Mrs Everest – Year 5 and 6

Summer Term 2018

YR 5&6 Topic Web SUMMER

Week Beginning 16th July 2018

This week Owls and Kingfishers have enjoyed their lessons. These are just some of the highlights.

Swimming – Year 5 and 6 have been practising their key skills which feed in to their end of Key Stage 2 assessment. Those skills include showing a range of strokes, swimming 25m and floating as part of self-rescue.

D.T. –Stage and Set Design – This week we have continued to build our stage. We have also been adding extra touches such as a backdrop, puppets and extra scenery. Some of us have even started to write a script.


Explorers’ Area – Year 5 enjoyed their adventurous afternoon on Monday. They explored the trees, the mud kitchen and even made popcorn over the fire.

Year 6 Robotics Masterclass – On Thursday, Year 6 had a visit from an IT specialist who came to teach a coding and robotics masterclass. The children were given opportunities to use a coding program to develop lines of code. These lines of code enabled the movement of their assigned robot. The challenge was develop a solid code which would allow the robot to race around the track. It was a lot harder in practice than it sounds.

Week Beginning 9th July 2018

This week Owls and Kingfishers have enjoyed their lessons. These are just some of the highlights.

Swimming – We used floats this week to immobilise our arms or legs, alternately: this was to encourage us to improve our breast stroke arms and legs.

D.T. – Designing and Making a Stage Set – After deciding on a play, book or movie which inspired us, we designed and started to make a stage set to represent it. We used our measuring and sawing skills to cut the wood to make the initial frame.

Scenario to Writing – We have enjoyed working in role to explore an imaginary island. Whilst on the island, we discovered new and exciting creatures which we then wrote about in English.

Week Beginning 2nd July 2018

Games Morning – Tuesday was Games Morning. Thankfully, the sun shined and we all enjoyed trying out the variety of activities on offer. We also enjoyed our turns in the shaded rest spots.

Transition Mornings – It was lovely to meet the ‘new’ Owls and Kingfishers this week. We had a taster of class life next year by doing some creative writing, playing team building games on the field and completing the raft building challenge in small teams.

Maths Investigation – This week we completed an ice cream investigation. It was important to think carefully about the combinations and to develop a systematic approach to recording them.

Production – Final Performances – The final performances came and went this week. We had an amazing, if somewhat ‘warm’ time on the stage. Thank you to everyone who supported us in the putting on of this production and a big thank you to those who came to watch – even when England were playing!

Week Beginning 25th June 2018

Swim Time – Due to the hot weather this week, we have really enjoyed our sessions in the swimming pool. We had fun trying more moves in Aqua Aerobics. We have also been developing the efficiency of our strokes. Thankfully our teachers also gave us a little bit of free play to help us relax and cool off!

Maths Investigation – This week we tried our hand at a dice investigation. It was important to think carefully about the combinations.

Production Rehearsals – We have been having our final rehearsals for our production – The Lion King – this week. All the children have continued to work incredibly hard to learn their lines and lyrics. We even got to try our costumes on and use our props this week. Thank you Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Burling (and Miss Burling) for all your hard work to get them ready for us.

Week Beginning 18th June 2018

Aqua Aerobics – It was tricky keeping in time during aqua aerobics, but it was lots of fun!

Visits from Sam Davies and Lucy Frazer – Sam Davies from Smarter Transport Cambridge came to talk to us about possible solutions to the problem of too much traffic on the A10. We were also visited by Lucy Frazer MP who explained how the growth of this part of Cambridgeshire would have an impact on the A10.

Geography Project – We have continued to develop our foundation of key Geography skills with a particular focus on mountains, rivers, deserts and tropics of the world.

Production Rehearsals – We are now about a week away from the performances of our production – The Lion King. All the children have worked incredibly hard to learn their lines and lyrics.

Week Beginning 11th June 2018

This week Owls and Kingfishers have been very busy, both in and out of the classroom.

Year 6 have had a wonderful time on residential. They have enjoyed a range of activities: archery, kayaking, abseiling and a trust trail to name but a few. Click here.

Whilst Year 6 have been away, Year 5 have enjoyed their S.R.E. lessons, swimming and the multi-skills project – Anywhere Island.

Week Beginning 4th June 2018

This week Owls and Kingfishers have been very busy, both in and out of the classroom. We particularly enjoyed aquarobics and perfecting front crawl in swimming, joining the rest of the school in ‘Step and Stride’ on Friday afternoon and starting rehearsals for our upcoming performance of ‘The Lion King’.

Week Beginning 21st May 2018

English – We began the week by sharing a Reading Comprehension text called ‘The History of Nintendo’. Inspired by this text, we then spent time researching the history of a topic of our choice. To conclude the week, we used our notes to independently write non-chronological reports which demonstrated how our topic had changed over time.

Maths – This week we have been testing our calculation knowledge to play the game of ‘Totality’. We have also been demonstrating our reasoning skills through the hands on investigations of ‘The Pied Piper of Hamelin’ and ‘Frogs and Lily Pads’.

