Mrs Connolly and Mrs Dunham – Year 3 and 4

Autumn Term 2017

Week beginning 11th September 2017

English – Using the character Beowulf for inspiration, we created our own mythical heroes focusing on their physical characteristics.


Science – In Science, we have been investigating sound. We made cup-telephones to understand how sound vibrations travel through different materials.


Maths – We’ve been thinking about place value this week. Here we are placing numbers on number-lines.

Week Beginning 5th September 2017

Welcome Back! Well done to everyone in Otter Class. We’ve had a fantastic first week with everyone full of energy, enthusiasm and an eagerness to learn. To start the new school year, we have enjoyed lots of team building and ‘getting to know you’ activities.

PSHE – Sharing our likes and dislikes.

PE – Working in teams to cross the swamp!

Art – We learnt about the artist Henri Matisse and the cut-outs he created (also known as ‘drawing with scissors’). Then we all had a go at creating our own cut-outs to show people something about ourselves (a place or activity we enjoy, family or a pet etc.)