Mrs Woodman – Year 1

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Summer Term

Week beginning 15th July 2019

Science / PSHE – Hedgehog Class have enjoyed a fabulous week doing lots of learning about our bodies. We have learned the names of our body parts and explored all our senses. We have used our noses to identify different smells, our ears to identify different musical instruments and our fingers to match different materials.

Week beginning 8th July 2019

Computing – In Computing we were drawing our favourite food using the program ‘Paint’; we had to save and open our work.


PE – We had fun this week learning to use the foam javelins!

English – We really enjoyed listening to the story ‘The Whale and the Snail’ by Julia Donaldson this week. We made lovely story maps which we used to write the story in our own words. Look at our writing – we are all such lovely writers now!

Week beginning 1st July 2019

Science – This week we have learning all about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores in Science. We had to sort lots of different animals into the correct group depending on what they eat.


Sports Morning – On Monday morning the whole school had great fun doing lots of sport activities on the field.

Swimming – We are all improving so much with our swimming.

Week beginning 24th June 2019

On Tuesday we had a great trip to Hunstanton Sealife Centre. Sadly the sun didn’t shine for us but it didn’t stop us having our snack looking at the sea! The Sealife Centre was brilliant and we saw lots of the sea creatures we have been learning about. We all got to touch a starfish and crab before having a play on the pirate ship. It was a great day!

Week beginning 17th June 2019

Maths: We have been counting forwards and backwards to 100 this week, reminding ourselves of the value of the tens and ones in each number. We have been counting sets by making groups of 10.

DT: We are enjoying using our plans to make our own rainmaker musical instruments.

PE: We are getting ready for Sports Day next week! Hope you can come and join us next Thursday!

Week beginning 10th June 2019

Sponsored Walk: We had a great time on our sponsored walk on Tuesday. It was very wet and muddy but we loved walking through the puddles!

Assembly: This week we have enjoyed sharing our learning in our class assembly. We hope you enjoyed it too.

Phonics: We have been working so hard on our phonics. Mrs Woodman is very proud of us all.

Week beginning 3rd June 2019

Bikeability: We really enjoyed the visit from Bikeability this week. We all had a turn on lots of different bikes and also had to pedal fast to generate electricity to make music play. It was hard work!

Science: In Science we have been learning all about Amphibians. We wrote a fact sheet and learned about the lifecycle of frogs.

English: We enjoyed acting out the story of The Frog Prince, before we wrote the story trying to include lots of adjectives.

Week beginning 20th May 2019

Explorers: Last week we had a great time at Explorers pond dipping and making rafts.


Computing: This week in Computing we were programming an on-screen object to move. We were also debugging, if the instructions were not correct.

English: We have finished our non-fiction books and are so proud of them! They have lots of facts in them, pictures, a contents page and index page too. We enjoyed sharing them with each other.

Week beginning 13th May 2019

Maths: We have been making equal groups in maths this week. We had to make sure we had the right number of groups and the right number of objects in each group.

English: We have learned the vocabulary ‘fiction’ and ‘non-fiction’ this week, sorting books into piles of each. We then looked carefully at non-fiction books finding all the common features, before beginning to write our own books called ‘Under the Sea’. Being authors is hard work!

Week beginning 6th May 2019

Explorers: We had great fun in the Explorer’s Area this week, building dens, looking at the pond wildlife and making pizza wraps on the fire.

Maths: We have been measuring and comparing capacity and volume this week. We have been looking carefully to see if different containers are full, half full, nearly empty or empty.

Art: We have enjoyed making our own rainbow fish out of clay. We used beautiful sparkly sequins to decorate our fish.

Week beginning 29th April 2019

Maths: This week we have been carrying on exploring fractions. We have investigated how we can split different shapes into quarters – 4 equal parts, and been working out a quarter of numbers.

English: We have really enjoyed reading the story The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister. We had great fun acting out the story and have become really good narrators. We then sequenced the story before writing it in our own words.

Swimming: We enjoyed our first swimming lesson of the term. The pool was so warm!

Week beginning 24th April 2019

This week Hedgehogs have enjoyed diving in to their new topic ‘Under the Sea’!

We have explored the different creatures that live under water and in art we painted our own under the sea scenes, using pastels to colour the sea creatures.

In English we have written fish fact sheets as well as riddles about different sea creatures. We enjoyed reading them out to each other and trying to guess them!

Spring Term

Week beginning 25th March 2019

Maths – We have been enjoying lots of measuring challenges and investigations this week.

Science – We have been looking at seeds and bulbs. We have planted them, as well as lots of other plants in our courtyard, and are looking forward to seeing them grow.

