Stretham Community Primary School


Kingfisher Class

Week Beginning: 3rd May 2021

It's been a busy week: In Science, we have begun to think about thermal insulators and conductors. After reading the next part of our class text, 'Rain Player',  we used emotive language to write diary entries in role as Pik. In PE we have continued to develop our skipping skills by working in small groups to practise running in and out. Some of the groups even managed to get more than one person skipping at the same time.

Week Beginning: 26th April 2021

In Science this week, we continued to investigate dissolving - this time looking at whether the temperature of the water would affect how quickly salt dissolved. We practised using thermometers to accurately measure the temperature of the water.


In English, we have been continuing our work on 'Rain Player'. This week our focus has been on writing dialogue. At the end of the week we used peer assessment to check whether our writing had all the necessary features.

Week Beginning: 19th April 2021

We have really enjoyed our lessons this week. In Science, we began a new unit on materials and to get us thinking we carried out an investigation into dissolving. We were quite good at predicting whether each of the mystery materials would dissolve or not but a few of them surprised us.


Friday was 'National Skipping Day 2021' and during our PE lesson we worked hard on our skipping skills. We are going to continue this work next week and work towards getting individual bronze, silver or gold awards.

Week Beginning: 12th April 2021

The first week of the summer term has been busy, busy, busy! You can find out about what we will be learning during this term by taking a look at our termly overview:

In PE this week, we have been working on our sprinting technique. Although some of the drills seemed a little strange, it helped us to think about our position and technique, reading for timing our sprints next week.

Week Beginning: 22nd March 2021

The final week of term has been a busy one! As well as completing assessments, we finished learning our bhangra dance in PE, found out what happened to Hamlet during our English lessons, learnt about the relationship between fractions and decimals in Maths, and so much more!


During our PSHE lessons this week, we reflected on the past year and how we have been affected by the pandemic. We then chose how we wanted to present those experiences, both the positive ones and the negative ones. It was really helpful to share our feelings with each other and, although we didn't manage to finish all of our posters, everyone was very enthusiastic about this task.

Week Beginning: 15th March 2021

It's been another busy week in Kingfisher Class. We have continued to enjoy reading Hamlet and can't wait to find out what happens when we finish reading it next week. Each day this week, we have taken part in the '60 second challenge' which has been both fun and exhausting. We are much better at star jumps now.


In Science, we have been comparing life-cycles of insects and amphibians. We learned about metamorphosis (including how to say it) and completed a group activity which challenged our memory and team-work as much as our scientific knowledge!

Week Beginning: 8th March 2021

We have really enjoyed our first week back together in school - especially as it is British Science Week: we have loved learning about different insects in order to design our Robobugs. We also spent some time improving the design of a paper plane to see if we could adapt it to make if fly further.


In English, we have continue the work on Hamlet which was started during lockdown. It was really great to be able to do some drama to explore some of the key events in the story so far.

Kingfishers Home Learning during lockdown

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Autumn Term Topic Web

Topic web to download

Week Beginning: 14th December 2020


In history this week we were performing some Roman drill manoeuvres using the shields we have been making over the past few weeks. The children followed commands such as 'silente!' (silence!) and 'ad signa!' (fall in!) They then formed the 'cuneum' (wedge) and the 'testudo' (tortoise). 

As you can see from the pictures, we now have an excellent Roman legion.

Week Beginning: 7th December 2020


This week we finished our Science unit on forces. We enjoyed look at various mechanisms and were surprised at how much easier some things became! 

Week Beginning: 30th November 2020


Another busy week in Kingfisher Class. We really enjoyed using the bikes to explore friction on Thursday and, obviously, playing in the snow on Friday!

Week Beginning: 23rd November 2020


We've had a fantastic week of learning in Kingfisher Class. In History, we learnt about Roman Gods and Goddesses by playing a memory game. We then spent some time completing our fantastic Roman shields.

In English, we enjoyed a DLG using our class text: There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom. We enjoyed discussing the main characters, including their thoughts, feelings and character development.
We continued our work on forces in Science. To help us better understanding the effect of air resistance, we carried out a quick experiment with large sheets of card. Apologies for the blurry photos... we were moving very fast!

