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Topic Web Summer 2017

Goodbye Old School


This week Fox class have said their final farewells before starting their onward adventures in their new secondary schools in September.

To all our Fox class leavers – we have loved seeing you grow and will miss your fun, feisty and fabulous selves around the school. Please come back for a visit whenever you can.

To our Fox class parents – thank you for the lovely cards and thoughtful gifts but most of all thank you for your continued support.

To all – for the final time Fox Class wish you a well-deserved and relaxing holiday.

Week beginning July 10th 2017


    • This week began with the live performances of our Key Stage 2 production, Olivia. These performances marked the culmination of weeks of hard work from all the children in Fox class, the Year 3-5 children from Badgers, Otters and Rabbits as well as the contributions from numerous members of staff. The children showed great focus, resilience and enthusiasm throughout and really wowed the audience with their performance on the final night. Once again, a huge thank you to all who supported us during this production and an even bigger well done to all the children who took part. Year 6 – you shone like the stars you are!


    • During the second half of the summer term, Fox class have had the opportunity to visit the Stretham Bowls Club. Each week, half the class were taken by Mr. Robertson to receive some tuition in the sport from the lovely members of the bowls club. These lovely members of our local community willingly gave their time and knowledge to our Year 6 leavers for several weeks. This week, we took the entire class to the bowls club for some mini-games. Several children experienced great success, some even scored a 10! It was a delightful afternoon for all the children and adults involved.

Summer Music Festival Project

  • Fox class have been given an open ended project to focus on during their last couple of weeks at school. This collaborative project has asked them to plan a Summer Music Festival considering their initial ideas; creating a scaled plan of the festival site; a costings sheet for all outgoing monies; as well as a projection for income opportunities, including having to file grant request forms. The children have made use of their mathematical and literacy skills, their ability to collaborate, their research skills and their ability to plan the detail whilst keeping the bigger picture in mind. The financial requirements for their fantasy festivals have been quite an eye-opener for the class and have revealed a few potential business men and women of the future!

Sports Day

  • On Thursday afternoon the whole school came together to enjoy Sports Day. Once on the field, the children separated into their house teams of: Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald and Diamond. All the children had fun getting involved in their various races and cheering their team mates. Although Year 6 thought that the most entertaining races were those run by their parents!

Bastille Day

  • In preparation for Bastille Day on Friday 14th July, Madame Connolly worked with Year 6 to review their food and drink vocabulary as well as their conversation skills. They enjoyed pairing up to role play being in a French café and using appropriate phrases. On Bastille Day itself, we discussed what the celebration is about and created menus in French for the after school French Café.

Week beginning July 3rd 2017


  • The final touches have been put to our production of Olivia over the course of this week. We focussed on voice projection, smoother transitions and our finale. It has been a whirlwind of a week but thankfully very productive. Continued thanks to all who have helped with finalising costumes and props. We were delighted to finally perform for our audience during Friday’s dress rehearsal. Although we were without technical support for this performance, as well as it being a very hot afternoon, the children coped exceptionally well. I couldn’t be more proud of all their efforts.

Step and Stride

  • Fox class enjoyed taking part in the sponsored Step and Stride event organised by the PSA on Tuesday this week. It was a great opportunity to get some much needed fresh air and exercise, whilst also raising money. We had fun spending time together in the great outdoors.

Transition Week

  • This week was transition week at school. Most of our Year 6 visited their new secondary schools on Tuesday and Wednesday. They had a fantastic time meeting new people, trying out new lessons and preparing for the next step in their educational adventure. Whilst Fox class were away, Mrs. Everest and Mrs. Burling had a two lovely afternoons getting to know the new Owl and Kingfisher classes who will become the Year 5s and 6s next year. We broke the ice with a few get to know you games and then explored the weird and wonderful world of Lewis Carroll’s ‘Jabberwocky’.

