Mrs Everest – Year 5 and 6

Summer Term 2019

Week Beginning 15th July 2019

This week began with our two evening performances of Mystery at Magpie Manor – the KS2 production. We all had an amazing time putting on the show and are grateful to all our family and friends who came to support us.

Two of our Year 6 students also gave a violin performance in assembly; their last at Stretham Primary School. As ever, they sounded amazing!

We have also been completing some of our swim safety training this week. Year 6 even had a go at self-saving when fully clothed. It was quite a challenge once our clothing became waterlogged.

As part of PSHE, we have completed some team building activities between the two classes. We have also been learning more about the changes associated with growing up in our SRE sessions.

In Geography, we continued our Extreme Earth topic by learning about tectonic plates and tsunamis. Photos of the aftermath of a tsunami were eye-opening to the devastation that a tsunami can cause.

Year 6 finished up the week with a computing masterclass with a focus on Lego programming. All the children had fun programming their creations and then challenging each other’s builds in a grand finale. Well done for demonstrating your creativity, technological skill and excellent behavior throughout!

Week Beginning 8th July 2019

This week, we have continued rehearsing for our production – Mystery at Magpie Manor. With help from the teachers, TAs and each other, we have worked hard to feel confident on the stage, project our voices and learn each of the songs well. We really enjoyed sharing the mystery with a healthy sized crowd at the Dress Rehearsal on Thursday afternoon. Thank you for the support and positive feedback.

We have also enjoyed our swim sessions this week. The focus at the start of the week was a basic skills check – correct breathing, gliding and using a range of effective strokes. By the end of the week, it was time for an endurance check. We have been setting ourselves personal challenge targets over the past few swim sessions regarding endurance swimming. This week we all beat our personal bests!

Week Beginning 1st July 2019

What a fun start to the week – Sports Morning! All the children enjoyed rotating through a number of different activities with their house groups. It was lovely to see the Year 5 and 6 children encouraging the younger children to participate and vice versa.

The middle of the week saw us all getting excited about our next step at school on our transition mornings. As the Year 6s went for trial days at their secondary schools, the Year 5s enjoyed some English, PSHE and DT activities in their new class for next year – Owls.

In between all these activities, we have been rehearsing for our production – Mystery at Magpie Manor. We are looking forward to sharing the mystery with a select few at the Dress Rehearsal next Thursday afternoon.

Week Beginning 24th June 2019

Swim safety lessons were fun this week. We learnt about endurance, resilience and how to self-save.

We have enjoyed developing our Hokusai Wave sketches and made good use of video tutorials to perfect the details. Some of us have also begun to use a basic blue palette to add depth and detail to our final waves.

When crafting a piece of descriptive writing this week, we made use of our Mrs. Wordsmith dictionaries to upscale our vocabulary choices. The piece was based on being washed up on an uninhabited island and could be developed in any way we chose.

On Thursday, not only was it Sports Day but a sunny Sports Day at that! Everyone enjoyed taking part in the flat races and class races. Year 6 very much enjoyed their final year of Sports Day at Stretham and celebrated with the traditional Water Race. This year, the winning house was Ruby House. Congratulations Ruby House!

Week Beginning 17th June 2019

With most of Year 6 away at Finborough Hall on their residential, the remaining Year 6s and all the Year 5s have had a lovely week working on their ‘Anywhere Island’ project. Through this project, the children have:

  • developed their problem-solving and creative thinking skills;
  • made decisions and choices;
  • used a range of geographical skills;
  • discussed their opinions on important issues;
  • let their imaginations run wild and;
  • have had fun!

We then enjoyed presenting our projects to each other and hearing all about our weird and wacky creatures!

We have also enjoyed our swimming lessons where we practised key skills and played games to utilise those skills.

Week Beginning 10th June 2019

We have been creating imaginary creatures in English and writing a set of instructions for how to take care of them.

In Maths, we have been unpicking problems to find a starting point then using a range of mathematical skills and knowledge to logically find an answer, recording our working systematically.