Science – We have been learning about Newton’s ideas about light and shadow and the difficulties he had with rival scientists namely Robert Hooke. The children re-enacted a play to demonstrate the arguments they had over light and shadow using shadow puppets.

Explorers’ Area – On Monday and Tuesday afternoons, Owl and Kingfisher classes went for an exploratory visit to the Explorers’ Area. Both groups had opportunities to practise their fire lighting skills with Mrs. Burling; to make a S’more with Mrs. E and to explore the wooded area by creating pathways, den building and playing in the mud kitchen. We all had a lot of fun!

Week Beginning 14th May 2018

Year 6 SATs – This week, our wonderful Year 6s have been sitting their SATs examinations for GPS, Reading and Mathematics (Arithmetic and Reasoning). They have approached them with calm tenacity and we couldn’t be more proud of all their efforts. As a reward for their hard work, we have given them opportunities for daily swimming, extra sports sessions and den building amongst other things.

Year 5 Project – Whilst Year 6 have been taking their SATs examinations, Year 5 have completed two mixed skills projects which made use of their calculation, reflection, researching and writing skills.


  • Light – We did some more observations into how prisms can refract white light allowing us to see the visible spectrum. We used different beams of light and different prisms and lenses to see how the light was refracted and reflected. We were also investigating how we see colours. We found that many sweets looked a different colour depending on the filter we viewed them through. We learned that we can see that the carpet is blue because the carpet absorbs most of the colours in the visible spectrum except blue. Blue is reflected back to our eyes and so we see a blue carpet. We then ate the sweets.


Archery Investigation – To further develop our scientific thinking skills, we developed an investigation which queried the link between how far the bow is pulled back and the distance the arrow travels. We had to consider how to manage the many variables to make it a fair test, whilst also working collaboratively with our classmates.

Week Beginning 8th May 2018

In English we have been using drama to help us get to grips with the different character perspectives of the same scene in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. The children enjoyed taking turns at being an interviewing detective, Hamlet, Gertrude (the Queen) and Claudius (Hamlet’s uncle). We later used our understanding of these characters to write comparative diary entries that related to the same scene from the text. The children worked hard to adapt their vocabulary to demonstrate the change in perspective for each character. Finally, we collaborated with our Learning Partners to complete an edit and improve task on these diary entries.

Reading Comprehension – Year 6 completed the final stage of their reading skills review with some pleasing results. This week, Year 5s enjoyed reading a text called ‘Dr. DooDoo and the Dinosaur Poo’. The children then applied their knowledge of the text to answer questions about the text which encouraged them to apply their comprehension skills, especially those of retrieval and inference.

PE – Swimming – We have continued to develop our breathing skills, our Push and Glide and a more consistent and efficient front crawl. Some of us were also able to employ our swimming skills to play a game of Underwater Treasure Hunt.

Science – We have been investigating how a prism affects a ray of light. We shone the light through the prism which refracted the light (causing it to bend). Then as the light left the prism, we saw that the ray of light had split into the colours of the visible spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. In our second investigation we used Newton’s colour wheel to spin all the colours which merged together to make white light, the opposite of the prism, which refracted the light to show the separate colours.


Week Beginning 30th April 2018

Maths – Volume has been our topic this week. We have completed some spatial awareness tasks to better help us understand what is meant when we are asked to calculate the volume of a given shape. From there we learnt the formula for volume and applied the calculation of it to various examples, making them with multi-link cubes when we were unsure.

In English we have been revisiting and developing our Reading Skills, particularly those linked to reading comprehension such as retrieval and inference. This week, Year 5s collaborated to read a text called ‘The Stag’, discussing unknown language and story features as they went. The children then applied their knowledge of the text to answer questions about the text which encouraged them to apply their comprehension skills. Year 6s have also been practising their reading comprehension skills prior to SATs week by focussing on past papers, in particular those challenging 3 mark questions.

PE – This week, we were overjoyed to have some sunshine for our swimming lessons. We continued to develop our breathing skills, our Push and Glide and the first stage of a consistent front crawl.

Science – We have been investigating what happens when light is refracted. In one investigation, we made predictions as to what would happen to a picture of an arrow when held behind a glass of water. In another, we saw what happened when we put a picture underneath a glass and then filled it with water.

Week Beginning 23rd April 2018

Maths – We have been developing our understanding of area and perimeter. We have been exploring different strategies to work out the compound area of unusual shapes, finding the most efficient one for us.

In English we have used drama to help us better understand Shakespeare’s Hamlet. We have also created rhyming couplets of poetry based on the appearance, movement and nature of either a tiger or lion. Using these paired lines of poetry, we have begun to create our own poems in the style of William Blake.

PE – All members of Owl and Kingfisher classes enjoyed their first session of swimming for the year, even though the rain made it a bit wet both in and out of the pool.

Science –To demonstrate our understanding of light and reflection, we created periscopes using old cereal boxes and mirrors. We learnt quickly the important role angles play in the reflection of light.