Games Morning

  • On Thursday morning, the whole school joined together to take part in a games morning. The whole event was fantastically fun and well-organised by Mrs. Redman with all manner of interesting sporting activities to try. Fox class students led the teams within their houses brilliantly. They were enthusiastic, helpful and incredibly supportive throughout, really setting a wonderful example to younger students.

Week beginning June 26th 2017

Week beginning 19th June 2017

Post-SATs English Project

  • To give Fox class a further opportunity to use their descriptive writing skills, we began a project this week called “Anywhere Island”. After inventing their newly discovered island and locating it somewhere exotic; the children set about using sensory language to describe their first impressions of the island upon its discovery.


  • This week Fox class enjoyed their work on e-safety with Mrs. Bowen, including the e-safety cartoon clips. Production


  • Our production of Olivia is well underway now. We have spent the week practising our songs, including all the solos and duets for the main characters, as well as staging each scene from the play. Our stage is also finally up! Thank you to all who have helped so far; gathering costumes for your children and helping with props. If you are able to offer any extra Victorian style costumes or props that may be useful we would be delighted.

Week beginning 12th June 2017

What a week! – Check out our residential pictures here

Mon – Tue                    Wed                 Thur – Fri

Week beginning 5th June 2017


  • To develop a more realistic tone in the dialogue as part of our latest narrative writing, we role played some scenarios. In our scenarios for our disaster stories, we explored what our characters would actually say and how they would actually say it. We compared our two main characters might react to various situations and how we could show our readers how our characters were feeling, rather than telling them.


Art/ History

  • This week we made use of our research of the intricate patterns found in Islamic architecture. The remit given to the class was to create a geometric design for a circular city, rather like the images we have of early Baghdad. We took our previous small pattern studies from our sketch books and used them to create detailed, geometric quarters within our city diagrams using pencil and ink to sketch and layer. The next step will be colour!

Science Festival

  • We were lucky, along with Badger class, to be invited to attend the Science Festival hosted by Ely Cathedral. The children took part in one activity related to the topic ‘You are what you eat’ in the Education centre and a selection of hands-on experiments related to space and technology in the cathedral itself. From assembling molecules of amino acids to debating the perfect aerodynamic structure for flight – the children had a wonderful time and an enriching experience.

Individual Presentation

  • A student in Fox class enjoyed a special birthday treat last weekend – junior drag racing. He was delighted by the experience and eager to share his adventures with the class so he gave a presentation which highlighted key elements of his special day. Alfie spoke enthusiastically about his successes and challenges from that day, sharing photographs of him in the drag car as well as his time sheets. A fascinating presentation – thanks Alfie.

Leavers Hoodies

  • Fox class received their Leavers Hoodies this week. They were over the moon with the style and range of colours. As you can see our leavers are particularly delighted to have their special hoodies in time for our residential trip next week.

Week beginning 22nd May 2017

English – DLG

  • Fox class were given the first chapter of One Thousand and One Arabian Nights to read and consider. On Wednesday, we held a DLG in English to discuss the content and context of the text. The opinions given by the children were mixed but were well thought through and backed up with evidence from the text. Several children expressed confusion as to the actions of the Arabian Kings which led to a fascinating discussion about the difference in global culture, in the past and today.



  • During French, Fox class had an opportunity to practice key vocabulary and phrases learnt over the half term. They concluded the session with a song that incorporated many of the key phrases and linked actions. The collective pronunciation skills demonstrated were pleasing but more importantly they all seemed to enjoy themselves.


  • We have been looking at the intricate patterns found in Islamic architecture. As a class, we studied photographs of the patterns found in the mosque we visited last week. Then we continued our research online and in topic books from the library. Having selected a pattern or series of patterns, the children then created vignettes of them in their sketch books. The focus of the session was to replicate the geometric style.


  • To give Fox students an opportunity to demonstrate the musical skills they have acquired so far this term, the children were asked to compose a short piece of music on the glockenspiels, reflecting the jazz music they have been listening to. They also completed the appropriate musical notation for their composition too.

