Mrs Hawes and Mrs Lund – Year 5 and 6

Spring Term 2018

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Week Beginning 5th February 2018

We’ve had an incredibly busy week in Owls and Kingfishers. This was our first week looking at the work of Picasso and we enjoyed learning about his life and work. In English, we have continued with our stories and have spent a lot of time editing each stage. Our work in Mathematics has focused on measures and problem solving, including developing our understanding of the bar model.


We hope that you all have a fun and restful half-term. There is no homework but we encourage you to continue reading every day and hope that you might also find some time to look at your spellings and multiplication tables (and maybe even go on Mathletics).


See you all in a week!

Week Beginning 29th January 2018



In Maths this week, Owls and Kingfishers continued their work with fractions. We developed our understanding of the relationship between fractions and decimals, learning how to convert the one to the other. We also tested our skills using appropriate activities on Mathletics.



We continued our Dance unit linked to Electricity by combining our developed moves with Electro Beat music. This was challenging, as it required us to consider the impact of the music on the tempo, dynamic and repetition of our moves.


To demonstrate our previous knowledge of the Apostles’ Creed, we discussed it in comparison to the beliefs of other Christian denominations. In small groups, we then carried out research in to our chosen denomination before presenting that gained knowledge to our peers. We later applied this research in a piece of cross-curricular writing.



This week, we have further developed out SPaG knowledge by reviewing speech punctuation, specifically inverted commas and the placement of a reporting clause. Later, we planned a disaster story using a five stage story mountain and collaborated in our vocabulary gathering prior to starting this task. Now that we have begun to write the first few paragraphs of our stories, we have been able to apply our knowledge of speech punctuation when creating our sections of dialogue. To test our dialogue out, we took turns in acting out a short section to see if it ran smoothly within the narrative.

Speed Stacking Competition

Today, a group of Year 5 and 6 students represented us at the Speed Stacking competition being held at Soham Village College. Despite the delayed coach, the children approached the competition with enthusiasm and great determination. Well done to our 8 competitors – Riley, Emily, Jack, James, Junior, Joshua, Dominic and Olivia.

Week Beginning 22nd January 2018


In Maths this week, Owls and Kingfishers continued their work on calculating with fractions. We also tested our skills on Mathletics.


After revising our practical investigation skills last week, this week we planned an investigation to answer the question: Does wire length affect the functionality of components?


This week, we have used the laptops to complete and send a final draft of our email from the character August (in our class text ‘Wonder’) to his best friend Christopher. We have also been reviewing our understanding of Subordinate Clauses and Subordinate Conjunctions. We used colours to help us identify the independent and subordinate colours in a range of sentences. Year 5 also applied their knowledge of varied sentence construction when completing a piece of creative writing on a visual stimulus. The children collaborated by peer editing each other’s pieces.


We discussed the main beliefs of Christians in RE this week. We reviewed the lyrics of a song to help us discuss our key beliefs and reflected on this in relation to the Apostles’ Creed.


Year 6 worked hard to use their speaking skills when practicing and presenting their assembly.

Music/ PE

We have been looking at appreciating and understanding a wide range of music, including that of Tchaikovsky. Today we combined our Music and PE sessions to listen to and then watch The Nutcracker, as a ballet. The children considered both the musical composition and the dance components.

Week Beginning 15th January 2018


In Maths this week, Owls and Kingfishers continued their work on fractions. At the beginning of the week we applied our understanding of equivalence in order to compare pairs and groups of fractions. We also learnt how to convert between mixed numbers and improper fractions before testing our skills on Mathletics.



Science was great fun this week! In order to revise our practical skills, we planned and carried out an investigation into which paper towel was ‘best’. After coming up with our own conclusions, we looked at each other’s results and discussed their validity.



Our PSHE unit this half-term is on managing risk. Year 5 considered different risks that we might be presented with and whether these risks were worth taking.



In Geography this week, we studied the physical features of Spain and learned about The Pyrenees.

Week Beginning 8th January 2018


In Maths this week, Owls and Kingfishers have been developing our understanding of fractions. At the beginning of the week, we revised finding fractions of a quantity before applying this skill in the context of word problems. We then used our knowledge of factors and multiples to find equivalent fractions.



Having explored circuits in last week’s Science lesson, this week we have demonstrated our understanding of the various components within a circuit and tested our theories about why some circuits did or didn’t work.



We have been playing a variety of games to help us learn words associated with the letter string –ough. Our Grammar learning has focused on Verb Tense, concentrating on the simple, the progressive and the perfect. In writing lessons, we have created a ‘Recipe for Friendship’. This piece of writing allowed us to take a creative approach to the usually more structured instruction writing. We have continued our Guided Reading sessions, focussing on two fiction texts: Sedna: Goddess of the Sea (Year 6) and Day of the Turtle (Year 5).