Week Beginning 17th April 2018

Maths – We have been developing our understanding of measurement by exploring metric and imperial measures. In addition, we have also been consolidating our knowledge of time.

In English we have been developing our reading comprehension skills, especially those of inference and retrieval. We have also begun to read and analyse William Blake’s poem ‘The Tyger’, using it as inspiration when we collected ambitious vocabulary for our own poetry. Finally, in Guided Reading sessions, we have also started to read Shakespeare’s Hamlet.


PE (/ Science) – To recap our learning in Science from last half term (Human Circulatory System), we carried out a series of activities in a circuits lesson to raise our heart rates. We discussed the effect of exercise on our heart rates and set out to prove our predictions when we took a recording our heart rates at rest and after each burst of activity.

Science – We have begun the summer half term by looking at the topic of Light. To understand the role of light when it comes to our sight, we used drama to show how light is reflected in straight lines.

Spring Term 2018

YR 5&6 Topic Web SPRING

Week Beginning 26th March 2018

Topic – (Geography) On Monday, the children from Kingfisher and Owl classes began their final week learning about Spain and Catalonia with a day of food technology. The children prepared, cooked, tasted and evaluated several traditional Spanish dishes. They worked collaboratively in groups to achieve a very high standard of culinary delights, proving they definitely were ‘Stronger Together’! A super day was had by all and special thanks go to Mrs Crick, Mrs Wilson and Mrs Cowan for all their help.

In Mathematics we have looked specifically at coordinates. This week, we have practised reflecting and translating shapes across a mirror line as well as the horizontal x-axis, the vertical y-axis and diagonally on a grid. We have begun to use a grid with four quadrants to do the same, allowing us to use both positive and negative numbers when plotting our coordinates.

Week Beginning 19th March 2018

In English, we investigated the features of Balanced Argument texts. To support our understanding of how to form a balanced argument, we held a whole class discussion based on the statement -‘Accuracy is more important than creativity in writing.’ As a result of this discussion, we were able to sort our arguments in to ‘For’ and ‘Against’ statements and link those statements using contrasting conjunctions and adverbials to form a balanced argument text.

In Mathematics we have continued to explore geometry. This week, we have classified 2d and 3d shapes according to their properties, before moving on to creating accurate nets. We also consolidated our protractor skills – we are getting much better! Finally we developed our understanding of the bar model by using Cuisenaire rods to create different values.


Science – This week we looked more closely at the human circulatory system, specifically the role of the blood vessels and the lungs. We explored the physical changes in our bodies as we inhale and exhale. Finally, we started to identify the main components of our lungs including: the trachea, the bronchus, the bronchioles and the alveoli (air sacs).

PE – Year 5 and 6 have continued their gymnastics units. Year 5 have been exploring how an initial press and go action can lead into individual poses and counter balances with a partner. Year 6 have developed their taught conditioning unit into their own partnered sequence, in some cases integrating apparatus too.

Week Beginning 12th March 2018

In English, we explored the work of Harris Burdick (Chris Van Allsburg) and wrote the openings to mystery stories in response.

In Spelling, we reviewed our spelling lists and used a carousel of Spelling Games to rehearse our knowledge of letter strings and word endings.

In Mathematics, we have been exploring shape. By considering obvious and peculiar examples of common shapes we were able to develop a general statement. Towards the end of the week, we learnt how to use protractors to both measure and draw shapes, culminating in a shape-drawing challenge.

Geography – This week we looked more closely at the geography of Spain and Catalonia, with a specific focus on weather and climate across these regions.

Year 5 Assembly – We developed our speaking and listening skills whilst rehearsing for our assembly on Pablo Picasso.

Week Beginning 5th March 2018

In English, we have continued to review our GPS (Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling) knowledge, with a particular focus on Pronouns. We have also made use of the Story Mountains, created from last week’s homework, to help us focus out short story writing skills. This time we concentrated on including a ‘hook’ in our opening paragraph and building tension through the story build up and climax.

In Spelling, we had an interesting discussion about etymology (origin of words and their meanings) and how we can use it to help us with spelling challenging words, as well as making better use of our vocabulary.

In Maths, we discuss key mathematical terminology, using our experiences to develop and refine definitions for the terms we need to know. We also explored number sequences which led us to create algebraic rules.

Computing – This week we used a game to help us improve our problem solving skills. The aim of the game was for each person to end up holding the correct letters. In doing this, we gained a better understanding of routing and deadlock in networks.

PE/ Gymnastics – In today’s lesson, we have continued to look at ‘Press and Go’ as a mode of transitioning from one balance or specific pose. We have also been consolidating our understanding of ten key individual gymnastic poses. We used our new gym spots to help us review and refine these skills before moving on to paired counterbalances.

Week Beginning 26th February 2018

The ’Beast from the East’ and World Book Day – What a week we have had! Thank you for all the support you have given your children this week to get to school (in spite of the weather) and to participate in World Book Day. It is much appreciated.


