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Summer 1 Homework Tasks

Spring Term


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Autumn Term - Please see attached the 'Year 4 Information Letter'. It explains homework, reading, times tables and forest schooling - I hope you find this useful.

Week Beginning 3rd May 2021

During Art this week, we learnt about Georges Seurat who started a new art movement. We looked at his pointillism artwork and had a go at using his dotting technique with felt tips!

Our vocabulary lessons have been fun this week. We've enjoyed learning our new words - particularly 'rebellious' and how we can use this word in a sentence!

Week Beginning 26th April 2021

We have been very busy with some extra Maths sessions playing arithmetic games related to place value and mental addition and subtraction!

In Geography, we have been learning about France and using maps to identify large bodies of water and countries that border it. We have also used maps to identify bustling, important cities too! We've been learning a lot about France in our French lesson too!

Week Beginning 19th April 2021

It was National Skipping Day Friday so we enjoyed having a go ourselves and getting involved with the Nation's challenge!

We worked very hard in English this week developing characters by combining two animals. We wrote our own character descriptions to go with our painted creatures and will move onto writing our own stories next week.

Week Beginning 12th April 2021

In our vocabulary lesson this week, we learnt the word 'cunning'. We thought about the word pairs and synonyms, and used these to help us write our own sentences!

We began our Science topic 'States of Matter' by sorting materials into solids, liquids and gases.

Week Beginning 22nd March 2021

In PE, we talked about probability with our warm up game and the chance of all three children getting the same option (rock, paper or scissors). In order to become a group, they had to get the same! Were the odds in your favour?

Computing this week was constructing their own Lego designs.

Week Beginning 15th March 2021

We started our volcano collages in Art, thinking about the colours we will stick in the foreground, middle ground and back ground. The picture which inspired us for our collage is from the illustrations in Escape From Pompeii, the book we are using in English.

In our Science lesson this week, we tested our hearing by walking away from a buzzer. When we couldn't hear it anymore, we stopped! We also learnt that sound waves can travel through material - we investigated this by placing a buzzer inside a metal, wooden and plastic box/tin. This surprised some of us and our initial predictions were wrong!

Week Beginning 8th March 2021

In Science, we consolidated our home learning with practical activities to prove how sound is made. It was a lot of fun watching the rice on the speaker vibrate and 'dance' when loud music is played, listening to the hexnut whizz around the balloon and watching the tuning fork create waves in the water from the vibrations, in a ripple affect.

We have been very busy this week practising our static gymnastic positions in PE and completing our star jump personal challenges!

Week Beginning 14th December 2020

We completed our last Egyptian Art project - Jackal Canopic Jars! We enjoyed adding the fine details to make them more striking.

In RE this week, we created freeze frames to represent the Ten Commandments.

Week Beginning 7th December 2020

Badger Class played a variety of language games which they all enjoyed! Even though it was a challenge, everyone worked hard to spell different words and link them together.

In Computing, we finished our Crumble project by programming lights to change colours and flicker.

Week Beginning 30th November 2020

'Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...'

Badger Class enjoyed going outside today to experience the snow and roll snowmen!

In Geography this week, we learnt about the Aswan High Dam along the Rive Nile and we assessed how much of a positive or negative effect it had on Egypt.

Week Beginning 23rd November 2020

Check out our Egyptian necklaces! We really enjoyed designing and making them.

We worked on mentally adding and subtracting single digits efficiently this week. We enjoyed not doing it at our tables...

Week Beginning 16th November 2020

During PSHE we have continued our focus on The Zones of Regulation looking at strategies and tools to help us when we are in the different 'Zones'.

In Science, we used a classification key to categorise invertebrates into groups.

Week Beginning 9th November 2020

We had another great Computing session midweek and we were excited to work with our learning partners to programme our 'Crumble' kits.

In our PE session this week, we did a running sequence of walking, jogging and sprinting to help improve our stamina. We also worked on our agility by having quick feet and swiftly moving between cones with and without a ball.

Week Beginning 2nd November 2020

In Computing, we used 'Crumble' kits with bulbs, wires and a microcomputer to turn a light on under a lantern.

This week in Geography, we used an atlas to find different European countries.

Week Beginning 19th October 2020

This week we finished another Art project - clay cartouches! We've learnt that a cartouche is a nameplate that goes on an Egyptian sarcophagus. We planned, created and painted our clay cartouche using bright Egyptian colours. The symbols on our nameplates are our initials in hieroglyphs.

In Science this week we learnt about food chains and the subject specific vocabulary that goes with it! We must not forget that the arrows in a food chain represent the energy being transferred.

Week Beginning 12th October 2020

This week during English, Badger Class wrote instructions on how to mummify a tomato. We had a go ourselves in groups which helped us to remember the process! We will check them before half term to see if there has been any changes to the tomatoes or not...

Half way through the week, we practised adding together 3 random numbers to practise our mental calculations. They worked hard under the tables!

Week Beginning 5th October 2020

Throughout this week and last, we completed two Art projects. We finished our Egyptian style paintings on our papyrus paper and completed our Pharaoh hats! We think our headdresses make us look regal.

In Science, we are learning about digestion. We used actions to help us remember the main functions of the different organs from the start of digestion to the end.

Week Beginning 28th September

What is the effect of different soft drinks on eggshells?

We learnt that the shell of an egg is quite like the enamel of our teeth as it is made from similar calcium minerals. Because of this, we investigated the effects of different soft drinks on eggshells. We recorded our findings after leaving hard boiled eggs in various soft drinks for 48 hours - the results shocked us! Maybe some of us will stick to drinking water or milk instead of those acidic, sugary juices!

Our English this week was linked to PSHE, learning about 'The Zones of Regulation'. In these sessions we discussed our feelings and shared our experiences of when we have felt different emotions. We categorised these emotions into 'Zones' and this will help us to understand our feelings. It is OK to be any of the Zones and feel any emotion.

Week Beginning 21st September

In our English text, 'The Egyptian Cinderella', there was a tree described which the children hadn't heard of... A fig tree. Consequently, the English lesson that followed was taste-testing a fig and writing down our own descriptions of the delicious, sweet fruit as an expanded noun phrase! I can assure you, their expanded noun phrases describe their expressions perfectly, with the majority liking it!

In Maths this week, we dove into addition and subtraction using our knowledge of place value. We were using both mental strategies and physical representations to solve problems.

Week Beginning 14th September

'The Egyptian Cinderella' is the text we are working from this half term in English and we had a go at sequencing the events of the story. We wrote sentences to summarise these key events.

In our Science lesson this week, we explored our mouths! We learnt about the names and functions of the different teeth in our mouths. Did you know that digestion actually starts in your mouth?

What an amazing first week Badgers! You should all be proud of yourselves. We have hit the ground running and have learnt so much already. 

Art - We learnt that the Ancient Egyptians created paper from the papyrus plant. The term paper originates from the word 'papyrus'. We recreated our own versions of papyrus paper using brown craft paper, glue and water!

Maths - We completed many different challenges this week, one being Pentominoes! The children cut out their shapes beautifully and worked hard to arrange them into their grids by rotating and reflecting the puzzle pieces. They took them home to continue their challenge... Anyone who completes it, should upload it to Seesaw for a raffle ticket!