning April 24th 2017

Maths: We have been working on ‘time’ this week. We have been reading analogue and digital clocks and solving problems by converting between different units of time. We enjoyed playing the ‘1 minute game’ where we had to stand up, close our eyes and then sit down after 1 minute. Some of us were really accurate at counting 60 seconds!

English: We have read ‘Sinbad the Sailor’ from ‘1001 Arabian Nights’. We drew story maps for the adventure we read and rehearsed and presented the story orally to the class. We then felt confident to write the story in our own words. We worked hard to ensure we included all the details of the story, as well as checking our grammar and punctuation.


Week beginning April 19th 2017

RE: We have enjoyed finding out all about Buddhism. We have learned about the life of Siddhartha Gautama and how he became Buddha, learned about the Eightfold Path, made origami lotus flowers (a symbol of purity in Buddhism) and drawn the Dharma Wheel.


English: We have written the story of Buddha. We have tried to include all the grammatical features we have learned in our writing. We edited and improved our work.


ICT: We have used all our new knowledge of Buddhism to create a PowerPoint to teach others.

Week beginning March 27th 2017

DT: Badgers have completed their bridge models. We held a mock parish council meeting with Farmer Giles, so that each bridge design could be presented. The winning model, chosen by Farmer Giles, belonged to Joseph and Finnley. Well done everyone!


Easter Egg Hunt: The whole school enjoyed our annual Easter Hunt, looking for eggs around the school grounds!


PE: We really pushed ourselves this week in PE, doing circuit training on the playground.

Week beginning March 20th 2017

Maths: Badgers have been learning about percentages in maths this week.


English: In English this week we have been learning about persuasive language. We have worked in groups to write and perform our own radio adverts.


Geography: This week we have been observing the water cycle in action.

Red Nose Day: We really enjoyed wearing something red, wearing our red noses and buying delicious cakes to raise money for Comic Relief.

Week beginning March 13th 2017

Science Week: This week Badgers have enjoyed some extra science. We had great fun experimenting with cornflour slime!


Science: In science this week we have been classifying changes, deciding whether statements are about old age are true or false.


DT: This week we have begun to build our model bridges. We are discovered how difficult it can be to stick to specific design criteria and have had to work hard to amend our designs accordingly.


Parent Visitor: On Friday, our school enjoyed a visitor from a parent who works for LTA. He who told us all about tennis. We then had a short masterclass! It was great fun!

Week beginning March 6th 2017

English: This week we have been investing persuasive language. We looked at lots of different adverts to see how they draw the reader in. We then designed our own adverts for a river cruise. We researched on the internet and then created our advert using persuasive language.



Book Week: To celebrate book week Mrs Hawes has created a fabulous book quiz for us to do. We really enjoyed looking at the clues and thinking which book they are from.


Geography: This week we explored all the vocabulary linked to the journey of a river.

Week beginning February 27th 2017

English: This week we have been focussing on our Grammar and Punctuation. Having revised relative clauses, prepositions and adverbials we read a passage from our class text and highlighted all the examples of these. It was a challenge but we were good – we spotted more than Mrs Woodman!


PSHCE: The Badger girls spent some time together this week, thinking specifically about girls friendship. We thought of all the qualities that make a good friend and realised that friendship is a two-way thing: we need to make sure we show these qualities as well as look for them in our friends.


Class Assembly: On Friday it was our class assembly. We really enjoyed sharing our learning about Growth Mindset, our River Poems, our Pointillism paintings, extracts of our stories, as well as our jazz piece on the glockenspiels!

Week beginning February 20th 2017

English: We have been reading and writing poetry this week. We began by reading different poems and sorting them according to their type (Haiku, Kennings, Acrostic etc).


DT: We have started to think about bridges that cross rivers. We investigated different types of bridges (truss, beam, arch, suspension and cantilever), looking at how their structures differ. We had fun trying to make the different types of bridges using construction and card.

Week beginning February 6th 2017


This week we had our final lesson on ‘paired composition’ in gymnastics. We polished our routines which had to include mirror, canon, contrasting, complementing and unison moves. We then performed our routines to the rest of the class.


We have been editing our own adventure stories ready to write up and ‘publish’ as our own books. We worked with our learning partners to edit, highlighting parts of our writing that were good in green and then areas that could be improved in blue.

Week beginning January 30th 2017


Badgers have been having fun with fractions! We have played a pairing game and then made up our own card games using equivalent fractions.

Mollie Hughes

We really enjoyed our visit from Mountaineer Mollie Hughes. She has inspired us to have self-belief and go for our goals!


Following the visit by Mollie Hughes, we have collated all the facts we learned to create our own ‘Mount Everest Fact Sheets’. We have used appropriate organisational features.

Week beginning January 23rd 2017

English: Badgers have been thinking about what makes a good story and looking at a story mountain. We have looked at different types of story openers and written our own.

Maths: Continuing with our work on fractions, Badgers have been investigating different number sentences that can be written to describe a visual pattern.

Science: Badgers have had fun investigating irreversible chemical changes.

