Stretham Community Primary School


Otter Class

Week beginning 3rd May 2021

In Science, we have been learning about skeletons.  We have compared animals with exoskeletons, those with endoskeletons and those with a hydrostatic skeleton.  This week, we had a go at drawing the skeletons of various animals, which required us to look very closely!

In Maths, it's been fractions, fractions and more fractions this week!  We have been getting our heads round equivalent fractions, comparing fractions and ordering them. smiley

Week beginning 26th April 2021

This week in Geography, we have been exploring Paris using Google Maps to see all the main tourist destinations and famous landmarks.  It was very exciting and almost felt like a city mini-break!

Week beginning 19th April 2021

What a lovely way to start the week!  We really enjoyed working on our racket skills in the sunshine. 

In Geography, we had to hunt around the classroom for 16 facts about Paris.  We had great fun finding the information in unusual places.  We had a quiz at the end of the lesson and we all knew a lot more about Paris by the end of the afternoon.

Week beginning 12th April 2021

At the end of last term, we finished our 3D recreations of Hokusai's 'The Great Wave'.  We were very pleased with them.

During our Guided Reading sessions, we enjoy a carousel of activities which include reading in a group with the teacher, reading a book of our choice, answering questions about a short text and listening to a story CD.

Week beginning 22nd March 2021
We have been exploring the properties of different rocks as part of our Science.  We tested rocks for their permeability, durability and density.
In Maths this week we have been working with a partner to explore 'equal' and 'unequal' in various ways.
Week beginning 15th March 2021
In Geography, we have been learning about volcanoes. earthquakes and tsunamis.  This week, we created our own mini-coastlines, complete with model houses, and then watched them get washed away by our very own mini-tsunamis. 
We also had great fun on Tuesday taking a closer look at soil. We did lots of digging and found over 30 earthworms!! We all had a look at the frogspawn in the pond too.
Week beginning 8th March 2021
We have already had a busy and exciting time back in school. It's great to be back! smiley To celebrate British Science Week, the theme of which this year was 'Innovation', we considered various inventions of the past and possibilities for the future.  We looked at the invention of the parachute and all had a go at making one! 
Plus here we are trying out our new 'Spring into Action' challenges!

Otters Home Learning during lockdown

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Week beginning 14th December 2020
Well it's been a busy final week to this term! Here we are in festive crowns that we made to wear to our special Christmas lunch.
As well as carol singing in the playground with the rest of the school, in Otter Class we also enjoyed playing along to some Christmas songs with the boomwhackers!
Week beginning 7th December 2020
Another enjoyable trip to the Explorers' Area!
Week beginning 30th November 2020
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!
In PE, we continued to work on our ball-handling skills.  Our focus this week was 'control'.  We had to pass to a partner, showing control, while moving to a space.  Then we worked on our accuracy and learned how to use our arm to help us aim.  This helped us play a fun game of trying to knock over the cones to win points.  We were concentrating so hard we didn't notice the rainbow above us!!  Can you spot it?
Week beginning 23rd November 2020
In Science, we have been learning about magnetism.  Last week, we had a lot of fun exploring the properties of magnets.  We learnt that magnets have a north pole and a south pole; if you bring a north pole and a south pole together, they attract and the magnets stick together, whereas if you bring two north poles or two south poles together, they repel and the magnets push each other away.  This week, we carried out an investigation to find out which materials are magnetic and which are not.  We were quite surprised to find that not all metals are magnetic.  Here are some photos from the last two weeks of Science.
In Geography, we have continued our journey along the Nile and we have learned about the Aswan High Dam.  We had to search the classroom for facts about the dam and then decide if they were a positive or negative effect of building the dam.  We then had a class vote to decide on our final decision. 
Week beginning 16th November 2020
We started this week with our pyjama day!  Otter Class have worked together to fill our pebble jar and this was the reward.  
Here's some more of our Autumnal artwork!
Week beginning 9th November 2020
In English we have been using a fantastic storybook, 'The Egyptian Cinderella' by Shirley Climo, to develop our vocabulary, writing skills, drama and even debating skills! One of our activities this week was to consider statements about the ending of the story and decide whether they were for or against the argument that the ending was happy - it made for a very lively debate! 


We began our Autumn Art by sketching leaves. We used different sketching pencils to show our shading techniques.
Week beginning 2nd November 2020
What a busy week we have had! We started a new topic in Science - Forces and Magnets.  This week we explored forces using toy cars!  We learnt that forces make objects move, speed up, slow down, change direction or stop.  We also compared how the cars moved on different surfaces.  
Here are some highlights from our PE lesson this week.  We are working on ball-handling skills.
Week beginning 19th October 2020
We had a wonderful time in the Explorers' Area this week: making dens, investigating the wildlife, creating mud faces, singing and making tortilla pizzas on the fire!
Week beginning 12th October 2020
This week we have been learning about daily life in Ancient Egypt and we discovered that they ate a lot of bread! We decided to try out a recipe for Egyptian bread.  Here we are making, tasting and evaluating our efforts.
Here is the recipe we used if you want to try it at home.
We also found out that the ancient Egyptians liked playing board games.  We had great fun playing one of them - Mehen (which was named after the ancient Egyptian snake-god).  For this game you need the Mehen board, which is a coiled snake divided into squares, marbles and lions playing pieces and also throwing sticks, which were used instead of a dice.