Mrs Woodman – Year 1

Summer 2018

Termly Overview Summer 2018

Week beginning 16th July 2018

Tiger who came to tea – This week we read ‘The Tiger who came to tea’, by Judith Kerr. We have had a lovely week, writing invitations to different animals to come to have tea with us, going shopping in our class shop to buy food, making animal masks, making food from playdough, decorating biscuits and then or course, enjoying our tea party today!

Swimming – this week some we worked in small groups to carry out different challenges, like floating, moving on our backs or fronts, but we had to hold on to each other all the time! It was great fun!

Explorers – It was our last week at Explorers this week so we were able to do all the things we enjoy most. We cooked in the mud kitchen, lit our own fires, made s’mores and popcorn, climbed trees… and so much more! A massive thank you to Mrs Rogers and Mr Woodman for helping out every week – we have really appreciated their support.

Week beginning 9th July 2018

This week in Hedgehog Class we have been learning all about our amazing bodies.


In PSHE we had fun drawing around our bodies and labelling all the different parts.

On Thursday in Science we had a visit from NAPP Pharmaceuticals and we continued to learn about our bodies; we explored our senses – smell and taste. It was great fun tricking our taste buds and closing our eyes to guess the different tastes. We also had lots of different smells to identify!

Swimming – This week we have all worked so hard swimming. Lots of us have managed to swim a length with just a noodle around our waist. Some of us have been working on our backstroke. We are all getting such good swimmers!

Week beginning 2nd July 2018

This week in Hedgehog Class we have had a bear theme! We really enjoyed having Ladybird Class visit us; we hunted for bears on the field, made bear masks and went on our own ‘bear hunt’. Look at all the bears we found!

Week beginning 25th June 2018

Trip to South Angle Farm Park – This week we went on our trip to the farm. We had such a fabulous day; we saw, fed and held so many different animals including lambs, pigs, llamas, a tarantula, snake, rabbit, guinea pigs and so many more! It was such a great day consolidating all our science learning this term.

Week beginning 18th June 2018

Maths – Look how good we have got at making different amounts of money.

PE – This week we have been practising our aiming skills.


Assembly – We really enjoyed performing our class assembly today, sharing all our learning on plants and animals.

Week beginning 11th June 2018

Maths – We really enjoyed making our clocks to help us learn to tell the time. We have also been using our big sunflower clock in the courtyard!

Role Play – We are enjoying learning all about animals in Science. Our new role area is a vets and we are loving playing in there and looking after all the animals.


Elmer – In English this week we have read the story Elmer. We have been busy doing our own Elmer writing, designing our own colourful elephants and using old milk bottles to make Elmer models.

Computing – In computing this week we were recording our own musical compositions.

Week beginning 4th June 2018

Maths – This week we have been revising adding and subtracting using a number line. We have also risen to the challenge of word problems and missing number calculations!

Phonics – lots of practising this week using our phonic knowledge to blend to read real and nonsense words.


Sponsored Walk – What a fabulous walk we had to Little Thetford. We had a great time and saw lots of amazing things in the farmer’s fields along the way. We hope we have raised lots of money!

Week beginning 14th May 2018

English – This week we read the story ‘Lollipop and Grandpa’s Back Garden Safari’. We then went on our own ‘Playground Safari’ and wrote our own stories. We met all sorts of scary things like a ‘Croco-bench’, a ‘Hippopoto-bin’, a’Snake-train and even a ‘Chimpan-tree’!! We are really proud of our story books.

Maths – This week we have been learning how to find halves and quarters of shapes and numbers.

Music – We really enjoyed exploring all the musical instruments this week – finding different ways to play them and make different sounds by hitting, shaking and scraping. We had to listen carefully to the different sounds and describe them too.

Week beginning 8th May 2018

This week hedgehogs have enjoyed doing lots of learning outside!

Science – We have been identifying different trees, looking carefully at their leaves. In Art we draw a careful sketch of the Horse Chestnut tree in our playground.

In Explorers on Friday, we had the watercolour paints and painted the willow tree.

Maths – This week we have been doubling! We went into the playground and doubled each object in our hoop! We learned a great ‘doubling rap’ too!

Week beginning 30th April 2018

Science – This week we have been continuing our learning on flowering plants. We looked carefully at a Marigold using a magnifying glass and did an observational drawing.

Maths – This week we have been making equal groups which we then made into arrays. We had to make sure every column and row was equal. We then thought about how we could record the representations.