In Science, we have been looking at how the human body works with particular focus on the circulatory system and our musculature. Key Stage 2 were also lucky to have an inspirational presentation on Thursday afternoon by three female visitors who all work in professions which require STEM skills and qualifications – including a neuroscientist and a Squadron Commander in the RAF.

Year 5 have been using their map skills to help them identify rivers of the world, focusing on the longest and biggest, as well as comparing the water discharge rate of each river.

On Tuesday afternoon, we all enjoyed being part of the PSA organized Step and Stride sponsored walk to Little Thetford and back. It might have been wet but that didn’t dampen any of our spirits. Thank you for your support.


Week Beginning 3rd June 2019

Monday was an exciting day as we had the Bikeability instructors in school to give us all a fun taster session. We had an opportunity to use peddle power to create enough electricity to power a stereo and speakers so we could peddle to a sound track. We could also try out a range of bicycles from the everyday to the weird and wonderful. A great time was had by all.

English – We have been debating the question: Should products be made to last longer? As a result of our discussion, we wrote balanced arguments to inform our readers and share our own opinions.

We also participated in the AstraZeneca Energy Challenge competition final. Our wonderful team of 5 Year 5/6s spoke knowledgably to the judging panel for nearly half an hour on behalf of us all and achieved a well-deserved second place. Team 5/6 – your scientific knowledge and speaking skills were spectacular!

We have been looking at how we use mathematical language when we investigate and how we can make this usage more accurate.

In Art, we have been creating our final sketches mimicking the style of Hokusai.


Week Beginning 20th May 2019

English – We have been using a variety of descriptive tools to create openings to different stories. Dialogue has been an essential tool to help us jump into the action of our narratives.

In PSHE, we enjoyed a visit from Daniel Pugh-Bevan from Oxford University. He talked to us all about opportunities for our future education. He also presented us with an opportunity to discuss challenging questions about the world around us.

Whilst in Science, we have collated our results from our Energy Challenge project and used them to create a poster presentation. We delivered our poster presentations to Dr. Walker. The winning poster was chosen and the winning group will present their project at the final after half term.

Week Beginning 13th May 2019

Well done to Year 6 who survived SATs week. They dedicated their energies to calmly tackling each exam in the morning followed by revision activities and swimming later in the day. Year 6 managed to work with focus, determination, excellent attitudes, as well as smiles on their faces all week.

Year 5 had a wonderful week of enriching learning experiences including outdoor observational art, creating Energy Challenge Science posters and a visit to the Explorers’ Area.


To end the week, we all enjoyed preparing artwork to decorate our float for the Stretham Feast.


Week Beginning 6th May 2019

After a restful Bank Holiday, we began our week on Tuesday and jumped straight back into…

English – We have been reviewing key Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar terminology and skills. We have all been considering how varying our sentence structures and types can enhance the impact of our writing. We have continued to learn more Mrs. Wordsmith vocabulary including words blundering, immerse and stunned.

In Topic, we further researched tornadoes – a type of extreme weather – and have used our knowledge of them to help us write 1st person narratives about experiencing the devastation of a tornado.

Whilst in Science, we have begun to investigate how water and nutrients are transported within the human body and the role that our circulatory system plays.

In Maths, all Year 5 and 6 have all been practicing how to convert between different units of measure. We have also been reviewing key calculation and reasoning skills.

We have also enjoyed our second swimming session of the summer term where our focus was on breathing for effective swimming.

Year 6 have carried out focused preparation in advance of their SATs testing next week. We wish them a calm and successful week to come.

Week Beginning 29th April 2019

Owls and Kingfishers have been taking part in some very productive learning and skill building this week.

In English, we have been reviewing our reading comprehension skills. We have been looking at a range of text types and using our retrieval, vocabulary and inference skills to answer given questions. Year 6 have had a particular focus on how to answer the ‘tricky’ 3 mark questions.

