Rabbit Topic Overview Summer 2017

Rabbit class have had such a lovely year. All the children have been such enthusiastic learners and have made Mrs Redman really proud. We hope you all have a wonderful summer holiday. Keep safe, have fun and we look forward to seeing you all in September.

Week beginning July 10th 2017

This week Rabbit Class enjoyed a trip to Wicken Fen. We learnt all about how different habitats are adapted to their habitat. We had great fun pond dipping and mini beast hunting. We also made mini beasts out of class and natural materials. When we came back to school we drew and painted dragonflies.

On Thursday we had our Sports Afternoon. We did sprinting races and our class race was an obstacle race. We sat in our house teams and encouraged our team mates. This year Emerald house won.

Today is Bastille day and we have celebrated by inviting parents to help us learn some French phrases and Lucille’s grandma kindly came and read a story in French to us.

Week beginning July 3rd 2017

This week Rabbit Class enjoyed taking part in our Games Morning, Visiting their new class and taking part in the Stretham Steps Sponsored Walk.


Week beginning June 26th 2017

This week Rabbit class have been learning all about Light in Science.

We have explored how shadows are formed and have tested how the distance of light source from an opaque object changes the length of the shadow. We have also investigated which materials are transparent, opaque and translucent.


We have also had our last session in the Explorer’s Area. We have had great fun and would like to thank Mr Froment for helping us each week.


In Art Year 2s have been sketching African musical instrument with charcoal.

In PE Rabbit Class have been working on improving their backstroke technique.

Week Beginning Monday 19th June 2017

Marvellous Maths Afternoon

Rabbit class really enjoying having their parents come in for a fun afternoon of maths activities. Outside Rabbit class could complete the maths trail or play the hoop challenge. In class we could….

  • make 3D shapes from nets
  • find different ways to make the same amount with coins
  • use Lego arrays to write multiplication and division sentences
  • use the geoboards to make different polygons
  • use the laptops to play games on Mathletics
  • play ‘Dicey Additions’ a fun addition game.

Here are some photos of us really enjoying our maths work.


Class Assembly

This week we have been busy rehearsing for our class assembly. We have all worked hard at speaking loudly and clearly using expressive voices. Our assembly was all about our topic Africa. We really enjoyed acting out ‘How Tortoise Broke his Shell.’

Week Beginning Monday 12th June 2017


We have been collecting data and presenting it as bar charts. We have used cubes to make bar charts and drawn bar charts in our maths books. We really enjoyed doing our traffic survey to find out which type of vehicle passed by school the most.


We had watched and listened to the African Myth ‘How tortoise got his broken shell’. We have ordered key events from thee story then practised orally retelling the story in small group in preparation for our writing next week.


We have been trying really hard to improve our front crawl legs this week. We enjoyed playing Pool Duel with floats.

Week Beginning Monday 5th June 2017

Topic – This week we have talked some more about Ghana after our really interesting visit from Mrs Orobour before half term. We watched a video showing people doing Kente weaving and then we had a go and making our own Kente weaving using paper. First we wove the coloured paper, then we added patterns using black pen. After that we wove wool through to add texture. We decided to turn our weaving into a picture of a person wearing a Kente outfit. Here are a few of our finished pieces. Don’t they look great!


Year 2s also tried African drumming this week. We followed simple patterns and explored how the drum could make different sounds depending how and where we hit it. Watch out for some drumming in our assembly which is coming up soon!


Maths – We have been very busy this week collecting data in tally charts, reading information on tables, pictograms and bar charts. On Monday we had super fun investigating different coloured smarties and proving if this statement was true or false. ‘Lisa says red is always the most frequent colour smarties in a hexatube. Is she right or wrong? Can you prove your answer?’ We found that Lisa was wrong in fact we found that out of the 15 tubes of smarties we looked at that red was always the least frequent. We also found out that the number of smarties in a tube varies from 30-33 even though the weight is meant to be the same so we have decided to write to nestle to see if they can explain why this happens.


Explorer’s Area – On Wednesday we ventured to the explorer’s area. We had such an exciting time! We had a fire and made s’mores with Mr Froment, we made Mrs Redman some delicious meals in the Muddy Kitchen and we climbed trees and built dens with Mrs Twitchett and Miss Buck.

Week Beginning Monday 22nd May 2017


Year 3s have been learning all about Rocks with Mr Robertson. They found out how sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks are formed. They tested which rocks are permeable and which are not and they had great fun ‘making’ fossils.



This week Rabbit class have been busy making Savannah pictures with moving parts following the designs they made last week. Their pictures needed to include a lever, a slider and a wheel. Here they are busy making our pictures and there are a few final products for you to see too.


On Thursday this week we were very lucky to have Mrs Orobor visit to talk to Rabbit and Hedgehog Class about life in Ghana for our topic on Africa. She told us all about food, clothes, houses, school, the landscape and she even taught us to say ‘Hello how are you?’