In English, we completed our non-fiction report about the great artist, Pablo Picasso, using our pink pens to give a final polish to the finished piece. We have also reviewed some important SPaG terminology and skills in preparation for our practice assessment.

In Maths, we explored the relationship between fractions, decimals and percentages. Using this knowledge, we were able to calculate percentages of quantities. We demonstrated this understanding by creating fact sheets.

World Book Day – What fun we had! On Thursday, Owls and Kingfishers, along with the rest of the school enjoyed participating in World Book Day. We all dressed up as our favourite book characters and showed off our costumes in the assembly parade. After that, parents, teachers and TAs hosted mixed age reading groups around the school, where books we love were shared. Later, in Owl and Kingfisher classes, we looked at the opening chapters of various books – some we knew and some were new to us. We were surprised by how hooked we could become on a story in just a paragraph. We then discussed other books we have enjoyed and created book reviews to share with the rest of the school. We are hoping to turn them into digital reviews soon.

Science – This week we started our new unit on the human circulatory system. We discussed the main components of this system and their individual roles within our bodies. By studying a diagram of the heart, we were able to label its main sections and colour coordinate them to show the movement of deoxygenated and oxygenated blood. In addition, we used drama to help us understand the passage of de-oxygenated and oxygenated blood through the heart and around the body.


Week Beginning 19th February 2018

Welcome back after the half term break. We have had a busy week in Owls and Kingfishers and have enjoyed returning to our topics.

Art – This was our follow-up week studying the work of Picasso. Having learnt about his life and work, we had fun creating our own pieces following the style of his art in either his Blue Period, his Rose Period or when he developed Cubism.

In English, we have collaborated to research about the Spanish artist, Pablo Picasso. We aimed to collect information to help us understand his life as well as the three distinct phases in the development of his style: the Blue Period, the Rose Period and Cubism. We have used this information to draft paragraphs to form a non-fiction report about the great artist.

Playground Games/ House Pancake Race – Friday afternoon saw us host a whole school session for sharing and learning playground games. All children from Foundation to Year 6 took part in activities led by teachers. We had fun learning new games and getting active together. It was a great warm-up before we completed the 2018 House Pancake Race. Congratulations to this year’s winners – Diamond House.

Week Beginning 5th February 2018

We’ve had an incredibly busy week in Owls and Kingfishers. This was our first week looking at the work of Picasso and we enjoyed learning about his life and work. In English, we have continued with our stories and have spent a lot of time editing each stage. Our work in Mathematics has focused on measures and problem solving, including developing our understanding of the bar model.


We hope that you all have a fun and restful half-term. There is no homework but we encourage you to continue reading every day and hope that you might also find some time to look at your spellings and multiplication tables (and maybe even go on Mathletics).


See you all in a week!

Week Beginning 29th January 2018


In Maths this week, Owls and Kingfishers continued their work with fractions. We developed our understanding of the relationship between fractions and decimals, learning how to convert the one to the other. We also tested our skills using appropriate activities on Mathletics.




We continued our Dance unit linked to Electricity by combining our developed moves with Electro Beat music. This was challenging, as it required us to consider the impact of the music on the tempo, dynamic and repetition of our moves.


To demonstrate our previous knowledge of the Apostles’ Creed, we discussed it in comparison to the beliefs of other Christian denominations. In small groups, we then carried out research in to our chosen denomination before presenting that gained knowledge to our peers. We later applied this research in a piece of cross-curricular writing.



This week, we have further developed out SPaG knowledge by reviewing speech punctuation, specifically inverted commas and the placement of a reporting clause. Later, we planned a disaster story using a five stage story mountain and collaborated in our vocabulary gathering prior to starting this task. Now that we have begun to write the first few paragraphs of our stories, we have been able to apply our knowledge of speech punctuation when creating our sections of dialogue. To test our dialogue out, we took turns in acting out a short section to see if it ran smoothly within the narrative.

Speed Stacking Competition

Today, a group of Year 5 and 6 students represented us at the Speed Stacking competition being held at Soham Village College. Despite the delayed coach, the children approached the competition with enthusiasm and great determination. Well done to our 8 competitors – Riley, Emily, Jack, James, Junior, Joshua, Dominic and Olivia.

Week Beginning 22nd January 2018


In Maths this week, Owls and Kingfishers continued their work on calculating with fractions. We also tested our skills on Mathletics.


After revising our practical investigation skills last week, this week we planned an investigation to answer the question: Does wire length affect the functionality of components?


This week, we have used the laptops to complete and send a final draft of our email from the character August (in our class text ‘Wonder’) to his best friend Christopher. We have also been reviewing our understanding of Subordinate Clauses and Subordinate Conjunctions. We used colours to help us identify the independent and subordinate colours in a range of sentences. Year 5 also applied their knowledge of varied sentence construction when completing a piece of creative writing on a visual stimulus. The children collaborated by peer editing each other’s pieces.