English – We all read ‘The Enormous Turnip’ together and then acted it out! We’re looking forward to writing our versions of the story next week!

Week beginning 23rd April 2018

Science – We have been planting seeds this week and looking carefully at the parts of a flowering plant, learning the names and different roles.

Explorers Area – Last week we enjoyed the sunshine down at the Explorer’s Area. We had great fun pond dipping and found lots of frogs and frogspawn. Our new welly racks are amazing too!

Swimming – Our first swimming lesson this year and the pool was lovely and warm!

Week beginning 17th April 2018

Welcome to the Summer Term!

This week Hedgehog Class have really enjoyed beginning our new topic ‘In my Garden’. We have been learning about plants, exploring the flowers that grow in our local environment. We went on a walk around Stretham to spot flowers, we have printed flowers, made flowers out of shapes and ordered and measured the heights of different beanstalks.

PE. – We enjoyed going out into the sunshine to play some team games!

Spring 2018

SpringTerm overview letter

Termly Overview Spring 2018

Week beginning 26th March 2018

What a busy week we have had in Hedgehog Class. We hope you all have a very happy Easter!

Maths – This week we have been measuring capacity and volume. We have had great fun using rice to fill different containers and have been using lots of mathematical language.

Food Technology- We have been getting exciting about Easter and made Easter nests this week. We measured all the ingredients, melted the chocolate and had to do lots of mixing! We can’t wait to eat them!

Art – We have been thinking about all the signs of spring we can now see outside. We looked closely at daffodils and painted our own.

Week beginning 19th March 2018

What a busy week we have had in Hedgehog Class. We hope you all have a very happy Easter!

Maths – This week we have been measuring capacity and volume. We have had great fun using rice to fill different containers and have been using lots of mathematical language.

Food Technology-   We have been getting exciting about Easter and made Easter nests this week. We measured all the ingredients, melted the chocolate and had to do lots of mixing! We can’t wait to eat them!

Art – We have been thinking about all the signs of spring we can now see outside. We looked closely at daffodils and painted our own.

Week beginning 26th March 2018

Maths – This week we have been measuring weight. We have used cubes to measure the weight of different objects. We also enjoyed the sunshine this week and took our maths outside, measuring and comparing twigs and leaves!

Science Week fun! To join in the fun of science week we explored paper aeroplanes, investigating which paper made the best aeroplane. This made us ask lots of questions and think like scientists. It was great fun flying our planes!

Class Assembly – We have enjoyed preparing our class assembly and sharing some of our learning this term with the school and parents.

Week beginning 12th March 2018

What an exciting week we have had in Hedgehog Class

Pilot Visit: On Tuesday we had a visit from a British Airways pilot and a Cabin Manager. It was fascinating learning so much about flying aeroplanes and what is like to be a pilot! We all imagined we were flying to Tobago!

Trip to Burwell Museum: On Thursday we went to Burwell Museum and Windmill. It was such a great day! We saw lots of vehicles from the past and we lost count of how many wheels we saw! The windmill was great fun too!

Week beginning 5th March 2018

PE: In PE this week we continued our gymnastic unit ‘Rock and Roll.’ We are beginning to link movements together into a sequence.

Phonics: We are working very hard on our phonics and have been blending real and nonsense words and adding sound buttons to them.

Computing: This week we have been continuing with simple programming.

Week beginning 26th February 2018

Maths – This week we have been measuring height and length. We have been using the language ‘taller than’, ‘longer than’ and ‘shorter than’ and measuring using non-standard units.

World Book Day – How amazing did we all look dressed as our favourite book characters? We enjoyed listening to some stories, completed a book scavenger hunt and made book marks too.

It snowed!!! – We have had great fun in the snow this week! We enjoyed being out in it as the snowflakes gently drifted down and we looked at snowflakes through a magnifying glass. Playtime was the most fun!

History – In history this week we have learned about Christopher Columbus and his amazing voyage to discover the New World. We then made boats in DT.

Week beginning 19th February 2018

Maths – We have been counting in 2s and 5s this week. We have had fun counting pairs of shoes and socks and jumping along a number line in 2s. We used the big carpet number square to investigate the pattern of counting in 5s.

Computing – We have been programming Beebots this week.

English – This week we have written letters back to school children in France who attend a school where Alexandre visited. We have told them all about us and written questions to ask them about their school.

Week beginning 5th February 2018

Maths – We have been using the tens frame this week to investigate ways of making ‘teen’ numbers and number bonds of 20.