As part of our Extreme Earth Geography unit, we have studied the water cycle using key vocabulary to describe it and to annotate our diagrams. We have also begun to look at weather phenomena such as tornadoes.

Whilst in Maths, we have been demonstrating our ability to identify, draw and measure a variety of angles accurately using a protractor. We have also the process a shape must go through in translation or rotation.

Week Beginning 24th April 2019

Welcome back to school and the start of the Summer term. We have had a short but productive first week in Owls and Kingfishers.

In English, we have used our narrative writing skills and our newly acquired Mrs. Wordsmith ‘Spring’ vocabulary to plan and draft an Easter/ Spring themed story. We also enjoyed practicing our oracy skills by discussing some ‘Big Debate’ topics from The Week Junior.

We have also begun our new topic – Extreme Earth – by looking at the differences between weather and global climates.

Whilst in Science, we demonstrated our electricity knowledge by completing a quiz via the online tool Kahoot. We also presented our designs for educational toys or games which involved electrical circuits.

In Maths, we have been reviewing our knowledge of properties of shape and angles.

Spring Term 2019

Year 56 Topic Web Spring 2019

Week Beginning 25th March 2019

In Topic, we were lucky enough to have a visit from a group of Chinese students. They gave us a first-hand account of life in China with a focus on the differences between the language, food and education in China and England. It was a fascinating insight for us all.

As part of our learning in RE, we used our understanding of the Easter story to create posters. The posters needed to show each stage of the Easter story in a way that our friends in Year 2 could access. We hope our posters have helped them in their RE lessons.

Whilst in Science, we recapped our knowledge of electrical circuits, to plan and create a game or useful educational tool. This was quite a challenge….but a fun one!

Our clay dragon eyes are now dry and starting to look fabulous. We can’t wait to paint and glaze them!

Week Beginning 18th March 2019

Dr. Jill Walker and Nicky from Astrazeneca came in to help us with the practical element of the Energy Challenge. We used the special scales that they brought in for us to help calculate how many kJ of energy someone could gain from different amounts of various foods. This information has helped us gather data for our final project presentations. We look forward to sharing our findings with the judges and you, soon.


In English, we have been reviewing key SPaG skills and using them to enhance our newspaper report writing. We have continued reviewing Mrs. Wordsmith vocabulary. In addition, we also completed some fun reading comprehensions using song lyrics to develop our inference skills.

In Art, we sketched and designed our own dragon eyes in detail. We then used these sketches to help us make them out of clay.

In Maths, we have all been reviewing key number and calculation skills. In Year 6, we have also been developing our growing knowledge of function machines and algebra.

We have been following a dance unit based on natural disasters. Incorporating percussion instruments into our group work helped us to develop a rhythm and improve our performances.

Week Beginning 11th March 2019

Thank you to all of you who wore something red today to help us raise money for Comic Relief.

In English, we have been reviewing key SPaG skills and using them to enhance our writing. We have continued to learn more Mrs. Wordsmith vocabulary whilst reviewing the previous words learnt. In addition, we were also delighted to have a visit from the author, Griselda Heppel, who spoke to us about how to collect inspiration for fiction writing.


In Topic, We used our knowledge of world geography to annotate maps with a specific focus on China.

Whilst in Science, we have used our knowledge of electrical circuits, insulators and conductors to create an investigation to explore how wire type/ length and thickness can impact on the brightness of a bulb. We were also lucky to have a visit from the Pop Up Planetarium as part of Science week. We enjoyed consolidating our learning about Space from the Autumn term, as well as gaining new knowledge about our solar system and beyond.

In Maths, we have been studying patterns in prime, square and cube numbers.

Week Beginning 4th March 2019

Happy World Book Day!

We started the week well with our exciting Pancake Race on the afternoon of Shrove Tuesday. Well done to Diamond House for their win!