English – We had great fun making jam sandwiches for Mr Grinling, the Lighthouse Keeper, this week (although we ate them ourselves!). We then wrote our own instructions.

Week beginning 18th March 2019

Maths – We have enjoyed measuring height and length this week. We have used cubes to measure and compare the lengths of different objects in our classroom.

Phonics – We have been ‘digraph spotters’ this week, looking carefully in words to spot them and then blending the sounds together to read each word. Some of them have been real words and some have been nonsense words!

Music – We are having great fun exploring the percussion instruments in music, working out different ways to play them and describing the different sounds they make.

Week beginning 11th March 2019

Science – We have really enjoyed Science Week and had a wonderful time in the visiting planetarium.

We have also being looking at seasonal changes and enjoyed doing some observational drawings and printing of seasonal flowers.

The theme of this year’s science week is journeys. We had great fun predicting the journey of the water in our own science experiment. Our predictions were right and the water walked up the kitchen towel to fill the empty cups and make secondary colours.


RE – We had an amazing presentation this week by Rahma and her Mum, telling us all about Islam and what it means for their family. Well done Rahma!

Week beginning 4th March 2019

Maths – We have continued learning about place value to 50 this week. We have compared numbers and ordered them using mathematical language to explain our reasons.

Computing – In Computing this week we really enjoyed programming the Beebots with a series of instructions.

Art – We have finished our Great Fire of London pictures. Don’t they look fabulous!

World Book Day – We had a great day celebrating World Book Day. Thanks for all the fabulous outfits – everyone looked amazing!!!

Week beginning 25th February 2019

Maths – We have exploring numbers to 50 this week. We have written and represented numbers in different ways – in words, with tens and ones and with tens frames. We are getting very good at explaining place value.

English: This week we used story mountains to help us plan our own stories. We shared our ideas with each other, wrote our plan and then carefully wrote and illustrated each page.

PE: This week we began our new gymnastic unit – ‘Rocking and Rolling’

Week beginning 11th February 2019

New trim trail – We are so excited this week that the new trim trail is finished. It is great fun!

Fire Station: On Wednesday we had a fabulous afternoon visiting Ely Fire Station. We learned all about the equipment used by the firefighters and we all had a go squirting water with the hose! It was brilliant!

Class Assembly: This week we have been practising for our class assembly on Friday. We really enjoyed sharing all our learning with the rest of school and our families.

Computing: We have been learning all about algorithms in Computing. This week Mrs Bowen showed us how the MBots are programmed to follow a set of instructions.

Week beginning 4th February 2019

History – In History this week we have been exploring some artefacts from the time of Florence Nightingale. We have made our own class museum, writing labels for each artefact.

Maths: We have used the greater than, less than and equal signs to compare number sentences this week.

DT: We have designed and started to make our own model emergency vehicles this week. We are cutting dowel using hacksaws and attaching wheels to make axels.

Week beginning 28th January 2019

DT / History – In History this week we have really enjoyed finding out about Florence Nightingale. She was known as the ‘Lady with the lamp’ so we made our own lamps just like hers.

Maths: We had great fun exploring the coloured rods this week. They helped us think about number fact families and bar models and we used them to help us solve addition and subtraction missing number problems

Art: We learned about the famous artist Paul Klee. He used bright colours and shapes in his art work. We tried to copy his ideas. Our art work looks great (although it was quite messy!).

Week beginning 21st January 2019

PE – In our dance lesson this week we were exploring different ways of moving in our ‘Winter Wonderland’ dance.

Phonics: We have been working so hard learning split digraphs over the last few weeks: a-e, e-e, i-e, o-e, u-e. We are getting good at reading and writing these words.

Art: We have really enjoyed painting this week; we all painted a picture of different ‘people who help us’.

Week beginning 14th January 2019

Maths – We have been exploring different strategies for adding this week, including using the tens frame, number lines and adding by making 10.

English: This week we have become authors! We read ‘My Mum’ by Anthony Browne and then wrote our own books about our mums. We worked carefully on our sentences making sure we used finger spaces, full stops and capital letters. We are very proud of our books.

Explorers: We had great fun in the Explorers Area this Friday. We cooked s’mores on the fire and did fire lighting using the flints.

Week beginning 7th January 2019

Maths – We have adding by counting on this week. We used tens frames and number lines to count on, starting from the largest number. We used ‘first’, ‘then’ and ‘now to tell our own number stories.

