Friday 23rd October 2015

12.45pm Lunch time.  Last post – we’ll be on our way home soon!  See you later.

Happy birthday, Tabitha!

Breakfast eaten, sausage, beans and hash browns.

Morning activities

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Thursday 22nd October 2015

9.30pm Owls and Mice over.  Lots of running around in the woods at night and lots of very tired children.  Hot chocolate drunk and heading towards bed.  See you all tomorrow!

6.45pm Tea eaten – pasta bolognese and garlic bread with salad, treacle tart and ice cream.

Just about to go out in the dark to play owls and mice.

DSC00595 DSC00596 DSC00599 DSC00601 DSC00602 DSC00603 DSC00605 DSC00606 DSC00607 DSC00608 - Copy DSC00609 - Copy DSC00611 - Copy DSC00612 DSC00613


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1.00pm. morning activities completed – some pictures to come later.  Lunch – jacket potatoes, with a choice of toppings (cheese, beans, tuna, coleslaw, salad) and some managed to have all the toppings! Followed by a homemade chocolate chip biscuit. Off to afternoon activities – we are so busy it is hard to find time to write this!

9am Breakfast – toast, cereal, scrambled eggs, bacon and waffles!

DSC00585 DSC00586 DSC00587 DSC00588 DSC00589 DSC00590 DSC00591 DSC00592 DSC00593

7.00am. All up.  Some slept well!  All ready for another exciting day.

Wednesday 21st October 2015

10.00pm. Children all in bed and mostly asleep.

8.30pm. Wide game in the dark – lots of torches and running around.  Hot chocolate and off to bed soon.

IMG_2799 IMG_2802

6.40pm  Dinner – Barbecue chicken and wedges, followed by chocolate sponge and custard.  Delicious.


Wow – what a day so far!  Coach arrived and we trekked across the playground, through the puddles and the pouring rain.

IMG_2712 IMG_2714 IMG_2715 IMG_2716

The coach picked up our friends at Downham Feoffees and carried on through the miserable weather to Hilltop.

Lunch was eaten – thank you mums and dads for our lovely packed lunches.  We were very impressed at the generosity of some of our children offering to share their lunch with someone they hadn’t met before from Downham whose lunch seemed to have disappeared between school and Hilltop!

Afternoon activities

In our groups we  did … Orienteering, Assault Course, Tree Top Trail, Abseiling and Climbing.

IMG_2718 - Copy IMG_2720 - Copy IMG_2722 - Copy IMG_2730 - Copy IMG_2730 IMG_2734 - Copy IMG_2750 IMG_2757 IMG_2758 IMG_2767 IMG_2771 IMG_2772 IMG_2777 IMG_2778 IMG_2782 IMG_2784 IMG_2785

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DSC00536 DSC00537 DSC00538

We are looking forward to our trip to Hilltop from Wednesday 21st to Friday 23rd October.


Image result for hilltop norfolk

This is Seaview House, where we will be staying!  From the other side you get a view over the North Sea.