Mrs Everest – Year 6

Autumn Term

Week beginning 9th September 2019

It’s been a busy first full week back at school and we have enjoyed a range of activities.

In Maths, we have been revising our Place Value knowledge. We have used different representation models and worked with numbers up to 7 digits.

In English, we have been sharing Ancient Greek myths and legends. This week, we have focused on the story of Icarus – the boy who flew too high.

We have begun our Invasion Games unit in PE by looking at the passing skills required in a game of Netball.

Our Topic unit, Flights of Fantasy, began this week with a geographical focus. We identified the countries located in the continent of Europe and related that learning to the expansion of the Ancient Greek empire.

Week beginning 4th September 2019

Welcome back everyone!

Our new Year 6s have had a lovely first few days getting used to their new position as oldest in the school and taking on their Guardian Angel duties. We have enjoyed playing some teambuilding games in PSHE, sharing our new class reading texts and refreshing our memories of prior learning. After a gentle few days to settle in, Owl class are ready to begin the academic year.