Science‘Breaking news: A person is trapped in the ice!’ We had to explore where we could put the ice so that it melted the quickest. We worked scientifically, all afternoon, predicting, measuring, recording and asking & answering questions. At last we managed to free the person!

Winter Walk: On Friday we enjoyed a walk around our village looking for signs of winter. We saw trees with no leaves, bare farmer’s fields, evergreen trees and lots more! We had to wrap up warm and our faces felt very cold.

Circus Skills: We had a lot of fun at Littleport Academy, joining in with two other schools to learn different circus skills.

Autumn Term

Week beginning 10th December 2018

Christmas with the Aliens!– Wow! What a fantastic production performed by Ladybirds, Hedgehogs and Rabbits! You all performed beautifully and sang your hearts out. What a treat for us all. Well done!


…And don’t we look great in our Christmas jumpers! We raised lots of money for Save the Children. Thank you!

Week beginning 3rd December 2018

Geography –

We’ve had a busy week continuing our learning in Geography. We have learned about the four countries of the UK, their capital cities and flags. We’ve also enjoyed looking at atlases and going on an adventure to a very different place…the Arctic!


Christmas – has arrived in Hedgehog Class! We have enjoyed decorating our class Christmas tree, reading Christmas stories and making our own decorations! We are also rehearsing hard for our Christmas production…but you’ll have to wait until next week for photos of that!

Week beginning 26th November 2018

Pirate Day!

What a fun day we have had today – a finale to our ‘Adventurers’ topic. We all came dressed as pirates and had such a busy time. We decorated pirate ship cupcakes, played on our pirate ship, made parrots and designed our own pirate flags. Don’t we all look great!

Week beginning 19th November 2018

Maths – We have been working on our understanding of place value this week, using tens and ones to represent different numbers.


Phonics – We have been using our phonic knowledge to segment words to help us with our spelling.

Geography – We went for a walk around our school, looking for features we could draw on a map. We then had a go and tried to use a key too!

Look at us in our pyjamas! Thank you for all our raffle donations!

Week beginning 12th November 2018

Maths – We have worked very hard this week on our understanding of the number system. We have been reading, writing and ordering numbers in words and numerals, and exploring different pictorial representations of numbers.


Explorers – We had lots of fun in the Explorer’s Area this week; we were making frames from twigs and creating pictures to go inside (as well as all the usual fun we have there!).

English – We are using our phonic knowledge really well to help us read CCVC (consonant, consonant, vowel, consonant) and CVCC words. Look at our independent writing too!

Week beginning 5th November 2018

What a busy week we have had in Hedgehogs!

Maths – we have been consolidating our knowledge of 2D and 3D shapes and their properties.


Art – we really enjoyed exploring different mediums to create fabulous firework pictures.

Geography – we looked carefully at a map of our village and then went on a walk of the village to explore the features. We then thought about our learning about Remembrance Day in History and went to find the two war memorials!


Week beginning 29th October 2018

This week in Hedgehog Class we have been doing some autumn partitioning with large number. We have also been completing our phonics by doing lots more writing using our phonetic sounds. On Tuesday afternoon in our PSHE lesson we spoke about special people in the school who help us. We had lots of fun discussing these people and then drawing them.



Week beginning 15th October 2018

We loved exploring on our autumn walk…

In science, we used Venn diagrams to sort objects looking at their properties.

Week beginning 8th October 2018

It was a bit wild and windy in the Explorers Area today!

Developing our literacy skills; practising our handwriting and making words with magnetic letters.

We loved printing with fruit and vegetables.  It was messy and fun!

Keeping fit in outdoor PE.

Our science investigation.  Which material was best for teddy’s umbrella – he doesn’t want wet fur!

Week beginning 1st October 2018

Learning to work together.  Were we able to pass the hoop round the circle without letting go of each other’s hand?

We have been learning to tell the time.  We all need to know when it is lunchtime!

In RE, we have been learning about life in a Christian family.

Listening to a story CD.  Fee fi fo fum…

Week beginning 24th September 2018

  Being imaginative in the creative area

Exploring in the sand on a sunny day – what fun!

  Land ahoy! Pirates in the role play area.

  Making letter shapes from playdough.

   Counting and matching in maths.

Week beginning 17th September 2018


Making -teen numbers

Early morning work

PE in the sunshine

Week beginning 10th September 2018

Hedgehogs have been having lots of fun this week. We have painted pictures of pirates and had our first session back in Explorers.

Week beginning 5th September 2018

Letter to Hedgehog parents – 7-09-18

Hedgehogs have enjoyed a super start to the term with Mrs Jones, Mrs Oakman and Mrs Ashby.  All very tired by Friday!