We have continued our new topic (Stronger Together?) by comparing and contrasting various elements of life in the United Kingdom to those in Spain. These included elements of both human and physical geography.



This week we continue our work on music appreciation and the history of music. We listened to pieces by Tchaikovsky, Chopin and Wagner. We recorded our thoughts and feelings while we listened to the music before explaining which we preferred and why.

Week Beginning 4th January 2018


In Maths this week, Owls and Kingfishers have been revising written methods of calculation. We worked in pairs to plan short presentations on each of the four operations and then used these to teach other pairs. Everyone was very enthusiastic and enjoyed having the opportunity to learn from each other.



Our new ‘Electricity’ unit got off to a flying start this week as both classes got the chance to explore the circuit sets. The groups investigated the equipment and began to ask questions about why some circuits did or didn’t work.



Our new dance unit this term is linked to our science topic. During our first lesson, we improvised electricity-inspired movements considering level, tempo and jumps.

Autumn 2017

Week Beginning 11th December 2017


This week we have continued our ‘Worry Doll’ project. We have now each made a small set of Worry Dolls (out of twisted pipe cleaners and thread to decorate them). The next step in our project has been to make a decorative pouch to keep the dolls in. To help achieve this, we have practised our sewing skills, including threading a needle and trying out three key types of stitch: running stitch, back stitch and blanket stitch.


In addition to reviewing our understanding of Factors and Multiples by playing a whole class game of ‘Stand up Sit Down’. We have also rehearsed our knowledge of square and prime numbers. It has been great to use some Mathletics activities to review our key skills and demonstrate our understanding of the topics covered this term.



In English, we have applied last week’s practice work on the Dr. K. Fisher letters by drafting letters from our own concerned animal creations to send to Dr. K. Fisher, taking care to follow the structure and style. We have also changed perspective and audience by writing a response letter from Dr. K. Fisher. We hope to edit and type a final version of each letter so we can turn them into a bound collection.

Week Beginning 27th November 2017


This week we began our ‘Worry Doll’ project. As it was Anti-Bullying week, we connected our learning to our work in PSHE. Collectively we read the story ‘Silly Billy’ by Anthony Browne and discussed how making and having Worry Dolls had helped Billy to manage his worries. First we discussed the origins of Worry Dolls and their uses. Later we each made a small set of Worry Dolls (out of twisted pipe cleaners and thread to decorate them). The next step in our project will be to make a decorative pouch to keep the dolls in. To help achieve this, we began practising our sewing skills. The initial stages of this included threading a needle and trying out three key types of stitch: running stitch, back stitch and blanket stitch.


In addition to completing our Autumn Maths assessment, we have continued to develop our understanding of Factors and Multiples this week. After we rehearsed our Factor pairs for various numbers, solving oral challenges along the way; we then applied this knowledge to enable us to play a knockout Maths game with our Learning Partner.


In English, we continued our work on the development of our Dr. K. Fisher letters by role playing a visit between our invented creature (developed in this and last week’s Science sessions) and Dr. K. Fisher, where the creature was suffering from a concern and was seeking advice from the knowledgeable kingfisher. We applied this understanding of the letter style we remembered from last week and began to draft ideas for our own concerned animal letters to send to Dr. K. Fisher taking care to follow the structure and style. In addition, we have completed some Reading and Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling assessments to document our progress.


P.S.H.E (Anti-Bullying Week)

It has been Anti-Bullying week. We have enjoyed many activities to help us understand our role in combatting bullying in the world around us. We all joined together in an assembly at the end of the week to share what we have learnt about Bullying and how we can help. Click here to see photos from our end of week celebration assembly.

 Christmas Craft Morning

We had a wonderful time working with our friends from other classes to make two Christmas crafts: a festive wreath and a Twirly-gig Christmas Tree. All we needed was a couple of green-painted paper plates, coloured paper, ribbon and, of course, some glitter!  Click here to see photos from the morning!

Week Beginning 20th November 2017


We have been trying to answer the question, ‘Who do people say I am?’ in our last few RE sessions. This question relates to how Jesus and God were spoken about in the Bible and how people relate to them today. This week, we looked at how Jesus has been represented in paintings by various artists. We questioned, ‘How do these images link to descriptive phrases about Jesus in the Bible?’


In English we have been looking at letter writing and decided to link this learning to our Science work by studying the Dr. K. Fisher books. First, we read and analysed samples from the text. We discovered that the creature letters followed a basic formula so we annotated our copies to prove the writing formula worked. Later, we role played a visit between a creature and Dr. K. Fisher, where the creature was suffering from a concern and was seeking advice from the knowledgeable kingfisher. Finally, we applied this understanding of the letter style and created our own concerned animal letters to send to Dr. K. Fisher taking care to follow the structure and style.