We discussed the main beliefs of Christians in RE this week. We reviewed the lyrics of a song to help us discuss our key beliefs and reflected on this in relation to the Apostles’ Creed.


Year 6 worked hard to use their speaking skills when practicing and presenting their assembly.

Music/ PE

We have been looking at appreciating and understanding a wide range of music, including that of Tchaikovsky. Today we combined our Music and PE sessions to listen to and then watch The Nutcracker, as a ballet. The children considered both the musical composition and the dance components.

Week Beginning 15th January 2018


In Maths this week, Owls and Kingfishers continued their work on fractions. At the beginning of the week we applied our understanding of equivalence in order to compare pairs and groups of fractions. We also learnt how to convert between mixed numbers and improper fractions before testing our skills on Mathletics.



Science was great fun this week! In order to revise our practical skills, we planned and carried out an investigation into which paper towel was ‘best’. After coming up with our own conclusions, we looked at each other’s results and discussed their validity.



Our PSHE unit this half-term is on managing risk. Year 5 considered different risks that we might be presented with and whether these risks were worth taking.



In Geography this week, we studied the physical features of Spain and learned about The Pyrenees.

Week Beginning 8th January 2018


In Maths this week, Owls and Kingfishers have been developing our understanding of fractions. At the beginning of the week, we revised finding fractions of a quantity before applying this skill in the context of word problems. We then used our knowledge of factors and multiples to find equivalent fractions.



Having explored circuits in last week’s Science lesson, this week we have demonstrated our understanding of the various components within a circuit and tested our theories about why some circuits did or didn’t work.



We have been playing a variety of games to help us learn words associated with the letter string –ough. Our Grammar learning has focused on Verb Tense, concentrating on the simple, the progressive and the perfect. In writing lessons, we have created a ‘Recipe for Friendship’. This piece of writing allowed us to take a creative approach to the usually more structured instruction writing. We have continued our Guided Reading sessions, focussing on two fiction texts: Sedna: Goddess of the Sea (Year 6) and Day of the Turtle (Year 5).



We have continued our new topic (Stronger Together?) by comparing and contrasting various elements of life in the United Kingdom to those in Spain. These included elements of both human and physical geography.



This week we continue our work on music appreciation and the history of music. We listened to pieces by Tchaikovsky, Chopin and Wagner. We recorded our thoughts and feelings while we listened to the music before explaining which we preferred and why.

Week Beginning 4th January 2018


In Maths this week, Owls and Kingfishers have been revising written methods of calculation. We worked in pairs to plan short presentations on each of the four operations and then used these to teach other pairs. Everyone was very enthusiastic and enjoyed having the opportunity to learn from each other.



Our new ‘Electricity’ unit got off to a flying start this week as both classes got the chance to explore the circuit sets. The groups investigated the equipment and began to ask questions about why some circuits did or didn’t work.



Our new dance unit this term is linked to our science topic. During our first lesson, we improvised electricity-inspired movements considering level, tempo and jumps.

Autumn 2017

Week Beginning 11th December 2017


This week we have continued our ‘Worry Doll’ project. We have now each made a small set of Worry Dolls (out of twisted pipe cleaners and thread to decorate them). The next step in our project has been to make a decorative pouch to keep the dolls in. To help achieve this, we have practised our sewing skills, including threading a needle and trying out three key types of stitch: running stitch, back stitch and blanket stitch.


In addition to reviewing our understanding of Factors and Multiples by playing a whole class game of ‘Stand up Sit Down’. We have also rehearsed our knowledge of square and prime numbers. It has been great to use some Mathletics activities to review our key skills and demonstrate our understanding of the topics covered this term.



In English, we have applied last week’s practice work on the Dr. K. Fisher letters by drafting letters from our own concerned animal creations to send to Dr. K. Fisher, taking care to follow the structure and style. We have also changed perspective and audience by writing a response letter from Dr. K. Fisher. We hope to edit and type a final version of each letter so we can turn them into a bound collection.

Week Beginning 27th November 2017


This week we began our ‘Worry Doll’ project. As it was Anti-Bullying week, we connected our learning to our work in PSHE. Collectively we read the story ‘Silly Billy’ by Anthony Browne and discussed how making and having Worry Dolls had helped Billy to manage his worries. First we discussed the origins of Worry Dolls and their uses. Later we each made a small set of Worry Dolls (out of twisted pipe cleaners and thread to decorate them). The next step in our project will be to make a decorative pouch to keep the dolls in. To help achieve this, we began practising our sewing skills. The initial stages of this included threading a needle and trying out three key types of stitch: running stitch, back stitch and blanket stitch.


In addition to completing our Autumn Maths assessment, we have continued to develop our understanding of Factors and Multiples this week. After we rehearsed our Factor pairs for various numbers, solving oral challenges along the way; we then applied this knowledge to enable us to play a knockout Maths game with our Learning Partner.