Week Beginning: 16th November 2020


This week, 17 children in Kingfisher Class have taken part in Bikeability training. They all achieved either a level 1 or level 2.

Week Beginning: 9th November 2020


We have finished our Venetian masks. I think you'll agree that they look fantastic!

On Monday, we had a Zoom visit from Phil and Nina at Ely Museum. Phil dressed in the armour of a Roman soldier and Nina told us about Roman artefacts which Mrs Hawes had previously collected from the museum. The children really enjoyed their virtual Roman visit and asked lots of great questions.
In RE this week, we listened to several pieces of music where musicians over time had expressed their feelings through music. The children then made their own musical compositions to express different feelings and emotions.
We have continued to learn about forces in Science; this week our focus was on gravity. We learned about the difference between weight and mass before choosing objects about the class to investigate. It was hard to remember the difference between weight and mass but everyone worked hard to develop their understanding.
Friday was our first lesson of our new Jumanji dance unit. We explored different kinds of movement and staying in time with the beat before trying out some ideas for the opening to our dances.

Week Beginning: 2nd November 2020


We have finished our Venetian masks. I think you'll agree that they look fantastic!

On Wednesday we had a fantastic time in the Explorers' Area even though it was a bit chilly!
In Science, we had our first lesson on Forces. Can you identify the different forces at work in these pictures?

Week Beginning: 19th October 2020


We really enjoyed creating Harvest Wreaths and then taking part in our whole school Harvest Assembly on Friday morning (via Zoom).

Week Beginning: 12th October 2020


This week in Art we applied the base coat to our masks, ready for the decorative details next week. As you can see, they are already looking pretty great.

In PE, we have been training to improve our long distance running. On Friday we tested ourselves by seeing how far we could run in 10 minutes. We agreed that both our stamina and resilience had improved in the weeks we had been training and can't wait to see how far we can run when we try again in six weeks!
We have continued to develop our understanding of Microsoft Teams. We have been using it in English to plan our Jumanji-inspired stories (which we will be writing next week). Lots of us have enjoyed being able to continue with our work at home.
Our work on the Romans has continued during History this week. We learnt a lot during our research into Roman forts.

Week Beginning: 5th October 2020


It's been another busy week in Kingfisher Class and we are really proud of our achievements, particularly in Art (our Venetian masks) and English (the beginnings of our class story). We have also developed our understanding of traditional written algorithms in Mathematics, using place value counters to support our thinking, and have learned how to use Microsoft Teams to edit a piece of work and share it with our teachers. 

Week Beginning: 28th September 2020


What a great week we have had! Our work on Venetian masks in Art has continued: this week we finalised and edited our individual designs. In PE, we have worked on our long-distance running. We considered pace and effort, taking part in a variety of activities designed to help us understand how we can run for longer periods of time without stopping. Our work on human growth and development in Science led us to learning about human growth before birth - we were surprised by lots of the facts we learned and particularly enjoyed sharing our baby pictures with each other.

Week Beginning: 20th September 2020


We have had a busy couple of weeks in Kingfisher Class. In Geography, we have been learning all about Italy as well as improving our skills when using maps and atlases. We also began work on our Venetian masks; we really enjoyed looking closely at the examples.


Finally, at the end of this week we learnt how to use powder paints properly. Lots of us were surprised by how tricky this was and got frustrated. However, everyone showed great resilience and the final paintings were great.

Week Beginning: 7th September 2020

We have really enjoyed our first week as Kingfisher Class. Everyone has been getting stuck into their learning, both independently and working together.


In English we have been reading 'Tuesday' by David Wiesner and, after completing some drama in role, we wrote some imaginative diary entries.


Our Music topic this term is 'History of Music' and we began with a challenge to get us thinking. Mrs Lund asked us to listen to nine pieces of music and then put them into chronological order according to when we thought they were composed. Some of the pieces we recognised but others were unfamiliar and therefore posed a greater challenge.