Mrs Connolly and Mrs Dunham – Year 3 and 4

Autumn Term 2017

Week beginning 11th December 2017

DT – We made another bread roll but, this time with a twist! We all chose which ingredients to use to flavour our bread; some of us made savoury rolls and some made sweet. They were delicious!


Music – This week, we enjoyed playing some Christmas tunes on the Boomwhackers!

PE – For our final tennis lesson, we focussed on hitting the ball with accuracy. Our aim was to play the longest possible rally with our partner.

Week beginning 4th December 2017

Geography – To finish our topic on settlements, we created our own 3D model of a typical early settlement. We all made our own Anglo-Saxon style house and then each decided where to place it on our model settlement (created with blankets and cushions).  Our settlement also featured a river, trees, fields of crops and farm animals in pens.


English – In our English lessons this week, we have been looking at the simple past tense and the present perfect tense. We explored both regular and irregular verbs.

PE – Due to some terrible weather, we were unable to get outside for tennis this week. Instead, we enjoyed using the stacking cups and competing in a bean bag throwing competition. Well done to Zack who proved to be a very accurate thrower!


Week beginning 27th November 2017

Science – This week, we learnt about the three functions of the skeleton; support, protection and movement. For one of our activities, we sorted animal cards into those with an exoskeleton, those with an endoskeleton and those with no skeleton.

PSHE – A focus across the whole school this week has been anti-bullying. We participated in a variety of activities examining the effects of bullying, how we can deal with it, how to support others and, most importantly, the fact we are all equal and actually have lots in common!  In one of our activities, we acted out different scenarios and practised being assertive.  Click here for photos from our end of week celebration assembly.

Christmas Craft Morning We had lots of fun this morning making Christmas decorations to decorate the school. Some parents came in to help and the whole school mixed up and worked together to make fabulous Christmas wreaths and hanging trees. Please click here for photos from the morning.

Week beginning 20th November 2017

DT – This week we used lots of different cutting skills to make our own pizzas. We learnt the claw and bridge grip for using a knife, how to use scissors safely in the kitchen and how to grate both hard and soft foods. Whilst our pizzas were cooking, we also learnt how to clean up properly after preparing food. The best bit was eating our pizzas!

Science – In Science this week, our focus was skeletons. We explored the human skeleton, using a velcro model and x-ray films. We also had a go at drawing the skeletons of various animals.


Week beginning 13th November 2017

Music – We learnt the rhythmic sounds and movements to a body percussion piece, Connect It, by the modern composer Anna Meredith.


DT – This week, we explored the versatility of bread and looked at how it can be used in a variety of different meals.

Computing – We used the programme Robomind to code a robot around a maze. Some of us were able to use repeat and conditional commands!

Week beginning 6th November 2017

English – Our aim this week was to increase and explore exciting vocabulary, in preparation for writing our own stories next week. We used a short story called ‘Staying Out’, about two boys who hear a strange noise at night whilst camping in their garden, as a stimulus. We first discussed what vocabulary is and then practised some dictionary skills, to find the meaning of new words from the story. Later in the week, we ‘went camping’ in the classroom and gathered some exciting sound-effect words and phrases to use in our writing.


DT – This week, we made a simple bread roll, learning about the ingredients, the method and shaping our dough.

Week beginning 31st October 2017

DT – This half term we will be learning all about bread. We started by evaluating different types of bread, thinking about the appearance, texture, smell and taste.

PE – We thoroughly enjoyed our first tennis lesson this week. We worked hard to control the ball, on and with our racket, and also throw the ball with accuracy.

Geography – This week we learned about settlements, thinking about important features of settlements and trying to identify reasons why early settlers may have chosen a particular site. We also found the location of some early UK settlements using atlases.

Week beginning 16th October 2017

School trip/History – Otter Class joined the rest of KS2 on a trip to West Stow. In the morning, we had a talk from an expert who told us to look, listen and question everything we saw before we explored the village.  The wooden houses have been rebuilt using ancient Anglo-Saxon methods on the site of the original settlement, and in exactly the same locations, so we were able to imagine walking in the steps of the people who lived there.  After a lovely picnic under the trees, we went to the museum to see some of the artefacts that were found there.  There were ten really important finds to look out for; these included a comb, a belt buckle and a glass vase which survived under the ground, completely intact.  We ended the day with a great question and answer session with the expert; she even let us handle some of the objects.

PE & Maths – In PE this half term, we have been circuit training to improve our strength, stamina, skill and fitness levels. Each week we have carried out a variety of exercises for 1 minute and recorded our scores. In a Maths lesson this week, we plotted some of our results on a bar graph to see how much we have improved and determine our ‘personal bests’.

Week beginning 9th October 2017

History – In History this week, we learnt lots of interesting facts about the Vikings by playing the ‘Viking Longboat Journey’ game. We also examined some replica Viking artefacts, thinking about how they were used, to help us build a picture of life in Viking times.

Art – This week we learnt about Andy Goldsworthy and the ‘temporary art’ sculptures he makes from natural materials. We went out into the school grounds to collect autumn leaves to create our own designs.

Science – We finished the week by solving a crime! We all had a fantastic time learning about forensic science and then having a go ourselves at using fingerprints, footprints, DNA test results and other clues to determine who had committed the terrible crime of stealing money from a safe.


Week beginning 2nd October 2017

Science – In Science this week, we carried out an investigation asking which material would be best for soundproofing. We then wrote up our findings like real scientists!


Art – In our art lesson this week, we finished our Anglo-Saxon style brooches with bronze paint and jewels. We are very proud of them and hope you like looking at the gallery.

Week beginning 25th September 2017

Art – This week we started making our own Anglo-Saxon style brooches. We settled on our favourite design and then set about making it using cardboard and string.

French – We looked at masculine and feminine nouns.


Maths – We really enjoyed using Mathletics in one of our lessons this week, to consolidate and apply our knowledge of place value.

Week beginning 18th September 2017

PSHE – We have been thinking about ‘emotions’ this week and how to recognise feelings and emotions in ourselves and others. We thoroughly enjoyed the games that required us to show emotion through our facial expressions and body language!

RE – We’ve been learning about the beginnings of Judaism; exploring God’s promise to Abraham and his wife Sarah. We directed and acted in our own versions of the story and performed them to the rest of the class.


History – In our History lessons this week, we have ordered the key events of the Viking invasions and the subsequent occupation of Britain, placing them on a timeline.

Week beginning 11th September 2017

English – Using the character Beowulf for inspiration, we created our own mythical heroes focusing on their physical characteristics.


Science – In Science, we have been investigating sound. We made cup-telephones to understand how sound vibrations travel through different materials.


Maths – We’ve been thinking about place value this week. Here we are placing numbers on number-lines.

Week Beginning 5th September 2017

Welcome Back! Well done to everyone in Otter Class. We’ve had a fantastic first week with everyone full of energy, enthusiasm and an eagerness to learn. To start the new school year, we have enjoyed lots of team building and ‘getting to know you’ activities.

PSHE – Sharing our likes and dislikes.

PE – Working in teams to cross the swamp!

Art – We learnt about the artist Henri Matisse and the cut-outs he created (also known as ‘drawing with scissors’). Then we all had a go at creating our own cut-outs to show people something about ourselves (a place or activity we enjoy, family or a pet etc.)