Mrs Johnson – Reception

Summer Term 2018

Curriculum Outline Summer 2018

Ladybird Class letter Summer 2018

Week beginning 9th July 2018

We have had a visit from the Animal Experience. We learnt more about insects and some other creatures!  Thank you for coming in – we loved it!

On Thursday Morning we had a visit from a scientist from NAPP.  She taught us more about our 5 senses.

Week beginning 25th June 2018

We have been busy independently cooking again. This time we have made biscuits!

We decorated our biscuits symmetrically.

Releasing our butterflies.

Week beginning 8th May 2018

Learning to recognise, read and write the digraph ay.


Learning to read and write our ‘Tricky Words’.


Independently following a recipe to make our own playdough that we can then play with.


Experimenting with colour mixing.

Week beginning 30th April 2018

Working out snack money

We have been independently making cakes by following a recipe.

Developing motor skills

Doubling numbers


Learning to dance around the Maypole

Week beginning 17th April 2018

Writing and reading questions.

Writing in the roleplay area. (what minibeasts can you see?)

Counting in tens.

How much money in the purse?

Reading in the reading area.

Pond dipping in the Explorers Area.

Learning the digraph ou.

Spring Term 2018

Curriculum Outline Spring 2018

Ladybird Class letter Spring 2018

Week beginning 26th March 2018

We have been independently making chocolate Easter nests by following a recipe.

Chick and egg small world play.

Easter fine motor control/mathematics.

Week beginning 5th March 2018

In Mathematics we have been learning about measure. We have been using the balance scales to measure the weight of different items around the classroom.

We have been developing our fine motor skills by seeing how many nuts and bolts we can attach in 1 minute.


In the Explorers Area we have been very busy this week. Making a mud slide … and using knives to make a pencil (not at the same time!).


We learnt how to use our new Kelly Kettle and made ourselves hot chocolate!


So much going on in the Explorers Area… cooking pancakes over our fire.

Week beginning 26th February 2018

We made colour spinners. We used two primary colours to make a secondary colour.

We sharpened a stick to make a point for our spinners.

When you spin it you can see the new colour.

In Literacy we learned about the digraph ow. (Blow the snow)

Week beginning 19th February 2018

Adding single digit numbers together.

Helping Mr Maltby with the footings for our new outdoor area.

Cooking pancakes in the Explorers Area.


Week beginning 5th February 2018

Making pencils in the Explorers Area; collecting the wood, whittling the wood and drawing with the pencil.

Chocolate orange cakes

Mud sliding!

Making Chinese Spring rolls



Week beginning 22nd January 2018

Fine motor development creating a Chinese blossom tree with playdough.

Beginning to learn about time, the children made their own clock faces using equipment around the classroom.

 Making clock faces using playdough.

Fine motor skills. How many string noodles can you get in your bowl in 1 minute?

Week beginning 15th January 2018

Making Chinese Lanterns

Learning about 2D shapes


Learning about 3D shapes

Is it a Cube?

Making cubes


Tying knots in the Explorers Area


Cooking and eating dampers



Week beginning 8th January 2018

Explorers Area

Autumn Term 2017

Week beginning 11th December 2017

Christmas Production – ‘A Little Bird Told Me’

This week Ladybirds, Hedgehogs and Rabbits have performed their Christmas nativity ‘A Little Bird Told Me’. Each performance was fabulous; the children danced and sang beautifully and we were very proud of everyone.

Week beginning 4th December 2017

Fine motor control: Lacing/early sewing to make our Christmas cards and tissue paper Christmas tree decorations.

 Being creative with play dough (Fine motor skills)

The Elves had visited the Explorers Area and left us some special presents. We also enjoyed our sausages that had been cooked over the fire.

Explorers Club on Mondays enjoyed stuffed apples they had cooked over the fire and learning how to start a fire using

Week beginning 27th November 2017

Christmas Craft Morning We had lots of fun this morning making Christmas decorations to decorate the school. Some parents came in to help and the whole school mixed up and worked together to make fabulous Christmas wreaths and hanging trees. Please click here for photos from the morning.


P.S.H.E (Anti-Bullying Week)

It has been Anti-Bullying week. We have enjoyed many activities to help us understand our role in combatting bullying in the world around us. We all joined together in an assembly at the end of the week to share what we have learnt about Bullying and how we can help. Click here to see photos from our end of week celebration assembly.


Week beginning 20th November 2017

Learning how to start a fire using a carbon striker.


Cooking popcorn over the fire.


Pegging our cards on the washing line to show who is in the Explorers Area.

Week beginning 13th November 2017


Practising our counting skills


Using loose parts to be creative making a firework picture


Creating firework pictures by printing


Mathematics length (longer/shorter)


Learning to start a fire in the Explores Area



Week beginning 6th November 2017

Playing Tricky word snowballs (Learning the words I, she, he)

 Finger gym

 Mathematics – One more than

 Explorers – Autumn leaf crowns

Week beginning 30th October 2017

Recognising our number to 5 and counting accurately.

 In the Explorers Area-  Making and eating witches’ soup!

Ingredients: Frogs’ legs (Green Pepper) Caterpillar skin (Grated Carrot) Dragons’ claws (Garlic) Goblins’ fingers (red Chillies) chopped Onion, Beetle juice (Stock) Wizard Toe nails (Chopped Celery) Dried worms (Dried Noodles) Blood worms (Cooked noodles covered in tomato ketchup) lizard tongues (Sliced potato)

Week beginning 16th October 2017

Practising number formation (Number 4)


Creating self portraits.


Learning our ‘Tricky words’ (no, go, to)


In the Explorers Area…

Week beginning 9th October 2017

Learning about 2D shapes

 Our first visit to the Explorers Area

 Learning to recognise and sound our Phonemes

Week beginning 2nd October 2017

Recognising number 2

Learning to recognise the letter ‘p’

  Letter formation of the letter ‘n’

 Recognising letters

 Looking at books in the reading area and sharing stories

Creating conker rolling artwork

Creating mixed collage art work of ourselves

Practising accurate counting skills.




Week beginning 25th September 2017

This week we have been learning to find our way around the school.

Learning to play and work together.

Becoming more independent.

In Literacy we have been learning about the phonemes: s,a,t and i

Making the letters out of Lego

Making the letters out of playdough.


Practising the letter formation on the tuff spot cotton bud water tracing, on the light box and practising on our huge wall chalk board.


Lacing letter beads on laces and sounding them out.

In the role play area…”Who’s eaten number 5 biscuit?”

Week beginning 18th September 2017


The new Ladybird class has arrived! The children are settling in learning about the morning routines, ably supported by their Buddy families.