We’ve had a wonderful couple of days raising awareness of new books, new authors and new ways to enjoy all things literary. We very much enjoyed our live lesson, a collaboration between the BBC and the World Book Day organisers. In this lesson, we were able to interact with authors like Malorie Blackman and Cressida Cowell. Thank you for supporting your children by reading with them, helping them to choose a costume and for even making book character potatoes.

In English, we have continued to study a variety of poetry. Some of it we have enjoyed using for performance, whilst others have inspired our own writing. We have also continued to learn more Mrs. Wordsmith vocabulary. This week we have learnt the words: moist, optimistic and relentless.

In addition to these activities, we have also been learning about the Terracotta Warriors and the Great Wall of China as the next stage in our Ancient China topic.

In Art, we used photographs of various terracotta warriors as inspiration for detailed sketches. We learnt how important shape and shade were to achieve the effect we were looking for.

Whilst in Science, we have consolidated our knowledge of electrical circuits and their components.


Week Beginning 25th February 2019

The Mrs. Wordsmith vocabulary materials in KS2 remain a useful resource. The children have learnt three new words this week: glimpse (verb), bloodshot (adj.) and optimistic (adj.). Why not ask your child if they can use these words in a sentence at home. We have also made use of the Mrs. Wordsmith theme cards to help us create a figurative language word bank. This has been a valuable aid to our poetry writing in English.

In Maths, we have been using manipulatives such as place value grids and fraction/ decimal counters to help us understand the links between Fractions, Decimals and Percentages (FDP).

In History, we first looked at how the Shang used symbols as early recording/ writing and later we discussed how the Shang dynasty came to an end. Mrs. Hawes spoke to all the Year 5 and 6 children about how radiocarbon dating is an essential part of how archaeologists uncover the truth about the past.

MBots have been an extremely enjoyable part of our learning in Computing this week. We used our knowledge of developing code to create a series of programmable actions for the MBots.

Week Beginning 11th February 2019

The new play equipment arrived and has been in use this week. We have all had fun trying it out in the late winter sunshine.

Mrs. Wordsmith vocabulary resources in KS2 are still a big hit. The children have learnt three new words this week: dreary (adj.), imposing (adj.) and insatiable (adj.). Why not ask your child if they can use these words in a sentence at home. We have also been enjoying our etymology flash cards in Year 5 and 6 English lessons. They were used to break words down to their roots to help us gain a greater understanding of the word itself.

In Guided Reading, we have been developing our inference skills by becoming inference detectives when reading an excerpt from ‘The Hobbit’.

In Maths, we have been using bar models to help us calculate fractions of amounts.

In R.E. we have been exploring another faith – Buddhism. Through the story of Buddha, we came to develop a better understanding of the Four Noble Truths and the Eight Fold Path. We even used drama to explore the morals within Buddhism.

Week Beginning 4th February 2019

We continue to embrace our Mrs. Wordsmith vocabulary resources in KS2. The children have learnt three new words this week: tenacious (adj.), ambush (verb) and squat (adj.). Why not ask your child if they can use these words in a sentence at home. The arrival of extra copies of The Week Junior (our junior news publication, courtesy of the Powerful Words Project) have been happily embraced by all KS2 children during reading times.

In Maths, we furthered our knowledge of fractions by learning how to efficiently multiply and divide fractions, mixed numbers and integers. Our final skill of the week was to make use of the K.F.C method – quick reminder rule to make dividing fractions easier. Always remember to Keep it, Flip it and Change it!

This week, we celebrated Chinese New Year as part of our learning in food technology (D.T.). We used recipes to prepare the filling for both vegetarian and meat based spring rolls on Monday. In doing this, we developed our peeling, chopping and shredding skills and considered why some vegetables had to be prepared in a specific way. On Tuesday afternoon, Mrs. Prendergast visited Owls and Kingfishers to teach us how to use the fillings we had prepared to roll and cook traditional Chinese spring rolls. We all had a turn at making the spring rolls with fillings of our choice. Later, we were able to taste test and evaluate our creations. Most of us gave the spring rolls a thumbs up!

