Hedgehog Class 2016 -17

Mrs Lontay – Year 1 and Year 2

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Hedgehog topic overview summer 2017

Have a ‘Wonderful Summer’ from Hedgehog Class.

Week beginning July 10th 2017

This week we have been very busy learning about the Muslim celebration of Eid al-Fitr. We also enjoyed looking at and colouring Islamic patterns.

In PHSE, we discussed how to keep healthy through diet and exercise as well as emotional wellbeing. We then worked with a partner to write a letter to Mrs Unhealthy, suggesting ways in which she could improve her lifestyle.

Bastille Day was also great fun. We practised meeting and greeting each other in French and learnt how to say goodbye. Mrs Pohl also read the story of The Three Little Pigs to us in French and we discovered some words were very similar to English words.

Week beginning June 26th 2017

This week we have enjoyed music with our friends in Rabbit class.

We also enjoyed going on the sponsored walk, and enjoyed a well-earned rest after deciding that we would walk the whole route. We were very tired when we got back to class but extremely happy to see Mrs Taylor with ice pops.

Week beginning June 26th 2017

This week we have been solving problems for a housing developer in maths. Work out various combinations of house that could be built. We have also been practising our fraction skills by finding a third of a given amount.

Then in English, we have been learning about rhythm and rhyme, as well as using a template to write our own poems.

Week beginning June 19th 2017

This week we have been practising our division skills. We were all fantastic at solving the word problems that Mrs Lontay gave us.

We learnt to sketch with charcoal which was quite challenging as we had never used it before. We tried really hard, and created some super sketches of African instruments.

Then of course it was Maths Afternoon and some of our parents came in to work with us. It was lots of fun!

Week beginning June 12th 2017

This week as well as practising our assembly we have been very busy in Hedgehog Class. We have been:

  • Solving nrich maths problems

  • Designing swimwear

  • Practising our handwriting

  • Watching and retelling the Tinga, Tinga Tale ‘Why Tortoise has a Broken Shell’

Week beginning June 5th 2017

This week in Art, we have been designing our own Kente Cloth.

It was lots of fun weaving, and then creating further patterns on top using pen.


In Maths, we really enjoyed problem solving involving units of measure.


Week beginning May 22nd 2017

This week Year 2 have been very busy with their SATs.

Year 1 have had lots of fun though, enjoying the story of Cinderella. They have listened to different versions of the story, used role play to retell the story and written their favourite parts of Cinderella in their own words.



On Thursday this week we were very lucky to have Mrs Orobor visit to talk to Hedgehog and Rabbit Class about life in Ghana for our topic on Africa. She told us all about food, clothes, houses, school, the landscape and she even taught us to say ‘Hello how are you?’

We learnt a lot of really interesting facts and we are all really grateful to Mrs Orobor for giving up her time to come and talk to us.

Week beginning May 15th 2017

This week we have enjoyed learning about 2D and 3D shape. We have learnt the names of lots of different shapes as well as being able to identify properties. Some 3D shapes were quite challenging and we had to do lots of careful counting.


We have also been continuing to work on our moving pictures.

Week beginning May 8th 2017

This Week in Hedgehog Class we have been learning how to make mechanisms for moving pictures. We have practised making sliders, levers and wheels.


We have also drawn plans for our pictures, of an African safari, and begun to create our backgrounds.

Next week, we will be making our actual mechanisms to complete our DT projects, before evaluating.

Week beginning May 1st 2017

This week in Geography we have been learning about Kenya. We discovered where in Africa Kenya was and how diverse the country was. We enjoyed sorting images matching them to locations and writing about the Masai. We also enjoyed designing our own Masai necklaces.


Then on Friday, we had our first swimming session which was lots of fun.

Week beginning April 24th 2017

This week, in maths, we have been learning about capacity. We have used both non-standard and standard units and particularly enjoyed the practical activities.

Then in geography, we have been learning about Africa. We used atlases to discover where Africa was and then we researched the continent in more detail to locate information which helped us complete some super writing. We also enjoyed learning about the savanna and the animals who live there. We then used our art skills to create wonderful sunset pictures.

Week beginning April 19th 2017

This week we have been learning all about trees. We have learnt about the deciduous and coniferous trees found in our woodlands and forests. We have been on a nature hunt to identify trees within the school grounds. We have identified differences between plants and trees and we have painted pictures of trees.


Week beginning March 27th 2017

This week, in Maths, we having been practising our addition and subtraction skills. We also enjoyed using these skills to solve secret messages and work out the best buys for Easter goods.

In Art, we having been learning about Land Art and the work of Andy Goldsworthy. We enjoyed creating pictures from natural materials outside and also made some super pictures using seeds.