Individual Presentation

  •  A student in Fox class enjoyed a wonderful journey around Japan over the Easter holiday. He was eager to share his experiences with the class so he created a PowerPoint presentation which highlighted key experiences. He was able to speak enthusiastically about his adventures and even ended the session with a foodie treat for all, all the way from Japan. Thank you!


  •  Computer programs often need to process a sequence of words and symbols. To give the children in Fox class experience of this, they carried out a words and symbols treasure hunt.

Week beginning 15th May 2017

R.E. – Mosque Trip

  • Fox class started the week by enjoying a trip to the Faizan-e-Madinah mosque in Peterborough with the rest of KS2. This trip was a valuable addition to our learning in History/ Geography about Early Islamic Civilisation. The children were warmly welcomed by the Iman of the mosque who spoke to them about the religion of Islam, gave us all a tour of the mosque (where we marvelled at the beautiful architecture and patterns) and helped to demonstrate the parallels between Islam and other religions. After our visit we took our packed lunches to Ferry Meadows for a picnic. Despite the rain, we all had a great time and even managed to fit in a few games of football and Frisbee.



  • Fox class have been developing various pieces of writing, making use of dictionaries and thesauruses, their vocabulary mats and SPaG grids to move their writing on. The class have spent time independently planning and writing their descriptions of an event and then editing those descriptions with their learning partners to make them more effective. The final pieces clearly demonstrate a range of emotions through their structure and word choice.


  • This week we have been applying our calculation skills, knowledge of shapes and spatial awareness to solve a variety of problems – individually and in groups. The children had fun explaining their strategies to each other.


  • To give Fox students an opportunity to cross check their results for our Perfect Parachutes experiment from the Spring Term, we re-tested our parachutes; generated additional results – recording them in a table; evaluated both sets of data and wrote up our findings.


  • E-safety has been an important topic in both Computing lessons and in other curriculum areas such as P.S.H.E. To support the KS2 children’s learning from their I.T. lessons with Mrs. Bowen, a play on the topic of e-safety was delivered to the children this Thursday. All students were able to enjoy the playful approach to the topic but were also able to take away key e-safety rules. Why not ask your child what they know about e-safety?

Week beginning 8th May 2017

SATs and Exam Preparation

  • This week our main focus has been remaining calm and doing our very best in our Reading, SPaG and Maths (Arithmetic and Reasoning) SAT exams. Throughout the week we completed mini-group review sessions in advance of each exam. It has also helped to have our cuddly mascots with us every step of the way – boosting morale with a simple cuddle.


  • Fox class enjoyed their P.E. session with Mr. Shelley (Premier Sport) on Thursday. The lesson focus was group games where the children were able to demonstrate their ability to collaborate and formulate strategies to be successful in the games they played. It was a well-deserved bit of light relief after their focus during the exams.

Extra-Curricular activities

  • To help alleviate any SATs stress, we have enjoyed a variety of other activities together this week, including:
  • Group games like ‘Capture the Flag’,
  • Swimming,
  • Reading,
  • Mindfulness/ Stress relieving colouring.
    • To celebrate the end of SATs exams we have also enjoyed:
  • Team challenges including the Marshmallow/ Spaghetti Tower challenge,
  • Den building,
  • More swimming,
  • Cooking,
  • Relaxing with our friends.

Week beginning 1st May 2017

In addition to general skills practice for the Reading, SPaG and Maths SATs, we have also enjoyed:


  • Fox class have been enjoying independent and small group activities to reinforce their Geometry knowledge. The children had opportunities to practice using protractors and compasses when creating 2D shapes and applied their calculation knowledge when creating scaled versions of the same shapes. In groups, the children were given questions which also required the use of their reasoning skills. The discussion that arose from these questions clearly demonstrated how hard Fox class have been working to improve their reasoning skills over the last term.