We learnt a lot of really interesting facts and we are all really grateful to Mrs Orobor for giving up her time to come and talk to us.

A lovely summer’s day for posting a letter and going to the shop!

Week Beginning Monday 15th May 2017

This week Rabbit class have enjoyed observing their bean plants and completing their bean seed diaries. We have observed closely and used magnifying glasses to look carefully at the changes in our plant. We’re very surprised how quickly they are growing and next week we will need to plant them outside!


We were delighted to receive replies to the letters we wrote to our new pen pals in Devon. We had great fun reading the letters and sharing them with our learning partners. We learnt lots of facts about our new friends. We hope to write back to them after half term to tell them all about our holiday.


This week has been walk to school week. Rabbit class have made a great effort to walk, scoot, cycle or park and stride to school. Here we are with our class certificate and walk to school week badges.


All of Rabbit class are very busy choosing and completing week home learning tasks. We have really enjoyed sharing things we have made linked to our topic Africa. Here are some things we have been busy making at home!


Week Beginning Monday 8th May 2017


In science we have been enjoying closely observing our bean plants as they grow. We identified the embryo as it popped out of the seed coat and then also the root and shoot as they grew. We enjoyed using the magnifying glasses to closely look at the side branches spreading round the cup from our root.


We have also set up a comparative seed test where we will explore which conditions are best for seed germination.


We have been busy identifying and naming properties of a selection of 3D shapes. Year 3 have also been finding the perimeter of 2D shapes and recording similarities and differences between a range of shapes. We have enjoyed investigating pentominoes and using the computer to sort 2D shapes on Carroll and Venn diagrams.


As part of our topic on Africa we have started to design a Savannah picture with moving parts. This week we made and evaluated levers, wheels and sliders that we can then incorporate in our final design.


We have loved reading the African tale Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughter. We predicted the end of the story in small groups and used freeze framing to present our ideas to the class. They all enjoyed guessing who the character were and what our ending could be.

Week Beginning Monday 1st May 2017


This week have been measuring using mm, cm and m. We have learnt all about equivalent measures e.g. 100cm = 1m   ½ km = 500m.

We have enjoyed estimating lengths and then measure accurately to find the differences between our estimations and the actual measurement.



We have been busy writing up the notes we made about Meerkats into non – chronological reports. We have used our writing checklist to help us make our writing interesting and clearly structured.


This week we have enjoyed learning all about the different physical features of the continent of Africa such as the beaches along the coast, the savannah, the rainforest and the desert. We’ve enjoyed finding out all about the savannah and the wild animals that live in the African grassland. We had great fun making our Safari sunset pictures.


In science we have been making scientific observations of our bean seeds. We are keeping a weekly diary to record the growth of our bean plant. We are drawing careful diagrams and trying to use scientific vocabulary in our writing.

Week Beginning Wednesday 24th April


This week we have finished our letters to our new pen pals at St Andrews School in Devon. We carefully folded them and put them in an envelope and walked down to the post office in the village to post them. We are very excited about receiving a reply.



We have been estimating and measuring capacity and weight. We have had great fun working practically and reading scales accurately. Today we made a magic potion to make Mrs Redman shrink! We had great fun mixing it up we are not so sure Mrs Redman enjoyed drinking it as much!!


We have started learning all about the continent of Africa. This week we watched video clips, researched on the internet and looked in atlases to find facts about this continent. We enjoyed writing fact files using the notes we had made.

Week Beginning Wednesday 19th April

We have been very excited to be back at school this week. We’ve had great fun at playtime being with our friends again and welcoming a new pupil to Rabbit Class.


In English we have been writing letters to children in a school in Devon. We are very excited because on Monday we are going to post our letters. We hope we get some letters back.


In RE we have listened to stories that Jesus told and we have learnt how he was a special person. We really enjoyed talking about we could be good Samaritans and we had great fun making our helping hand booklets.


Knit – a – square project.

As part of KS1 topic on Africa this term we are trying to encourage as many of you as possible to knit-a-square for orphaned children in South Africa.

All squares the charity receive are sewn together to make warm, cosy, colourful blankets for children.

Details on size of square and various knitting and crocheting patterns can be found at http://www.knit-a-square.com/

It would be fantastic if children in other classes would be able to have a go at home at knitting a square too. Maybe mums, dads and other family member could have a go too! All knitted squares to be sent to Mrs Redman please.


Week Beginning Monday 27th March

This week Rabbit class have been busy preparing for Easter. We have listened to the Easter story and watched a lego version of it too. We then used lego to build crosses and tombs like in the story. We have really enjoyed using hatching and cross hatching to make our Easter cards and we are very proud of how they look.


We have also enjoyed making bunches of Spring flowers to remind us that Easter is all about new life and new beginnings. For homework we’ve had great fun decorating eggs. Look at our fabulous designs!

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