Week Beginning 28th January 2019

We have continued to embrace our Mrs. Wordsmith vocabulary resources in KS2. The children have learnt three new words this week: affluent, nauseating and suffocating (all adjectives). Why not ask your child if they can use these words in a sentence at home.

In Science, we were lucky to be visited by Dr. Jill Walker who introduced us to our Energy Challenge – a science competition we are entering. She spoke to us about her role as a scientist and even showed us how to calculate the kJ (kilojoules) of various foods. We were also allowed to try out a complex set of balances that we will need to use as part of our experiment for the Energy Challenge.

In Maths, we used our knowledge of fractions, specifically adding and subtracting fractions, to categorise calculations. Within our groups, we had to use mathematical language to explain why we felt some of the calculations were easy, challenging, somewhere in the middle or impossible. We realized how important our use of accurate vocabulary was when trying to explain our reasoning.

This week in dance, we took an initial look at dances from Chinese culture – specifically Lion and Dragon dances which are usually performed during the Chinese New Year celebrations. We even got to try being part of a Chinese Dragon Dance configuration.

Week Beginning 21st January 2019

We have really enjoyed getting to grips with our new Mrs. Wordsmith resources in KS2. The children have learnt three new words this week: feud, pot-bellied and snubbed. Why not ask your child about them at home.

In Science, we have begun to use our research into the endangered animals of China to compile a non-chronological report about our chosen animal.

We have also made use of our animal research and knowledge of deforestation in English this week. We used them to help us write the diary of Rang-tan, an orangutan suffering the effects of deforestation on his home.

In Maths, we have been adding and subtracting fractions. We practiced using area models, bar models and calculation strategies. Once we had consolidated our strategies, we started to use this knowledge to problem solve.

This week in gymnastics we rehearsed and showed our final routines. We all managed to include the 4 key components and 8 compulsory moves. Some of the more experienced gymnasts were able to include more advanced moves to develop their routines.

Week Beginning 14th January 2019

This has been a week of new experiences in Owls and Kingfishers.

Year 5 and 6 had an opportunity to take part in a four day Bikeability course. Despite the chilly weather, all the children involved made progress in their cycling and road safety skills. They ended the week by earning their level 2 certificates and badges. Well done to all who took part. Your resilience and exceptional manners were widely praised by your instructors.

We have also had a ‘sneaky peek’ at our new Mrs. Wordsmith resources in KS2. The children are excited to get started with our approach to learning new vocabulary.

In History, we have begun to look at the significant dynasties in ancient China. We used a timeline to correctly order them.

In Maths, we have been comparing and ordering fractions. Once we had consolidated our strategies, we were able to use this knowledge to problem solve.

Week Beginning 7th January 2019

Happy New Year!

This week, we have begun to investigate our new topic – China (ancient and modern). To help us understand more about the country of China, we started by locating the country on a world map and identifying the country’s physical features using an atlas.

In English and Guided Reading, we have been studying non-fiction texts. We have identified the key features and used them to collect factual information to use in our writing.

In Maths, we have started to look at fractions. We have been using our understanding of factors and equivalents to help us simplify fractions.

Autumn Term 2018

Week Beginning 10th December 2018

During Guided Maths this week, Year 6 took turns explaining how to work through some ‘trickier’ calculations involving fractions.

In whole class Maths sessions, we have enjoyed challenging ourselves to calculate the area of triangles and the volume of simple three dimensional shapes.

This week, we have continued to make our Christmas cam toy. This involved drilling holes to make eccentric cams, gluing follower guides and sawing lengths of wood to make stoppers for our followers. These skills required focus and a steady hand.

We have continued to develop our invasion games skills during TAG rugby sessions in PE.

We have also begun to learn our contribution for the end of term church service next week.

Finally, the highlight of our week involved watching KS1 perform their nativity play – Christmas with the Aliens. Well done KS1; you were spectacular!