  • This week Fox class have continued their musical foray into the Blues. After listening to and commenting on various pieces, the children then created their own compositions in the Blues style. The children made use of glockenspiels to demonstrate their compositions.


This week saw Fox class continue their lessons regarding online safety/ e-safety. The children have really enjoyed using Carnegie Cadets to complete activities in relation to developing a good online reputation.

Extra-Curricular activities

To help alleviate any pre-SATs stress, we have enjoyed a variety of other activities together this week, including:

  • Rounders,
  • Swimming,
  • Group games on the field,
  • Eating biscuits,
  • Mindfulness/ Stress relieving colouring,
  • And Book Club.

Week beginning 24th April 2017

In addition to general skills practice for the Reading, SPaG and Maths SATs, we have also enjoyed:


  • Fox class have been enjoying small group activities to reinforce their knowledge of semi-colons, colons and dashes, as well as the identification and creation of active and passive sentences. We also enjoyed the visit from author Billy Bob Buttons on Thursday afternoon. In addition to sharing excerpts from his books, he also spoke to us about the planning for writing process a professional author goes through. He cleverly linked his own writing experiences to our own in the classroom, giving us advice for our future writing tasks.


  • This week Fox class were introduced to the new theme for this term – Explore the Exotic and the new History/Geography topic – Early Islamic Civilisation. We first discussed where Baghdad was located and how it developed into the hub of early Islamic civilisation. Watching a BBC film from the perspective of a young slave boy of the time really set the children’s minds wandering about the House of Wisdom, the caliphs and the inventions of that era.


  • Our French lessons for the summer term continued with an introduction to the bilingual dictionary. Madame Connolly explained how to make use of the French to English and English to French sections, as well as the topic themed central section, to expand our vocabularies and develop our sentence structures. We utilised these dictionaries in pairs and created interesting (and sometimes ‘silly’) sentences to explain what we did on each day throughout the week.

Week beginning 19th April 2017

In addition to general skills practice for the Reading, SPaG and Maths SATs, we have also enjoyed:

English – Spelling

  • Fox class have adopted a new approach to consolidating our Key Stage 2 statutory spellings. By working with our learning partner to read, listen to, spell aloud and spell in writing, we are endeavouring to make a better connection between the correct phonic sounds in each word and the letters that we use to form those sounds – especially the ‘tricky’ ones. To support this we complete a daily ten minute ‘Going for Gold’ spelling activity.


  • We have been reviewing the topic of Geometry this week; with a specific focus on circles. We have discussed the terms: radius, diameter and circumference. Fox class have learnt the relationship between the radius and diameter of a circle and can apply this knowledge to calculate either. All the children practised using a compass to draw a circle with a given radius/ diameter, using these visual representations of their circles to check their calculations for radius and diameter. The children were also intrigued by their introduction to Pi in relation to calculating the circumference of a circle as part of the mastery level in this unit.


  • We joyfully began our French lessons for the summer term on the theme of the days of the week. The children recapped the name of each day in French and then created a sentence to explain what they like to do on each day of the week.


  • This week Fox class enjoyed carrying out the investigation which concluded our Forces topic. Having designed and refined their investigations to find the perfect parachute; the time had come to test our theories regarding the forces acting on parachutes when they are dropped. Before testing, we reviewed the purpose of the independent variable, the dependent variable and which would be our controlled variables. Which design and material do you think will prove to be the most effective? Take a look at the photographs to see which looks successful.

Week beginning 27th March 2017


  • Fox class have enjoyed exploring our creative writing skills this week. We created descriptive word/ phrase banks to paint a clearer picture of our river side characters’ appearance, personality and movement. These words/ phrases were then developed into more complex sentences. We all tried to incorporate a variety of figurative language, expanded noun phrases and fronted adverbials; as well as a variety of punctuation to highlight our word choices to best effect.



