Ladybird Class 2016 -17

Mrs Johnson – Reception and Year 1

Termly Overview Ladybird Year 1 Spring 2017                Termly Overview Reception Spring 2017

Curriculum Outline Summer 2017               Ladybird overview year 1 Summer 2017

Week beginning June 26th 2017

Week beginning June 19th 2017

Week beginning June 12th 2017

We have been learning about symmetry. These are some of our symmetrical models we made.


Some of our Buddies joined us in the Explorers Area.

Week beginning June 5th 2017

Week beginning May 22nd 2017

Measuring and recording how tall our sunflower seeds have grown.

Using our learnt computer skills to create flower pictures.

Making the Beebots move

Building on our water confidence. Blowing bubbles under the water.

Learning to float on our back.

Learning to swim on our back

Week beginning May 15th 2017

 Comparing lengths of flowers. Measuring flower

Learning to Maypole dance.


In the Explorers Area

Week beginning May 8th 2017

Make words with the digraph ue.


Making instruction books and using our phonic skills to write.


Building dens in the Explorers Area.


Sawing and drilling in the Explorers Area to make a wooden necklace.


Week beginning May 2nd 2017

Developing fine motor control.
‘Tweezering’ petals off daises and dandelions.

Popping bubble wrap with a pincer movement

Role-play garden centre


Mathematics Addition


Learning to dance around the Maypole


Week beginning April 24th 2017

Learning to estimate how many items in a jar.


Estimating how many spots and then checking


Year 1 reading and writing numbers in numbers and words.


Explorers Area

Cooking and eating popcorn on the fire

Week beginning April 19th 2017

Week beginning March 20th 2017

Cooking Dampers around the fire

Climbing high in the explorers Area


Making oy and oi words on phoneme frames


Week beginning March 6th 2017 In the Explorers Area spotting signs of spring time. Buds on trees, Pussy Willow catkins, Frogs getting ready to lay spawn.


Using Phonic skills to read independently.

In the Finger Gym – Mixing colours using pipettes.

Week beginning February 27th 2017

Week beginning February 20th 2017

Valentine fine motor control activities

Learning about half and quarters

Matching colours in the Explorers area

Week beginning February 6th 2017

Week beginning January 30th 2017

Sorting unusual shapes by number of corners.   Singing round the camp fire in our Explorers Area   How high can you climb? In the Explorers Area   Fine motor control Can you get the marble out of the Lego maze


Making 8p to pay for snack in the shop

Week beginning January 23rd 2017

Developing fine motor control with pen spinners

 Developing hand strength.

 Segmenting and blending to make sh words

 Spotting sh digraphs

 Spotting sh digraph in words

 Repeating colour patterns


Learning to start a fire


Learning to tie up the Villains

Fun on the rope swing

Week beginning January 16th 2017

Exploring and learning in Literacy. I spy with my eye in the jar I can see a… In the Explorers Area: Being super heroes and learning to tie knots to capture the Villains.


Learning to start a fire using carbon and steel sticks and keep it going .


Climbing trees – wise are we!

Week beginning January 9th 2017

Year 1 learning tens and units using arrow cards

Year 1 learning tens and units using Numicon


 Year 1 Adding two digit numbers using Numicom

Year R Playing swat the fly to aid letter recognition of ‘w and x’.

Year 1 matching upper and lower case letters


 Year R Fine motor control. Using the tweezers can you put give Spiderman the correct number of spiders without getting tangled in his web?

Year R Fine motor control. Can you free the superhero and tie up the villain?

Week beginning December 5th 2016

Christmas Crafts Morning

img_2552 img_2551 img_2550 img_2549 img_2548 img_2547 img_2546 img_2545 img_2544 img_2543 img_2542 img_2541 img_2540 img_2539 img_2538 img_2537 img_2536 img_2535 img_2534 img_2533 img_2532 img_2531 img_2530 img_2529 img_2528 img_2527 img_2526 img_2525 img_2524 img_2523 img_2522 img_2521 img_2520 img_2519 img_2518 img_2517 img_2516 img_2515 img_2514 img_2513 img_2512 img_2511 img_2510 img_2509 img_2508 img_2507 img_2506 img_2505 img_2504 img_2503 img_2502 img_2501 img_2500 img_2499 img_2498 img_2497 img_2496 img_2495 img_2494 035 030 028 017

Week beginning November 28th 2016

counting decorating-our-class-tree eating-witches-broth-in-the-explorers explorers-1 explorers-after-school-club explorers-climbing-high explorers-club-faries-had-baked-us-mini-cakes explorers-club-finding-clues-in-the-dark explorers-swinging fine-motor-control-golf-tees-and-marble-balancing making-magic-wands mixing-primary-colours-on-the-light-box singing-in-the-explorers

Week beginning November 21st 2016

autumn-trees-fine-motor-control exploring-in-the-explorers-area longer-and-shorter-play-dough-worms longer-than-shorter-than measuring-the-length-of-string-worms-using-cubes measuring-worms-using-cm on-our-rope-slide on-the-rope-swing-in-the-explorers-area


Week beginning November 14th 2016


Week beginning November 7th 2016

autumn-leaf-necklace-developing-finger-strength colour-mixing-shades-of-orange-1 colour-mixing-shades-of-orange-2 making-autumn-leaf-necklace-developing-finger-strength phoneme-recognition-and-formation

Week beginning October 31st 2016

Number bonds to 5

bagging-biscuits-number-bonds-of-5 biscuit-number-bonds-of-5 img_2185 img_2201 number-bonds-of-5

Swings, knots and crowns in the Explorers Area!

autumn-crowns-1 knots-1 knots-2 rope-swing-and-climbing-trees

Pumpkins – Fine Motor Control



Week beginning October 17th 2016


Week beginning October 10th 2016

pingpong-drop-to-learn-our-tricky-words new-reception-children-in-explorers-area making-tricky-words making-2d-shapes learning-phonics learning-2d-shape-names helping-each-other developing-mussle-control-in-hands conker-rolling conker-rolling-2 children-building-own-den


Week beginning October 3rd 2016

Using Dominoes to help Addition

adding-single-digits-using-dominoes adding-single-digits-using-dominoes-oliver

Recognising numbers


The letters d and g

finding-d finding-g making-d making-g

Segmenting and Blending



Week beginning September 26th 2016

Maths – Counting Accurately, Writing Numerals and Spelling Numbers

counting-accurately-larger-numbers counting-accurately counting-accurately2 learning-to-draw-the-number-3 recognising-and-counting-to-5 spelling-numbers-1-2-3

Leaf printing



learning-log-topic-myself myself-topic-funny-face

Making ‘m’



Week beginning September 19th 2016

Learning phonemes in literacy

sorting-phonemes magnetic-phonemes literacy-learning-phonemes

Fruit for sale!  Serving and being served in the shop.


Recognising and matching numbers 1 to 10


Drawing and mark making with chalks


Helping with the lunch register



Week beginning September 12th 2016

 making-new-friends  playing-with-our-buddies-on-the-playground

Playing with our buddies on the playground


Getting ready for lunch


Learning where to take the register


Learning to write our names


In the shoe shop

at-the-snack-shop eating-snack

Buying our snack and eating it!


Lunchtime with a little help from my buddy


Week beginning September 5th 2016


Snack shop – Checking the money


Explorers Area

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