Week beginning March 20th 2017

This week in Hedgehog Class we have:

  • Enjoyed mixing two primary colours to create shades of green as part of our art work.


  • We have been working on our addition and subtraction skills, and using these to find missing numbers.

  • We have also been learning about ‘Stories Jesus told’ in RE, and we retold the story of ‘The Good Stranger’ in English. Firstly orally and then in writing.

Week beginning March 13th 2017

Our trip to Wicken Fen

Week beginning March 6th 2017

This week we have been learning about healthy eating.

We have drawn graphs of our favourite fruits snacks and planned healthy lunch boxes.

We have also been finding fractions (halves and quarters)

Week beginning February 27th 2017

This week we have been learning:

  • To read maps and recognise Ordnance Survey map symbols. We have also drawn our own maps of a forest.


  • We learnt to recognise halves and quarters. Some of us have shared treasure so that each pirate gets exactly half, others have found halves of numbers, quantities and shapes. We have also been shading halves and quarters of shapes.


Week beginning February 20th 2017

This week we have begun turning our designs of forms of London transport into moving vehicles with axles and wheels. We are looking forward to finishing them next week.

We have used freeze frames and thought tapping to help us write both speech and thoughts for Jack, and the Giant, in Jack and the beanstalk. This was lots of fun!

Week beginning February 6th 2017

We have been:

  • Making sandwiches and afterwards writing instructions


  • Learning about transport in London and finding our way around a map of the Underground.

  • Learning about the parts of a car

Week beginning January 30th 2017

This week our focus in maths has been statistics.


We have learnt how to read graphs and pictograms and create our own from data given and data collected by ourselves.

Week beginning January 23rd 2017

This week we have been learning about The Great Fire of London.

Our photographs show us using a picture of the fire to write different types of sentence, eg: statements, questions, commands and exclamation sentences.

We have also began to make models of the type of houses that would have been around at the time.

Next week we will be adding the straw roofs.

Week beginning January 16th 2017

In Geography, we have been learning about London and were it is located within the United Kingdom. We have also been learning about famous landmarks in London and around the world, before locating these on a map.


In English, we have been writing our own Funnybones stories.


Year One enjoyed participating in Circus Skills at Witchford Village College.


Week beginning January 9th 2017


We have been learning to mix shades of colour and create self-portraits.


We have been learning about the four countries that make up the United Kingdom.


We have been learning about time.

Week beginning December 5th 2016

Christmas Craft Morning

img_2552 img_2551 img_2550 img_2549 img_2548 img_2547 img_2546 img_2545 img_2544 img_2543 img_2542 img_2541 img_2540 img_2539 img_2538 img_2537 img_2536 img_2535 img_2534 img_2533 img_2532 img_2531 img_2530 img_2529 img_2528 img_2527 img_2526 img_2525 img_2524 img_2523 img_2522 img_2521 img_2520 img_2519 img_2518 img_2517 img_2516 img_2515 img_2514 img_2513 img_2512 img_2511 img_2510 img_2509 img_2508 img_2507 img_2506 img_2505 img_2504 img_2503 img_2502 img_2501 img_2500 img_2499 img_2498 img_2497 img_2496 img_2495 img_2494 035 030 028 017

Week beginning November 28th 2016

In science, we have been learning how to answer a scientific question: finding out which material is waterproof and would best make a raincoat for Teddy.

 2-12-16-001 2-12-16-002 2-12-16-004 2-12-16-005 2-12-16-008 2-12-16-013

In maths, we have continued to learn about shape and also began to use positional language.

1-12016-005 1-12016-007 1-12016-018 1-12016-019


Week beginning November 21st 2016

We have been learning to name and identify the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. These pictures show us comparing 2D shapes, and models we built with 3D shape and then discussed.

25-11-16-034 25-11-16-028 25-11-16-024 24-11-16-116 24-11-16-114 24-11-16-113 24-11-16-111

We have also been very busy writing diary entries, in role as Scott of the Antarctic.

24-11-16-103 24-11-16-104 24-11-16-105 24-11-16-107 24-11-16-108 25-11-16-b-001 25-11-16-b-002 25-11-16-b-003 25-11-16-b-004 25-11-16-b-005 25-11-16-b-006


Week beginning November 14th 2016

We enjoyed putting our pennies on Pudsey.

18-11-16-007 18-11-16-009

In English we have been reading the story The Storm Whale. These pictures show us writing about what Noi might have been dreaming of when he fell asleep on the boat. Our challenge was include noun phrases.