Week Beginning 3rd December 2018

In Maths, we have been reviewing our knowledge of Area and Perimeter. By using the given formula, we were able to apply our existing knowledge to identify the perimeters and areas of compound shapes.

In English, we have been editing to improve our World War One information texts considering how we could use formal language and structures to achieve the appropriate tone for this topic.

In Science, we have completed the next stage in the scientific method for our investigation into Friction. By developing a clear hypothesis, we were able to structure an easy to follow method to help us carry out our tests.

This week, we have also been using our D.T skills in two ways. Firstly, using our cookery skills to create tasty festive treats for the Christmas Fair and secondly to use our woodwork skills to begin our Christmas cam toy.

Week Beginning 26th November 2018

Week Beginning 19th November 2018

What an exciting week we have had!

In Maths, we have been looking at graphs. By carefully studying the data presented, we can ask and answer questions to help us gain a deeper understanding.

In English, we have independently planned, written and edited a short narrative based on a series of Harris Burdick illustrations.

On Thursday morning, Owl and Kingfisher classes were surprised to find a crime scene in their classrooms. Their task for the morning was to use their investigative and scientific skills to identify and decipher the evidence. We looked at Chromatography, Finger Print patterns and Blood Spatter (to name just a few areas) to aid our investigation. On Friday, we made use of our evidence and notes to write a formal crime report.

In Science, we completed our investigation into air-resistance. Once we had collected and collated our data in a table, we used this data to created graphs in Excel to show our findings in an alternative format.

Week Beginning 12th November 2018

Well done for a wonderful assembly today Year 5!

During History lessons this week, we have been researching an area of personal historical interest for our independent projects. Our weekly homework task is also linked to these projects. We will collate, record and present our findings in our own classes next week.

In Maths, we have reviewed our knowledge of division with a focus on efficiently using the bus stop method.

We have collected evidence about the unusual incident in our text ‘Tuesday’ and have begun to record our findings in a formal written report. To do this, we have made use of modal verbs, passive voice and succinct paragraphs

Over the course of the week, we have also continued to enjoy our recorder lessons, TAG rugby training science investigation about air resistance and SQUIRT (designated reading) time.

Week Beginning 5th November 2018

This week we have been discussing the changing role of women during WW1, the factors leading to the end of the First World War and Remembrance. We were also very lucky to have visits from Mr. Petty and Mr. Sheldrick who shared their local knowledge linked to the First World War and those who survived.

In Maths, we have been consolidating our knowledge of multiplication. We have also begun to review division focusing on the two methods – grouping and sharing.

We have been creating a first person narrative for the story Tuesday as if we were one of the frogs. Our target was to see if we could achieve the ‘7 second rule’.


Week Beginning 29th October 2018

This week we have been reviewing our multiplication skills in Mathematics, using both expanded and compact methods.

In English, we have been creating a narrative for the text Tuesday.

We have begun our unit on learning to play the recorder. We clapped out rhythms and began to learn the notes ‘B’ and ‘A’.


In PE, we were introduced to the key skills required in TAG rugby.

Week Beginning 15th October 2018

Our final week of this half term has been a busy one. We started the week by completing the Sci-Fi stories we have been working on independently. We also reviewed our arithmetic and reasoning skills. In Science, Year 6 put their independent investigative skills to the test. Later in the week, Year 6 spent some time crafting their assembly and Year 5 went to Kingswood on their residential trip. From all reports, Year 5 enjoyed some great activities and beautiful weather. Photos are here!

We wish you all a restful half term holiday.

Week Beginning 8th October 2018

Year 5 and 6 children in Owls and Kingfishers have had a busy week. Throughout the week we have been crafting our new Sci-Fi stories independently. We have made use of our previous narrative writing experiences to support our vocabulary usage and sentence crafting. On Tuesday, Year 6 took part in a STEM challenge day at Soham Village College where their Scientific, Technological, Engineering and Mathematical skills were put to the test. Whilst Year 6 were away, Year 5 completed a mixed skill project day. On this day, we made hedgehog bread, completed mixed media Autumn project boards and worked through an engineering challenge (to design and create an effective catapult) in small teams. In addition to all this, we have also reviewed bar models in Maths, learnt about WW1 in History and had Korfball training in PE.