Year 5 Assembly

This week Year 5 have spent some time preparing for their assembly. They wanted to share the crossover of the learning between English and PSHE. To demonstrate their performance skills, Year 5 shared both a short play and a piece of performance poetry. The play, which was called ‘The Rainbow People’, linked beautifully into the conversations we have been having in PSHE sessions about prejudice. This is a topic close to all our heart since we started reading the text ‘Wonder’.



In Mathematics we have been looking at factors and multiples. On Friday, we began to look at square and cube numbers. Some of us also had the chance to attempt solving a problem which required the application of this knowledge. If you would like to have a go, you can access the problem here:


This week we reviewed the system for classification developed by Carl Linnaeus known as the Linnaeus System. We then discussed the characteristics of various groups such as Mammals, Reptiles, Arachnids, Molluscs and Echinoderms. Finally, we used this knowledge of creature characteristics to invent our own new creature. We were able to create a mini fact file detailing its features and then annotate a diagram of the creature to accompany it.

Week Beginning 13th November 2017


This week we found out about the system for classification developed by Carl Linnaeus known as the Linnaeus System. We then applied his levels of classification to help us play a fun game of ‘Guess Zoo?’


The invasion of Lindisfarne by the Vikings was our focus in History this week. We enjoyed hearing various accounts of how it occurred depending on whether you were a local Anglo-Saxon or a rampaging Viking. We then went on a fact hunt in small groups to locate the key information about this historical event. We are aiming to make use of our facts by writing a newspaper report about this event.


In English we have been using our editing and proof-reading skills to improve our Harry Potter themed newspaper reports. We found it was useful to colour code or edit and use the resources available to us, such as: sample newspapers; dictionaries and thesauruses. We considered where we could make use of newly learnt structures including relative clauses and use of the passive voice. We also enjoyed the opportunity to be creative when we watched a Pixar short to inspire a piece of narrative writing.

Week Beginning 6th November 2017


We demonstrated our understanding of classification by grouping animals by species and sub-categorising by other factors.


This week we reviewed the Viking raids to Britain. We discussed the timeline for key events in this period and went on a fact hunt for information about Viking Arts and Crafts; Religion and Gods; Jewellery and Clothes and Daily Life at this time. We used the information to create posters or fact files to share our understanding.

Sharing Assembly

We were delighted to share our understanding of Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution during Sharing Assembly this week. We took the opportunity to explain the terms inheritance and evolution, as well as to demonstrate how we included this knowledge within our diary excerpts written from Darwin’s point of view. During this assembly we also shared our work on Aboriginal art. We discussed the presence of specific symbols and how some of us had created dream time journeys within our final pieces.


This week, Year 5 and 6 have been demonstrating their understanding of the phrases: J’adore (I love), J’aime (I like), Je n’aime pas (I do not like) and Je deteste (I hate/ detest). They used these phrases to talk about activities they enjoy and those they do not.



We continued our new PE unit which focuses on Dance. The ongoing theme for this unit is Harry Potter and the music used is ‘Hedwig’s Theme’ taken from the film score. This week both Owl and Kingfisher class enjoyed creating their own choreography for the next 32 beats. We were trying to suggest the control and flight of a broomstick in our series of movements.

Week Beginning 31st October 2017


After our enjoyable art day (with the focus on Aboriginal art) at the end of last half term, the children were given an opportunity to revisit their final paintings. We reviewed the role of symbols and ‘Dreamtime’ stories within the Aboriginal culture and how the children had made use of these ideas in their paintings in varying degrees. Many children concluded that their ‘finished’ pieces actually required further development in the use of colour and tone, as well as the layering of various symbols and shapes.



We have begun to look at a new genre of writing this week – newspapers. We have explored the layout and key features. The children now have a better understanding of the power of a headline and why newspaper reports are ‘front-loaded’ with information. We have all begun to play with the language of headlines. Some of us have even attempted the use of puns.


This week, Year 5 and 6 have been looking into how and why computer networks work. To enhance our understanding of the connections within a network, Mrs. Bowen demonstrated using string to connect us within our own network.


We have begun our new PE unit which will focus on Dance. The ongoing theme for this unit will be Harry Potter and the music used will be ‘Hedwig’s Theme’ taken from the film score. This week both Owl and Kingfisher class enjoyed learning the choreography for the first 16 beats. We were aiming for complete unison of movement across each of the two classes.

Week beginning 16th October 2017


This week, Owl class enjoyed an art day with the focus on Aboriginal art. As part of this topic we discussed the role of symbols and ‘Dreamtime’ stories within the Aboriginal culture. The children looked at colour and tone within samples of this style of art and noticed the link between the colours used and the pigments found within the Aborigine’s environment. As a class we then experimented with various symbols, shapes and colours before applying these tested skills to create final pieces.