18-11-16-013 18-11-16-012 18-11-16-011 18-11-16-010

In Maths we enjoyed working in groups to solve an Nrich problem The Puzzling Sweet Shop.

We managed to answer all the questions bar the last one which we then solved as a class.

18-11-16-014 18-11-16-015 18-11-16-019 18-11-16-022

Our history work on Polar Exploration and Scott of the Antartica is still in progress but should be ready for the web next week.


Week beginning November 7th 2016

We have been playing games to help us with our split diagraphs.

10-11-16-003 10-11-16-004 10-11-16-005 10-11-16-007

Mr Cowan came in to talk to us about his experiences in the Arctic.

10-11-16-009 10-11-16-012 10-11-16-013 10-11-16-015

We learnt how to blend chalk pastels to create pictures of the Aurora Borealis.

11-11-16-002 11-11-16-004 11-11-16-006 11-11-16-018 11-11-16-019 11-11-16-020 11-11-16-021 11-11-16-022 11-11-16-024 11-11-16-025


Week beginning October 31st 2016


This week we having been learning about the Arctic and Antarctic.

We enjoyed using an atlas to find their locations

2-11-16-024 2-11-16-025 2-11-16-026 2-11-16-027 2-11-16-029


We have been using pastels and crayons to create beautiful firework pictures after reading the story of Guy Fawkes.

4-11-16-007 4-11-16-008 4-11-16-009 4-11-16-010 4-11-16-011 4-11-16-012 4-11-16-013 4-11-16-014 4-11-16-015


Week beginning October 17th 2016

This week year 1 have been playing games to practise their phonics.

20-10-16-002 20-10-16-003

Year 2 have been learning to add 2 two digit numbers using a number line.

20-10-16b-002 20-10-16b-001 20-10-16-013 20-10-16-012 20-10-16-011 20-10-16-010

We have all created art work interpreting our thoughts as to where you might fine God.

20-10-16-018 20-10-16-019 20-10-16-020 20-10-16-021 20-10-16-022


Week beginning October 10th 2016

We have also made some delicious dinosaur cookies and designed and made packaging for our biscuits.

13-10-16-001 13-10-16-003 13-10-16-004 13-10-16-005 13-10-16-006 13-10-16-011 13-10-16-012 13-10-16-013 13-10-16-014 13-10-16-016 13-10-16-017

This week Hedgehog Class have been sequencing and retelling the story of Little Red Riding Hood.

10-10-16a-001 10-10-16a-004 10-10-16a-006 10-10-16a-008 10-10-16a-011 10-10-16a-012


Week beginning October 3rd 2016

RE – After talking about special places and the church. We worked in groups to think of questions that we would like answering.

We also thought about special places around the school and explained why they were important to us.

7-10-16-022 7-10-16-023 7-10-16-024 7-10-16-d-001 7-10-16-d-002 7-10-16-d-003 7-10-16-d-004


Week beginning September 26th 2016

This week we have been learning about fossils.

We have read the story of a dinosaur fossil and written our own stories. We have made and painted fossils, looked closely at real fossils and sketched our observations and matched pictures of living creatures with their fossil image.

28-9-16-004 28-9-16-005 28-9-16-006 28-9-16-007 28-9-16-010 28-9-16-012 28-9-16-016 28-9-16-018 28-9-16-019

Week beginning September 19th 2016

This week we have been learning to read, write and matching number words and numerals.

23-9-16-008 23-9-16-025 23-9-16-028 23-9-16-036


We have been learning about place value, using dienes apparatus.

23-9-16-010 23-9-16-014 23-9-16-016 23-9-16-019

Based on the story Tom and the Island of Dinosaurs, we have used drama to help develop our ideas and draw story maps for our own versions of Katy’s rescue.

22-9-16-018 22-9-16-019 22-9-16-021

22-9-16-056 22-9-16-057 22-9-16-058 22-9-16-059

We have also enjoyed learning about the work of palaeontologists. We had a go at practising the skills needed by digging out all the chocolate chips from a cookie, without breaking the biscuit

22-9-16-091 22-9-16-093 22-9-16-094 22-9-16-095 22-9-16-097


Week beginning September 12th 2016

We have been sorting facts and myths about dinosaurs.

16-6-16-006 16-6-16-016 16-6-16-014 16-6-16-011 16-6-16-009

We have also been learning about what the world was like during the time of the dinosaurs and making our own model volcanoes.

16-6-16-026 16-6-16-027 16-6-16-028


Week beginning September 5th 2016


Problem solving and working together

6-9-16-005 6-9-16-008 6-9-16-010 6-9-16-013 6-9-16-014 6-9-16-015