In English, we continued our work on the development of our Dr. K. Fisher letters by role playing a visit between our invented creature (developed in this and last week’s Science sessions) and Dr. K. Fisher, where the creature was suffering from a concern and was seeking advice from the knowledgeable kingfisher. We applied this understanding of the letter style we remembered from last week and began to draft ideas for our own concerned animal letters to send to Dr. K. Fisher taking care to follow the structure and style. In addition, we have completed some Reading and Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling assessments to document our progress.


P.S.H.E (Anti-Bullying Week)

It has been Anti-Bullying week. We have enjoyed many activities to help us understand our role in combatting bullying in the world around us. We all joined together in an assembly at the end of the week to share what we have learnt about Bullying and how we can help. Click here to see photos from our end of week celebration assembly.


Christmas Craft Morning

We had a wonderful time working with our friends from other classes to make two Christmas crafts: a festive wreath and a Twirly-gig Christmas Tree. All we needed was a couple of green-painted paper plates, coloured paper, ribbon and, of course, some glitter!  Click here to see photos from the morning!

Week Beginning 20th November 2017


This week we reviewed the system for classification developed by Carl Linnaeus known as the Linnaeus System. We then discussed the characteristics of various groups such as Mammals, Reptiles, Arachnids, Molluscs and Echinoderms. Finally, we used this knowledge of creature characteristics to invent our own new creature. We were able to create a mini fact file detailing its features and then annotate a diagram of the creature to accompany it.


We have been trying to answer the question, ‘Who do people say I am?’ in our last few RE sessions. This question relates to how Jesus and God were spoken about in the Bible and how people relate to them today. This week, we looked at how Jesus has been represented in paintings by various artists. We questioned, ‘How do these images link to descriptive phrases about Jesus in the Bible?’


In English we have been looking at letter writing and decided to link this learning to our Science work by studying the Dr. K. Fisher books. First, we read and analysed samples from the text. We discovered that the creature letters followed a basic formula so we annotated our copies to prove the writing formula worked. Later, we role played a visit between a creature and Dr. K. Fisher, where the creature was suffering from a concern and was seeking advice from the knowledgeable kingfisher. Finally, we applied this understanding of the letter style and created our own concerned animal letters to send to Dr. K. Fisher taking care to follow the structure and style.


Year 5 Assembly

This week Year 5 have spent some time preparing for their assembly. They wanted to share the crossover of the learning between English and PSHE. To demonstrate their performance skills, Year 5 shared both a short play and a piece of performance poetry. The play, which was called ‘The Rainbow People’, linked beautifully into the conversations we have been having in PSHE sessions about prejudice. This is a topic close to all our heart since we started reading the text ‘Wonder’.



In Mathematics we have been looking at factors and multiples. On Friday, we began to look at square and cube numbers. Some of us also had the chance to attempt solving a problem which required the application of this knowledge. If you would like to have a go, you can access the problem here:

Week Beginning 13th November 2017


This week we found out about the system for classification developed by Carl Linnaeus known as the Linnaeus System. We then applied his levels of classification to help us play a fun game of ‘Guess Zoo?’


The invasion of Lindisfarne by the Vikings was our focus in History this week. We enjoyed hearing various accounts of how it occurred depending on whether you were a local Anglo-Saxon or a rampaging Viking. We then went on a fact hunt in small groups to locate the key information about this historical event. We are aiming to make use of our facts by writing a newspaper report about this event.


In English we have been using our editing and proof-reading skills to improve our Harry Potter themed newspaper reports. We found it was useful to colour code or edits and use the resources available to us, such as: sample newspapers; dictionaries and thesauruses. We considered where we could make use of newly learnt structures including relative clauses and use of the passive voice. We also enjoyed the opportunity to be creative when we watched a Pixar short to inspire a piece of narrative writing.

Week Beginning 6th November 2017


We demonstrated our understanding of classification by grouping animals by species and sub-categorising by other factors.


This week we reviewed the Viking raids to Britain. We discussed the timeline for key events in this period and went on a fact hunt for information about Viking Arts and Crafts; Religion and Gods; Jewellery and Clothes and Daily Life at this time. We used the information to create posters or fact files to share our understanding.

Sharing Assembly

We were delighted to share our understanding of Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution during Sharing Assembly this week. We took the opportunity to explain the terms inheritance and evolution, as well as to demonstrate how we included this knowledge within our diary excerpts written from Darwin’s point of view. During this assembly we also shared our work on Aboriginal art. We discussed the presence of specific symbols and how some of us had created dream time journeys within our final pieces.


This week, Year 5 and 6 have been demonstrating their understanding of the phrases: J’adore (I love), J’aime (I like), Je n’aime pas (I do not like) and Je deteste (I hate/ detest). They used these phrases to talk about activities they enjoy and those they do not.



We continued our new PE unit which focuses on Dance. The ongoing theme for this unit is Harry Potter and the music used is ‘Hedwig’s Theme’ taken from the film score. This week both Owl and Kingfisher class enjoyed creating their own choreography for the next 32 beats. We were trying to suggest the control and flight of a broomstick in our series of movements.