  • In Science this week, we reviewed the idea of air resistance and discussed how that might affect the way gravity acts on objects – specifically the parachute designs we created last week. To test our theories, the class designed an investigation to find the perfect parachute. We realised how important it was to refine our initial designs and materials so we could choose the most effective for our final contender. To do this we discussed the purpose of the independent variable, the dependent variable and which would be our controlled variables. Which design and material do you think will prove to be the most effective?


  • This week in Dance, we continued to perfect our group routine to the tune “The Greatest” by Sia. We included some cheerleading moves into the main group routine and then collaborated in our small groups to create our dance vignettes.


  • With Easter fast approaching, we were inspired to complete various Easter themed art and craft activities, including: an Easter Egg design Comprehension Competition and making an effective Easter Basket.

Fox class wish you all a happy and restful Easter holiday.


Week beginning 20th March 2017

In addition to exploring the new topic of Ratio and Proportion in Maths and perfecting our poetic style in our homage to William Blake’s poem ‘Tyger, Tyger’, we have also enjoyed:


  • We spent time this week practicing the key skills required for our Reading Comprehension SAT. By completing practice readings and SATs style questions, we were able to discuss the methods needed to get full marks in the ‘trickier’ 2 and 3 mark questions. In addition, we completed some short SPaG quizzes to check-up on our terminology knowledge.



  • We also used some of our English time this week to brush up our oral and presenting skills in preparation for our assembly on Friday. Some of us were quite nervous about speaking in front of our family, friends and teachers – thank you for all the support.


  • We reviewed our topic of Forces in Science this week. The children reflected on what they remembered about Sir Isaac Newton’s theory and compared it to Galileo Galilei’s ideas. We then introduced the idea of air resistance and discussed how that might affect the way gravity acts on objects. To test our theories, the class got into small groups to design an investigation to find the perfect parachute. We have begun to consider which designs and materials might be best and why. Our next step will be to test, refine and then re-test our ideas. Can you guess which designs and materials will be most effective?

Week Beginning 13th March 2017

In addition to practicing our balancing of algebraic equations in Maths and use of poetic language in English (whilst studying William Blake’s’ ‘Tyger, Tyger’ poem), we have also enjoyed:


  • We focussed on rivers of the world this week. After a brief input, where we reviewed how to use an atlas to locate the various features and key facts for a specific river like the River Thames, the children then collaborated with their learning partners to go on a fact finding mission for other well-known rivers. This river hunt included World Rivers such as the Amazon, the Nile and the Ganges.


  • We have continued to explore our topic of Forces. We reviewed our knowledge of the scientist Sir Isaac Newton and his theories. The children were introduced to the difference in measuring for Mass (in kilograms) and Weight (in Newtons) and considered the different devices (standard kitchen scales and Force metres) that had to be used for each. The children enjoyed collaborating with their Learning partners to measure a variety of classroom objects for both Mass and Weight.


  • Having spent several weeks exploring the religion of Buddhism, we spent time this week considering the stories and teachings of Buddha and how they have been handed down to new generations of Buddhists. The children were surprised to learn that the teachings were not recorded in a written document but were part of an oral tradition shared between generations of monks – Buddha’s disciples. We played a game of ‘Whispers’ to see how the phrases we passed on (following the oral tradition) might change over time. This demonstrated to the children why eventually a group of approximately 500 Buddhist monks got together to compile and preserve an accurate account of Buddha’s teachings and stories in a written document called the Tipitaka/ Tripitaka. This document was initially recorded in two languages – Pali and Sanskrit – before much later being translated into a range of global languages.


The children have continued their lessons with a Premier Sport Coach to explore Team games and the mix of collaborative and sporting skills required to play them. We were also lucky enough to receive a tennis taster session from Mr. Twitchett from the Lawn Tennis Association. We really enjoyed developing some initial skills.

Previous Fox Class Learning and Photos can be accessed here.