DT – We have made our model vehicles; we made axles by sawing dowel and adding wheels.

English – This week we read ‘The Great Big Little Red Train’ and had great fun acting out the story.

Week beginning 29th January 2018

Maths – We have been consolidating our knowledge of place value this week. We have been investigators, looking at two numbers and working out which one is bigger. We had to provide evidence and ‘prove’ our thinking.

Geog – We have made maps of our classroom.

English – This week we read ‘The Hundred Decker Bus’ by Mike Smith. We then planned and wrote our own short stories about a bus journey.

Week beginning 22nd January 2018

Maths – We have been subtracting using a number line this week. We ended the week with a game of subtraction bingo – we really had to calculate quickly!

DT – We looked closely at model vehicles, working out how the wheels turned. Then we designed our own model vehicle. We’re looking forward to making them next week!

Geog – We have had lots of fun this week drawing our own maps. We have learned all about map symbols used in keys and have drawn maps outside for us to play on.

Music – We really enjoyed exploring different musical instruments this week! It was very noisy but great fun!

Week beginning 15th January 2018

This week in Hedgehogs we have started our new topic ‘Wheels and Wings’. We have really enjoyed our new role play aeroplane.

Maths – We have been jumping along a number line to add 2 numbers.

Explorers – It was a beautiful winter’s afternoon for us to be back in the Explorers Area. We had so much fun swinging, digging, climbing … and of course cooking and eating!

Week beginning 8th January 2018

This week in Hedgehogs we have been exploring seasonal changes, thinking about winter.

Science – We went on a village walk looking for signs of winter. We have also been thinking like scientists exploring ice. We needed to rescue our Lego man from the block of ice so needed to investigate where in the classroom the ice would melt the quickest.

Geog – We found the route of our walk of a map. We also had fun finding our houses on the map too!

Art – We have painted winter pictures inspired by Monet’s Magpie painting.

Circus Skills – On Friday we went to Soham Village College and took part in the Circus Skills morning. We had great fun learning lots of new skills!

Week beginning 4th January 2018

Happy New Year!

Maths – We have really enjoyed exploring the whole part model this week. We have become confident at partitioning numbers in ways.

Autumn 2017

Termly Overview Autumn 2017 Hedgehogs

Autumn Term overview letter

Week beginning 11th December 2017

Christmas Production – ‘A Little Bird Told Me’

This week Ladybirds, Hedgehogs and Rabbits have performed their Christmas nativity ‘A Little Bird Told Me’. Each performance was fabulous; the children danced and sang beautifully and we were very proud of everyone.


Week beginning 27th November 2017

DT – This week we have been finishing off our model castles. We’ve been working out how to make a moving drawbridge. Don’t they look good!

Computing – In Computing this week we were learning about how computers make choices that we make in real life.


Christmas Craft Morning We had lots of fun this morning making Christmas decorations to decorate the school. Some parents came in to help and the whole school mixed up and worked together to make fabulous Christmas wreaths and hanging trees. Please click here for photos from the morning.

P.S.H.E (Anti-Bullying Week)

It has been Anti-Bullying week. We have enjoyed many activities to help us understand our role in combatting bullying in the world around us. We all joined together in an assembly at the end of the week to share what we have learnt about Bullying and how we can help. Click here to see photos from our end of week celebration assembly.

Week beginning 20th November 2017

To celebrate the end of our Castle topic today Rabbit and Hedgehog classes have enjoyed a banquet!

Everyone was dressed up! We all looked great as princesses, kings, princes, knights and jesters!

We enjoyed some entertainment. Hedgehog class performed a fabulous dance! They then taught it to Rabbit Class.

Week beginning 13th November 2017

English – We have enjoyed retelling the story of The Princess and the Pea using the stick puppets in our puppet theatre.

PSHE – We have carried on thinking about our emotions and made our own worry dolls.

Hurray! After raising enough money at our cake break, our new CD player and headphones have arrived! We are loving listening to stories! Thank you to everyone for supporting our cake break.

Children in Need – What a lot of pennies we bought in for Pudsey!

Week beginning 6th November 2017

Music – In our music this week we were learning to identify loud and quiet sounds and move appropriately. We had lots of fun creeping, stamping and marching to the Grand Old Duke of York!

History – In history we learned about the different roles people had in castles long ago (knights, servants, jesters, cooks). We acted out the different roles. Can you tell what we were?

English – In our phonics we have been working hard using our vowel phonemes to spell words and reading CVCC and CCVC words.