Week Beginning 31st October 2017


After our enjoyable art day (with the focus on Aboriginal art) at the end of last half term, the children were given an opportunity to revisit their final paintings. We reviewed the role of symbols and ‘Dreamtime’ stories within the Aboriginal culture and how the children had made use of these ideas in their paintings in varying degrees. Many children concluded that their ‘finished’ pieces actually required further development in the use of colour and tone, as well as the layering of various symbols and shapes.



We have begun to look at a new genre of writing this week – newspapers. We have explored the layout and key features. The children now have a better understanding of the power of a headline and why newspaper reports are ‘front-loaded’ with information. We have all begun to play with the language of headlines. Some of us have even attempted the use of puns.


This week, Year 5 and 6 have been looking into how and why computer networks work. To enhance our understanding of the connections within a network, Mrs. Bowen demonstrated using string to connect us within our own network.


We have begun our new PE unit which will focus on Dance. The ongoing theme for this unit will be Harry Potter and the music used will be ‘Hedwig’s Theme’ taken from the film score. This week both Owl and Kingfisher class enjoyed learning the choreography for the first 16 beats. We were aiming for complete unison of movement across each of the two classes.

Week Beginning 16th October 2017


This week, Owl class enjoyed an art day with the focus on Aboriginal art. As part of this topic we discussed the role of symbols and ‘Dreamtime’ stories within the Aboriginal culture. The children looked at colour and tone within samples of this style of art and noticed the link between the colours used and the pigments found within the Aborigine’s environment. As a class we then experimented with various symbols, shapes and colours before applying these tested skills to create final pieces.


Topic – Our Visit to West Stow

On Tuesday, all of Key Stage 2 went on a visit to West Stow, one of England’s great archaeological sites. At West Stow we enjoyed the extensive indoor galleries and the recreation of an Anglo-Saxon village. It was wonderful to explore the history of this period via a range of archaeological finds; to watch a film about the known history of West Stow and even have an opportunity to dress up as an Anglo-Saxon. Many thanks to Mrs. Hawes for her organisation and to all the adults who gave up their time to accompany us on the trip.

Sports Crew Training

Although our new Year 5 Sports Crew have been chosen, they were unable to attend their training session due to the residential trip. To ensure that we didn’t miss out, last year’s Sports Crew agreed to attend the training in their place and take on the new role of mentors this year. In their roles as Sports Mentors they will pass on the training received from the WSSP leader Ms. Baker. The training consisted of a review of the role of the Sports Crew within school as well as opportunities to share ideas for non-competitive, competitive and inclusion activities to take back to their own schools. The six children who attended collaborated well and showed a fantastic understanding of the Sports Core Values.

Week Beginning 9th October 2017


This week, Owl class have practising multiplying and dividing by 10/ 100/ 1000 (both integers and decimals). We have been finding methods which work well for us but have been focussing on the traditional algorithm for multiplication. Developing our use of calculators has been helpful for self-checking our written calculations.


Owl class have been writing diaries. We began by writing informal diary entries as if we were Harry Potter, the main character in our class reader. We discussed how we could maintain the informal style whilst still including inference (showing the character’s feelings not telling them). As the week progressed we carried out research into the life and work of Charles Darwin. We then used this research to inform our diary writing in role at a time when he set off on an exploratory voyage to the Galapagos Islands. To do this it was important to consider structure, content and the style of vocabulary chosen.

Forensic Science Workshop

On Friday morning, we very much enjoyed our Forensic Science Workshop. Our instructor explained the work of a forensic scientist which led us to discuss our recent learning about DNA. To help us practise our forensic science skills, we had to collect evidence from a crime scene. We used magnifying glasses to seek out finger prints on various objects and made use of tweezers to collect evidence without contaminating it. By combining visual clues along with DNA evidence we were able to identify the perpetrator of the burglary.

Year 6 STEM Day at SVC

On Tuesday morning, Mrs. Everest and Mrs Cowen accompanied Year 6 students to the STEM day held at SVC. We enjoyed a variety of tasks which challenged our mathematical and scientific thinking, as well as our ability to engineer a machine fit for a specific purpose – flight. Beyond this we also enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate in small groups to reason, solve problems and engage with technology.

Week Beginning 2nd October 2017


This week, Owl class have explored different methods to help when rounding decimals. We played a game to reinforce our understanding of decimal ordering. Later in the week we explored column addition and subtraction.



Owl class enjoyed giving individual performances of their own ‘Jabberwocky’ style poems in English this week. We also scanned sections of a Harry Potter text for inference and used our findings to help us write diary entries from his perspective. We collaborated in pairs to edit a diary entry, discussing how best to enhance it. Finally, we made use of our new Grammar Toolkit and constructed different types of sentences.


We have enjoyed many other areas of the curriculum this week such as Evolution in Science, painting and design in Art and reviewing our knowledge of Hinduism in RE.


Week Beginning 25th September 2017


This week Owl class enjoyed taking their recorder playing to the next level in Music by playing a duet. This has assisted their music reading skills.