Week Beginning 1st October 2018


This week, we have been planning and writing a Sci-Fi story in stages. During the writing of our ‘Mission to Melarina’, the children have had opportunities to: plan out the five stages of their story arc; complete a vocabulary capture and craft sentences in various styles, some of which contained some advanced punctuation and structures.



We have continued to look at stories of faith this week but our focus religions have changed. This week, we enjoyed Sikh and Islamic stories which contained morals.


In our Invasion Games unit this week, we used shadowing techniques to improve our ability to intercept a football or hockey air flow ball.


How do we have Day and Night? What causes the changes of season? These are just two questions we have been researching this week?


We have been discussing how to be better learners by developing our listening skills. Through some small group debates, we discovered how to be both a good contributor and a good listener.

Week Beginning 24th September 2018


We have been developing our understanding of number further by looking at negative numbers. We made use of number lines to support this skill. We then applied our understanding when problem solving and looking at reasoning questions. We also created self-marking tests on EXCEL as a way of revising Place Value.


This week’s focus has been to look at Stories of Faith. We have focused on stories about Jesus told in the four books of the New Testament by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.


Year 5 and 6 enjoyed an opportunity to review their dribbling, passing and attacking skills in our Invasion Games unit.

Week Beginning 17th September 2018


We have been demonstrating a more secure understanding of place value this week. We have made use of our place value knowledge to support our activities involving rounding.

Year 6 Choral Day

On Tuesday, children in Year 6 were invited to attend a choral workshop hosted by Kings School in Ely. The vocal coaching was provided by vocal coach/ musical leader/ singer Rachel Staunton and members of the Kings Ely music department. As a group we trained our voices and learnt various songs in the recital room at the Hayward Theatre and the Lady Chapel in Ely Cathedral, before finally giving our concert to parents and onlookers under the Octagon in Ely Cathedral. Those of you able to join us will agree that the final sound our children produced was incredibly impressive, especially remembering that we were some of the youngest children there and learnt all of the words without lyric sheets.



This week’s Science lesson included a knowledge harvest of our current knowledge on the topic of Earth and Space. We recorded our knowledge in a variety of ways to best demonstrate our understanding.

Year 5 in the Explorers’ Area

While Year 6 were at their Choral Day, Year 5 went down to the Explorers’ Area. Whilst there, we enjoyed opportunities create, record (using charcoal) and tell our Stone Age stories around the camp fire. We also tried our hands at crafting shelters from natural resources. Later, we created pots out of clay similar to those created in the Stone Age.

Week Beginning 10th September 2018

NSPCC Workshop

Representatives from the NSPCC visited us this week. They shared their ‘Speak out. Stay safe.’ Campaign with us. Now we are all aware of our rights and responsibilities.


We have continued to use the book ‘Flotsam’ this week to inspire our writing and provide us with opportunities to revise the GPS topics of parts of speech, noun phrases, fronted adverbials and punctuating dialogue.


This week was Biscuit Week in Science. We investigated which type of biscuit made the ‘best dunker’. By following the scientific method, we have given structure to our investigation.


Week Beginning 5th September 2018


Welcome back Year 5 and 6! We have enjoyed our first few days back at school and have settled into our new classes well. This week, we have tried several activities including:


After our initial discussions about Place Value and Number, we investigated combinations of digits using dice.



We began our year in Art by discussing how we combine colours to create tints, tones and shades. We focused on creating tints of a pure colour as a background for our Stone Age artwork.



This year’s English lessons started with some role play. We stepped into some ‘strange scenarios’ and then recorded our ideas from those role plays. Later, we used these ideas to inspire our first piece of writing: a diary entry.


Year 5 and 6 had a healthy start to the year by completing some activity circuits to raise our heart rates in PE.