Maths – We’ve had a shape week, learning and revising 2D and 3D shapes.

Week beginning 31st October 2017

PSHE – In PSHE this week we were thinking about our emotions. We had great fun exploring how our faces look when we feel different emotions!

Maths! – In maths we have been learning 2D shapes. We have labelled shapes and also used different shapes to print pictures of a castle.

English – In English we have really enjoyed the story of Rapunzel. We sequenced pictures from the story and then wrote ‘super’ sentences to make our own ‘Rapunzel’ books. We are very proud of our books! In our role play castle we also used masks of the characters to act out the story.

Week Beginning 16th October 2017

This week Hedgehog Class decided they would like to have a party for the sad Princess from our story. We have been very busy getting ready!

We have made birthday cakes out of playdough. We had to count the candles carefully.

We made the princess a birthday card, carefully decorating the card and writing our message inside.

We made cakes too! Decorating them with icing and chocolate was lots of fun!

Week Beginning 9th October 2017

PE – In PE this half term Hedgehogs have been ‘Jumping Jacks!’ We have been learning how to do star jumps, pencil jumps and tuck jumps making sure we land properly with bent knees. We love our warm up and cool down too!

An exciting day in our PJs! – Wednesday was such an exciting day in Hedgehog Class. We had great fun coming to school in our pyjamas and raised £29 in our class for the Hurricane appeal. The fun didn’t stop there as in the afternoon we had a visit from our local PCSO who came to talk to us about stranger danger. He even showed us his police car (the sirens were very loud!).

Art / DT – This week in English we have read ‘Sir Charlie Stinky Socks’, a story about a brave knight, a wily witch and lots of beasties and wiggly woos!’ We have made our own playdough beasties and really enjoyed painting pictures from the story.

Week Beginning 2nd October 2017

Phonics This week we have had lots of fun in our phonics sessions. We had to go on a word hunt around the classroom looking for words with different phonemes in. We also played a fun game called ‘circle run around’ where we had to run around the circle if we heard our phoneme called.


Maths – This week we have been consolidating our number bonds of 10 and using our knowledge to answer addition and subtraction statements. We are getting very good at our number bond song!


Science – In Science this week have been investigating which material would be best to make armour. We thought about fabric, foil, paper and card. We made armour out of each one and tested it to see how flexible, strong or waterproof it was. Our conclusion was the card would be best, but covered in foil to make it more waterproof. We then made our own shields using what we had discovered. It was lots of fun!


Week Beginning 25th September 2017

English This week in English we have been very busy learning how to spell some tricky words, writing words with the vowel phonemes we have learned in, practising our letter formation and remembering what makes a SUPER SENTENCE!

Maths – This week we have been learning number bonds of 10. We found lots of different ways to make 10 and recorded our findings.

Explorers Area This week we cooked apples, climbed and swung! Lucy made Mr Robertson a cup of tea (from the mud kitchen!) and Lucas became a knight using a saucepan lid and trowel for his sword and shield! We had great fun!

Week Beginning 18th September 2017

English This week in English we have been listening to rhyming words. We have been blending words to read them and then matching the rhyming pairs.

RE We have been learning about Harvest in RE. This week we thought about the wheat that grows in our fields and then we made our own bread hedgehogs. We didn’t really want to eat them but they did taste delicious!

Explorers Area We had such a lovely sunny afternoon on Friday in the Explorers Area. We looked for signs of autumn, found things that were rough, smooth and bumpy (following on from our learning about materials in Science) as well as having lots of fun!

Week Beginning 11th September 2017

Wellie Walk -. Today we enjoyed a lovely wellie walk around the village. We saw lots of signs of autumn and collected conkers, leaves and helicopter seeds! It’s a good job we had our wellies on as the heavens opened but we had great fun in the rain!

Maths – We have been finding one more and one less from numbers this week.

Science – We have been looking carefully at different objects and working out whether they are made from wood, plastic, metal or fabric.

Week Beginning 5th September 2017

Castles – Hedgehog Class have really enjoyed starting our topic of Castles. We have made crowns, built towers in the sand, enjoyed our role play area and made den forts, just the like children in our story this week.


Maths – We have done LOTS of counting this week and are really good at counting on from any number! We have used Numicon to make numbers and made sets of numbers using the Queen’s jewels!

English – In phonics we have been revising ‘ng’, ‘ee’ and ‘ck’. We have segmented lots of words to spell them. We have also used our phonic knowledge to write sentences.