Stretham Community Primary School


Hedgehog Class

Summer Term Overview and letter

Week beginning: 4th May 2021

This week we have been learning about the animal group of mammals. Our story in English was all about a mammal - a very colourful elephant called Elmer. We enjoyed designing our own elephant masks and painting & collaging our designs to make them. At Forest School on Friday, we took our masks down to 'the jungle' and enjoyed celebrating our own 'Elmer Day'!

Elmer was very special as she was so different from the other elephants. In PHSE we thought about how we are all different and all very special. We did some fabulous writing about how special we all are and have made a wonderful display in the classroom.

In Maths this week, we have been exploring weight, comparing and measuring the weight of different objects using balances.

Week beginning: 26th April 2021

In our PSHE this week, we have been thinking about how to be a good friend. We thought of all the characteristics that make a good friend, mixed them together in a bowl and then drew a picture of our friends at school, thinking about what makes them a lovely friend.

In Computing, we have been using Word to write sentences and have learned how to save our work; this week we edited our sentences, changing the font and font size.

In Geography, we have been looking at a map of the world. We have learned the 5 oceans and the 7 continents.

Week beginning: 19th April 2021

We have started our new topic this week 'Animal Antics!' We have been learning all about Fish this week and our story in English has been 'The Rainbow Fish', by Marcus Pfister. We have written thought bubbles for characters in the story and realised that sharing is really important, just like the Rainbow Fish learned in the story. In PSHE we thought about how we can be kind and share with our friends and in Art, we collaged our own Rainbow Fish!

We have been working SO hard in Maths, consolidating our understanding of Place Value and using it to help us with our addition calculations. We have got so much more confident working out missing numbers in addition sentences.

In Music, we have enjoyed exploring the instruments and learning their names. We described  the different sounds they made and worked out which made watery sounds.

We had such a wonderful time at Forest School on Friday; the sun shone and we had a great time exploring, playing, looking for signs of spring and investigating the wildlife in the pond!

Week beginning: 12th April 2021

What a busy week we have had in Hedgehog Class! We have been learning about plants and seeds this week. We have planted lots of seeds: beans in bags, cress on cotton wool and wild flower seeds in our tyres and pots in the courtyard. We can't wait to watch them grow!

We have read the Fairy Tale 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and enjoyed comparing it to two other similar stories...'Jim and the Beanstalk' and 'Jack and the Meanstalk'. Hearing these stories inspired us to write our own beanstalk stories.

In Maths, we have been working very hard to consolidate place value; we have been identifying the tens and ones in different numbers, adding and taking away one and ten. We are so much more confident now.

Week beginning: 22nd March 2021

This week, in Hedgehog Class, we have have had a lovely week learning all about Easter. We have read the Easter story and written our own super sentences to retell the story, learned about some Easter traditions, made Easter cards and really enjoyed making our own Easter gardens. On Friday, we had our own school Easter tradition of an Easter egg hunt (thank you PSA Easter bunny!). Happy Easter everyone!

Week beginning: 15th March 2021

This week Hedgehogs really enjoyed carrying on with Science week activities; we explored how we could make some dirty water cleaner. We had some brilliant ideas and all enjoyed trying them out, making our own water filters.
This week we have been learning all about the season of Spring. We went on a Spring walk, looking for lots of signs of Spring and we then wrote some wonderful Spring poems, carefully drew some daffodils and created some lovely delicate fingerprint flowers. 
We have also been practising cutting using a knife and fork, so that we can cut our own food in the hall at lunchtime. We are all trying so hard.
Here we are dressed up as superheroes on Red Nose Day! We had a fun day and look fantastic...

Week beginning: 8th March 2021

What a fantastic week we've had all being back in school, and a very busy one too! We have continued to celebrate World Book 'week'; we have listened to lots of different stories, read books in our reading den, used the puppet theatre to act out stories, made our own book marks and character masks, as well as sequencing events in a story and writing some super sentences! Wow!
We have also been celebrating Science Week; this year the theme is 'innovating for the future'; we have been busy thinking about brilliant inventions and then creating our own robots to help us or the world. Here are some of our inventions; there is a robot to help give people jabs against Coronavirus, a robot to catch thieves, one to make endless chocolate biscuits and  a 'drinking-bot' to make you drinks when you're thirsty! Aren't we inventive!

Hedgehogs Home Learning during lockdown

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Autumn Term Learning

Week beginning 14th December 2020

What a lovely festive week we've had in Hedgehog Class. We've had some very mischievous elves in our classroom, getting up to all sorts of tricks! We have been very busy making Christmas hats, playing Christmas bingo, carol singing with the whole school on the playground, watching our nativity and then on Friday had a special visit from Father Christmas in our school zoom assembly - we were so excited! On Friday we enjoyed a little Christmas party, playing games and finishing with our Christmas dinner. Wow!

Have a fabulous Christmas everyone!

Week beginning 7th December 2020
We have a very busy week this week, rehearsing and recording our Christmas nativity 'The Dinky Donkeys'. We can't wait to share it with you but here is a sneaky peek of some photos...
In Computing we were learning to use a mouse to point, click and drag objects around a screen.
And we all looked very festive on Friday wearing our Christmas jumpers...
Week beginning 30th November 2020
In Maths this week, we have continued exploring numbers to 20, working out one more and one less and comparing numbers using the greater than, less than and equals signs. We then challenged ourselves to use the signs to compare addition and subtraction sentences.
We have been learning about the Christmas story this week. We have written our own little books of the story and made wonderful nativities using lolly sticks!
What a treat on a Friday snowed! We had great fun on the field playing in the snow.
Week beginning 23rd November 2020
In Maths this week, we have been ordering numbers up to 20. We have then been looking closely at the numbers 10 - 20, noticing patterns and working out how many tens and ones are in each number.
In our phonics, we had fun learning 'aw' and 'au' this week. We made our own bingo cards and enjoyed playing a game! "Eyes down for a full house...!"
We've really enjoyed our Christmas craft week this week, making lots of lovely decorations ready to decorate the school next week! We loved listening to some Christmas songs whilst we worked and there was even some impromptu dancing! Christmas is definitely coming in Hedgehog Class!!
Week beginning 16th November 2020

We have been very creative this week in Hedgehogs...


We have been learning about the four countries of the UK. Having looked at lots of Scottish tartans we then enjoyed designing our own tartan and weaved paper to create our patterns. We had to really concentrate!

We have also enjoyed printing some of the tricky words we are learning to read and spell.
In Computing this week, we have been learning to program the computer to make choices.
In Maths, we have been learning more about 2D and 3D shapes. We have been on shape hunts and enjoyed thinking of different ways to sort shapes, explaining our reasons.
Week beginning 9th November 2020
This week we have been thinking about a soldier's adventure. We walked to find the two war memorials in Stretham and read the names of the 24 soldiers who died in WW1 and the 11 who died in WW2. We have been fascinated thinking about the journey and adventure they might have had.
We enjoyed making our own poppies to remember the soldiers who died.
On Friday afternoon we had a wonderful time exploring in Forest School. Look at the fun we had...
Week beginning 2nd November 2020
We have had a wonderful week back at school! We have had lots of fun learning about Guy Fawkes and Bonfire night. We enjoyed firework dancing in PE and doing amazing firework paintings...
In Maths we have been practising subtraction. Today we were maths detectives, looking carefully for the signs that tells us whether we add or subtract! We made very good detectives!