Mrs Lontay  – Year 2

Autumn 2017

Rabbit Autumn Overview 2017

Week Beginning 11th September 2017

This week, in history, we have enjoyed interviewing each other for jobs in a castle. We were surprised how many different jobs there were. None of us fancied being a Gong Farmer though!

In our science lesson, we carried an investigation to find the most absorbent material for mopping up split water.

We tested a range of materials such as micro-fibre cloths, dishcloths, types of paper towel, normal paper and kitchen roll,  and carried out our research using a variety of methods.

However, we all reached the same conclusion – ‘Expensive hand towel paper’ was the most absorbent material.

Week Beginning 5th September 2017

In Rabbit Class this week, we have been very busy learning about place value. We enjoyed working with a partner to create 2-digit numbers in a visual form and then record the value of each digit.

We have also been practising our cursive letter formation and enjoying a speaking and listening activity where we had to follow instructions to colour a picture.