Week beginning January 16th 2017

Art: We began our Pointillism paintings. We had to sketch our outline of a river scene, mix our paints and begin our dotty painting!


PE: We have been incorporating unison, canon and mirroring moves into our gymnastic routines.

Week beginning January 9th 2017

Art: We used a passage from our class text, The River Singers, which described the setting and used our imagination to draw the scene it depicted. We used oil pastels.


English: We have been learning how to write direct speech using the correct punctuation. We wrote our own dialogues and have got really good at using the punctuation confidently.


Music: We listened to a piece of jazz music and accompanied it using the glockenspiels. We are looking forward to improvising to it next week!


Sci: We have been separating materials

Week beginning December 5th 2016

We have been experimenting with circuits to see what are and what are not electrical conductors.

science-2 science-1

The children have made their own catapults and briefly tested them.

dt-1 dt-2

In Badger class we have been looking at equivalent fractions.


Christmas Crafts Morning

img_2552 img_2551 img_2550 img_2549 img_2548 img_2547 img_2546 img_2545 img_2544 img_2543 img_2542 img_2541 img_2540 img_2539 img_2538 img_2537 img_2536 img_2535 img_2534 img_2533 img_2532 img_2531 img_2530 img_2529 img_2528 img_2527 img_2526 img_2525 img_2524 img_2523 img_2522 img_2521 img_2520 img_2519 img_2518 img_2517 img_2516 img_2515 img_2514 img_2513 img_2512 img_2511 img_2510 img_2509 img_2508 img_2507 img_2506 img_2505 img_2504 img_2503 img_2502 img_2501 img_2500 img_2499 img_2498 img_2497 img_2496 img_2495 img_2494 035 030 028 017

Week beginning November 28th 2016


In English we have been editing and improving our newspaper reports with our learning partners.

 englsih-2 english-1


In Maths this week we have been converting measures and finding the perimeter of rectilinear shapes.

 maths-1 maths-2

Class Assembly

Badger Class have also been hard at work creating their own class assembly.

assembly-1 assembly-2



Week beginning November 21st 2016


Wow – what a beautiful piece of homework, Erin!

Year 5 training

Some year 5’s from Badger class have been chosen to be Sports Leaders and here they are learning what they need to know to do the job.

 year-5-training-2 year-5-training


In English Badger Class have been writing their own newspaper reports about Boudica’s Rebellion of Colchester then they have started to edit and improve their writing.

 english-2 english-1

Badger Class have been looking at integer scaling problems and a new method; the bar method.

maths-1 maths-2



Week beginning November 14th 2016


In Maths Badgers class have been learning about factors, prime factors and mental calculations.

maths-2 maths-1


Some very creative writing in English about what they saw through a mystical door for early morning work.


Rickshaw Challenge

Badger class as well as the entire school support the Rickshaw challenge which cycled past the school for Children in Need.



Week beginning November 7th 2016

Badger Class have been writing non-chronological reports about Roman soldiers.

english-2 englsih-1

In Maths we have been learning about squared and cubed numbers.

maths-1 maths-2


Week beginning October 31st 2016


In Badger class this week the children have started a new topic by discussing the properties that materials have.

science-1-1 science-1-2


Badgers have been collecting information about Roman soldiers in preparation of writing a non-chronological report.

english-1 english-2


Week beginning October 17th 2016

Some wonderfully creative homework’s have come in this half term.

homework-1 homework-2

The children have been learning and applying their new gained understanding of direct speech.

english-1 english-2


Week beginning October 10th 2016

We have been writing and editing an account of when the Romans invaded Britain in 55BC, 54BC and 43AD



In RE Badger class have been learning about the Jewish Law focusing on tzedekah. What it is and why it is important.


In PSHE we have been looking at working together. This week we focused on perseverance.

pshe-1 pshe-2


Week beginning October 3rd 2016

This week this children in Badger class have been looking at formal written methods for addition and subtraction focusing on the column method.

maths-1 maths-2

In RE we have been discussing the pros and cons of infant baptism (where the parent decides) and believer baptism (where the individual decides)

re-1 re-2


Week beginning September 26th 2016

The children visited the site of Colchester castle where the Romans invaded. They discovered what life would be like and learned lots of skills.

img_1204 img_1224 img_1241 img_1243


Week beginning September 19th 2016

The year 4’s in Badgers made Roman Numerals out of clay then created calculations for them to complete.

maths-1 maths-2

The year 5’s in Badgers were learning the difference between prime and composite numbers.


Badger Class have been interviewing each other to get a better understanding of the characters in the class text.

english-2 english-1


Week beginning September 12th 2016


Identifying the place value of digits with numbers. Counting forwards and backwards through 0

maths-1 maths-2


Writing using different tenses

english-1 english-2


Week beginning September 5th 2016



In PE Badger Class have been using the choreography to create a class dance based on being on the beach.

pe-2 pe-1


Badger Class have been discussing their strengths and weakness and how best to help others using these talents.

pshe-2 pshe-1


In Maths we have been practising counting forwards and backwards in different quantities.

maths-2 maths-1