Year 5 and 6 spent some time this week discussing life in an Anglo-Saxon Village, focussing on where the settlements were usually made and why. We also studied a number of Anglo-Saxon artefacts. In groups we considered what each object was, what it was made from, how it might have been made and who might have used it.



Throughout the week, the children have been reading and performing poetry. We have considered various styles of poetry and adapted our performances to fit. In addition, we have taken a known poem (The Jabberwocky) and adapted it into narrative form, before peer editing to improve our narrative style.



Inheritance, adaptation and the Theory of Evolution have been the key areas for discussion this week in Science. To find out more about one of the significant evolutionary thinkers, Charles Darwin, we carried out an information scavenger hunt. Once as much information as possible had been retrieved about Darwin we plotted it on to a timeline of his life.



This week our exploration of number has led us to explore negative numbers, multi-step calculation and Roman numerals.

Week Beginning 18th September 2017

Explorers’ Area

On Tuesday this week, Year 5 had the opportunity to visit the Explorers’ Area to experience some Anglo-Saxon themed outdoor activities. The children from both Owl and Kingfisher classes experienced various activities including: fire lighting & fire safety; Anglo-Saxon cookery and thumb pot making. The good weather and the new experiences contributed to making it a truly fantastic day for all.


Kings Choral Day

On Tuesday this week, Year 6 were given the opportunity to take part in the Choral Day being hosted by Kings Ely School. Children from a variety of schools in the area were invited to receive choral training from Dominic Peckham. Later they were able to collectively apply the skills he had taught them in a wonderful concert held at Ely Cathedral.



Throughout the week, the children have been: collecting and improving their poetry word banks; playing with poetic language and structure and writing their own ‘Jabbermockery’ poems in the style of Lewis Carroll’s original poem. Within their Learning Partnerships they have begun to edit their stanzas to enhance the language choices and effects of each section.



This week we have continued our theme of ‘Beginning and Belonging’ by discussing our Network of Support. The children considered what a network of support is, who might be part of their own networks and why.



We have continued our work on number this week by exploring number lines and how we calculate when negative numbers are involved.

Week Beginning 11th September 2017


  • Owl class have been looking further at the poem ‘Jabberwocky’ by Lewis Carroll. We have been exchanging his made up, portmanteau words for real words to add clarity to a reading of the poem. Next, we compared the framework of the original poem with a mock version called ‘Jabber-mockery’. We are currently creating poetic word banks to capture a selection of appropriate words on our own themes. These will be used to support our writing of our own mock, Jabberwocky style poems.



  • This week, we have enjoyed a variety of activities related to number and place value. We played a brilliant game with our Learning partners called ‘Beat my Number’ which helped us to consider the value of each digit we placed. We have also been applying our place value knowledge to solve a range of questions, particularly those that challenge our fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills.



  • We have continued our new topic of Brave Beginnings, by finding out more about the various tribes and where they came from. To demonstrate our understanding, we colour coded maps to show their origins and the course they followed to reach the land we now called the United Kingdom. We also considered the key events of this period in history and recorded various events in chronological order on a timeline.


  • In PE this week we continued our OAA (Outdoor and Adventurous Activities) lessons. The focus was on group challenges which required collaboration and problem solving skills. It highlighted for all groups the importance of communication and cooperation.

Week Beginning 5th September 2017


  • This week we have been reviewing our foundation knowledge in Grammar. We discussed the main parts of speech with a focus on identifying and using them. We then identified nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs in Lewis Carroll’s poem ‘The Jabberwocky’. Some of us were also able to identify pronouns, prepositions, determiners and even a relative pronoun. Charlotte also helped us to use our speaking and listening skills when she gave her oral presentation about her family holiday to Crete.



  • Owl class enjoyed a variety of activities which revisited and refreshed our mathematical knowledge and skills. We created Fortune Tellers to assist us with identifying known and unknown times tables. Using 16×16 squared paper, we created multi-coloured symmetrical designs for our Maths books. We also enjoyed finding different ways to explain and record our understanding to solve a maths problem. The teachers questioned us orally about our reasoning as we progressed through each level of the problem.



  • To start us off on our new topic of Brave Beginnings, we completed a KWL chart. We were able to discuss with our learning partner what we already knew about the Anglo-Saxons and what we wanted to spend time finding out about. After that we found out a little bit about how to Roman occupation left Britain and what happened next.


  • In the early part of the week, Owl class played get to know you games and created Owl that represented our personalities. We went on to discuss the expectations of us as Year 5/6 around the school and in our classes when we collaborated to create a class charter. We also discussed target setting, the different zones we work in when we learn best and how best to achieve this in class. We also talked about what makes us a good Learning Partner and completed a drawing activity that encouraged us to give productive and supportive feedback.


  • In PE this week we began a series of OAA (Outdoor and Adventurous Activities) lessons. Although the rain kept us indoors we very much enjoyed our Rainforest Orienteering challenge.