Topic – Our Visit to West Stow

On Tuesday, all of Key Stage 2 went on a visit to West Stow, one of England’s great archaeological sites. At West Stow we enjoyed the extensive indoor galleries and the recreation of an Anglo-Saxon village. It was wonderful to explore the history of this period via a range of archaeological finds; to watch a film about the known history of West Stow and even have an opportunity to dress up as an Anglo-Saxon. Many thanks to Mrs. Hawes for her organisation and to all the adults who gave up their time to accompany us on the trip.

Sports Crew Training

Although our new Year 5 Sports Crew have been chosen, they were unable to attend their training session due to the residential trip. To ensure that we didn’t miss out, last year’s Sports Crew agreed to attend the training in their place and take on the new role of mentors this year. In their roles as Sports Mentors they will pass on the training received from the WSSP leader Ms. Baker. The training consisted of a review of the role of the Sports Crew within school as well as opportunities to share ideas for non-competitive, competitive and inclusion activities to take back to their own schools. The six children who attended collaborated well and showed a fantastic understanding of the Sports Core Values.

Week beginning 9th October 2017

English: On Tuesday, Year 5 got to grips with our new dictionaries.

Science: In Science, we continued our work on evolution by studying Charles Darwin and his journey to The Galapagos. We then wrote diary entries in role as Darwin, before peer editing them on Friday.

STEM: On Tuesday, Year 6 enjoyed a trip to Soham Village College and took part in a range of STEM-based activities.

Forensic Science Day: Kingfisher Class loved taking part in the forensic science activities and are pleased to say that we found the guilty party! Thank to Mrs Dunham for organising such a fantastic day.

RE: In RE, we continued our work on Hinduism by studying Diwali. This included making lamps and trying some traditional food.

Week beginning 2nd October 2017

English: In English we have begun our unit of work on ‘Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban’. After reading the first two chapters, we worked in groups to find information that would aid us when writing a diary entry in role as Harry Potter.

Mathematics: In Maths, this week we have been revising written methods of addition and subtraction as well as developing our knowledge of decimals. We enjoyed playing a game to help us order decimals accurately. If you want to play this game, you can find the details here:

Homework: For homework, all the children in Kingfisher Class learnt their own versions of the Jabberwocky. These were performed in class on Wednesday afternoon.

Week beginning 25th September 2017

English Challenge: On Wednesday, a team of year sixes from Kingfisher and Owl Class took part in the English Challenge. We are delighted to have won this round and now go through to the final at Ely Cathedral.

Mathematics: In Maths, we have been working on both our problem solving skills and our ability to explain our thinking by working collaboratively.

English: We have been working in small groups to perform ‘The Jabberwocky’. This is preparation for performing our own poems next week.

PE/Maths: As part of our OAA unit, we worked together to create Roman Numerals (as we had been revising our knowledge of them during our Maths lessons).

History: In one of our History lessons this week, we investigated different Anglo Saxon artefacts – sharing our thoughts about what we thought they might be.

Science: During our science lesson, we continued to develop our understanding of evolution by learning about Charles Darwin. We enjoyed our ‘information treasure hunt’.

Week beginning 18th September 2017

Maths – We have been improving our rounding skills and ended the week by applying these in order to play a game.

Music – This week in music we learnt to play the notes ‘B’ and ‘A’. We began reading music and have even begun preparation for playing a duet.

English – We have continued writing our own versions of The Jabberwocky. On Friday we edited our poems with our learning partners.

Science – In Science this week, we continued our work on evolution by exploring the idea of adaptation. We considered the adaptive traits that particular animals and plants had which allowed them to survive in their particular habitat.

Choral Day – On Tuesday, Year 6 went with Mrs Hawes and Mrs Cowan to a choral day at Ely Cathedral. The day was ended with a fantastic concert (performed by the children) and we were delighted that many of the parents chose to attend.

Week beginning 11th September 2017

Maths – We have been revising place value and particularly enjoyed playing ‘Beat My Number’.

Grammar – In our grammar lessons, we have been thinking about what a sentence is. We worked in pairs to create a mind map and then put some of these onto our working wall.

English – In preparation for writing our own poems based on ‘The Jabberwocky’, Kingfisher Class have been creating word banks around a topic of their own choice.

PE – We have continued our OAA lessons with Mrs Everest. This week we have been working on positive teamwork interactions.

Week beginning 5th September 2017

Welcome to our first ever Kingfisher Class!

PSHE – We used Art as a way of exploring giving useful advice to each other. We then discussed how it felt to work in our comfort, challenge and panic zones.

PE – We had a go at ‘Rainforest orienteering’.

Mathematics – We explored the ‘crossing the river’ problem, with a focus on modelling the problem and recording our solutions.