Mrs Lontay – Year 2

Autumn 2018

Week beginning 10th December 2018

Christmas with the Aliens!– Wow! What a fantastic production performed by Ladybirds, Hedgehogs and Rabbits! You all performed beautifully and sang your hearts out. What a treat for us all. Well done!

Week beginning 3rd December 2018

This week in English, Rabbit Class have been learning how to write a Haiku. We wrote these ones about winter.

Then in P.E. we have been developing our ball skills: rolling, throwing, catching and defending.

Week beginning 26th November 2018

This week Rabbit Class have been learning to count money, using both pounds and pence.

Week beginning 19th November 2018

This week, as well as practising for our Christmas performance, Rabbit Class have been learning to subtract 2 digit numbers. We are becoming very good and chose which resources, or drawings, we could use to help us.


Week beginning 12th November 2018

This week Rabbit Class have been learning about sketch maps. First we discussed a sketch map on the board and practiced giving and following directions. Then we looked at and discussed a map of Stretham, before having a go at drawing our own sketch maps of the area around our school.

Week beginning 5th November 2018

This week Rabbit Class have been learning about World War 1. We particularly enjoyed learning about what life was like for the soldiers in the trenches and produced some super writing on the subject.


Week beginning 29th October 2018

We have been very busy in Rabbit Class this week.

In Maths, we have been very successful in learning to add 2 digit and 1 digit numbers and in Science, we have enjoyed learning about Food Chains.

Then in English, we have been using the story ‘The Storm Whale in Winter’ to support our learning. We are becoming experts in identifying expanded noun phrases and have also worked hard to include these in our own writing. We hope you enjoy our descriptions of Noi lost on the ice and our newspaper reports of his recue by The Storm Whale.


Week beginning 15th October 2018

This week Rabbit Class have been learning to make moving pictures. We got our inspiration and ideas for our pictures from our learning about the Polar Regions and Mini-beasts.

Week beginning 8th October 2018

This week in R.E. Rabbit Class, we have been learning about the Elephant being a symbol of good luck to people of the Hindu religion. We enjoyed making and decorating our own elephants to remind ourselves of their importance.

Then in Art, we have been learning to blend pastels in order to create super pictures of the Aurora Borealis.

In English, we have been reading, sequencing and retelling the story of Snow White.

Week beginning 1st October 2018

We have been very busy this week learning about Captain Robert Falcon Scott and his expedition to the Antarctic. We have enjoyed writing and answering questions about the trip, and we also wrote some super diary entries, in role.

Then in our science lesson, we visited The Explorers Area in search of mini-beasts. We had a lot of fun and found all sorts of tiny creatures.

Week beginning 24th September 2018

This week in Maths we have been learning to count from any number, in twos, fives and tens.

We have also enjoyed using stick puppets to retell the story of Hansel and Gretel, as part of our English lessons.

Week beginning 17th September 2018

This week in Geography we have been learning about the Polar Regions, discovering similarities and differences. Some of us were really surprised to discover penguins don’t live in the North Pole!

Then in Science, we have been learning about all sorts of other habitats and how animals live in habitats to which they are suited.

Week beginning 10th September 2018

We have been very busy learning about place value in Maths this week. We particularly enjoyed using Mathletics to support our learning.

In Science, we enjoyed sorting and classifying objects under the headings of Living, Once Living and Never Alive. We were very good at the task and could explain what many objects had once been, or had been a part of.

Week beginning 5th September 2018

Rabbit Class have settled quickly into their new class.  They have really enjoyed creating Autumn inspired pictures using seeds.