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Owl Class

Please visit this page regularly while the school is closed. From Monday 23rd March, Class teachers will be providing daily learning activities for your child to explore. 


In addition to these daily activities, please ensure your child also:

- reads/shares a book

- gets at least half an hour of fresh air (if well enough to do so, following government guidelines)

Week Beginning 29th June

I hope you had a wonderful weekend Owl Class. It was lovely to see you for the photographs. I look forward to seeing what you will achieve through this week's Home Learning tasks. Don't forget to share something of your learning via Seesaw! It really brightens mine and Mrs. B's week to hear from you all smiley

Week Beginning 22nd June

Welcome to this week's Home Learning! I really loved your responses to last week's tasks. Dylan's creative rocks and Alex's Flipped Fairytale were highlights, amongst so many others. Well done for making such an effort! The video message from Amy and Ashleigh put a smile on my face too! Please try to share at least one piece of learning or something that you are doing of your own choice via Seesaw each week. It is a lovely way for me to see what you are doing and give you some advice or extra challenges. I really enjoyed finding out about the new book that arrived in Dylan's house and Alex's building project this week. I have attached the Home Learning document and resources as usual for this week. Read the instructions carefully and give every activity your best effort. I know it is a frustrating and still somewhat uncertain time for you all but try to stay positive. Do what you can and engage with all the activities to the best of your ability. Keep smiling and being your usual 'owl-some' selves. Have a great week, Mrs. E smiley

Week Beginning 15th June

Good morning Owls! You shared some super approaches to last week's learning tasks via Seesaw. Thank you. Take a look at the Home Learning document and the attached resources for this week. Some activities have additional resources which you will find on Seesaw but I have made a note of that where appropriate. Please look carefully at the advice for each day as many of the activities are interlinked this week. Friday will be a much more creative and open approach to your learning. If some of the activities are not possible, feel free to adapt them or try something else that fits into the same skills set. Please keep your eyes open for information coming to you from your secondary schools about transitions and next year. They have all said that they will be making contact via email or on the telephone in the next few weeks. Have a wonderful those at home...we miss you all hugely! Mrs. E smiley

Week Beginning 8th June

Welcome to a new week of learning Owls! Some of us will be doing our learning in school and some of us will continue to learn from home. Whichever 'bubble' you fit into, please try to bring your motivation, enthusiasm and 'your best'. I know it all feels really strange still but please remember how proud Mrs. B and I are of you all. We have loved seeing all your learning via Seesaw and are hoping that you will continue to show us what you are doing. We are hoping to share a bit of what we will be doing at school with those of you remaining at home so that even though we will be apart, we can still be together. Have a wonderful week and enjoy the learning I have set you in the Home Learning document :) 

Week Beginning 1st June 2020

Welcome back after half term Owls! I know it must have felt a bit strange not being able to enjoy a 'normal' holiday but I hope you made the most of the time with your family and the glorious sunshine...I know I did! Please take a look at the home learning tasks I have set you for this week. There are some activities which have attached documents, some which can be done onscreen and some which have templates to use and send back to me on Seesaw. If you have any questions, please ask. If you haven't sent in your yearbook baby photo or the two comments Mrs. B and I have asked for, please do those this week. As always, please do you best with your home learning but please make time to read, exercise and get outside with your family. Mrs. B and I miss you all very much and are looking forward to seeing some of you on the week beginning 8th June. Take care, Mrs. E smiley

Week Beginning 18th May

Hello Year 6 and welcome to Week 5 of the Summer Term. Well done for all you did last week. I really enjoyed what you shared with me via Seesaw. Remember if you chose to do the 2019 SATs and haven't shared your raw scores with me yet, please do then I can help you to figure out your scaled scores. Many of you said during our telephone chats how much you wanted to see how much your scores had improved. Those of you that did share them already - a big well done - excellent scores all round. What superstars you are! I also loved seeing your creative task efforts too - the 'Dress up your toilet' and 'Musical' activities seemed to be favourites. Now, take a look at the daily activities I have planned for you for this week. There are a range of tasks including some skill revisiting, creativity and challenges. I have set some of them as scheduled tasks via Seesaw and I look forward to seeing your efforts. If you haven't emailed in your yearbook baby photo or your two comments for the yearbook yet, please do so ASAP. We really want to make sure that everyone features in it. The message about this was in your announcements in your Seesaw Inbox last week.  Mrs. Cowan and I will keep recording our story videos so keep an eye out for those too. As ever, stay safe and smile. Best wishes, Mrs. E smiley

Week Beginning 11th May

Hello Year 6! I know this is not the week we were planning but take a look at the activities on offer this week...hopefully they provide an appropriately challenging distraction. There are quite a few options and resources so make sure you look carefully at the attached documents and the instructions in the Home Learning overview document. I look forward to seeing the learning that you would like to share with me via Seesaw. As always, stay safe and keep smiling. Mrs. E smiley

Week Beginning 4th May 2020

May the Fourth be with you all! Sorry, I couldn't resist the terrible Star Wars joke. 

I hope you had a good weekend Year 6. Thank you to those who have sent their learning to me via Seesaw; I have really enjoyed giving you some feedback. If you haven't shared anything yet please try to share something this week. Please remember that I don't expect you to share every piece of learning that you do - just the pieces that you are really proud of or those on which you would like some specific feedback. When sharing your learning with me, please share it as a response to this week's note, that way it will be stored on the correct folder in Seesaw. We should be uploading work to the Week 2 folder this week. Take a look at this week's Home Learning document for your daily tasks and keep an eye out on Seesaw for some special videos too. As always, do your best and stay safe. smiley

Week Beginning 27th April 

Well done for logging into Seesaw last week! It has been lovely to see photographs and videos of what you have been doing at home so far. Don't forget to send me any learning that you are particularly proud of or if you would like some feedback. Please look at this week's Home Learning document and activity links/ documents. This week, sees the release of a book called The Book of Hopes. It has been compiled by author Katherine Rundell and is a collection of materials from well-known authors and illustrators to help comfort, inspire and entertain us during the lockdown. It is free to download. Here is a link:

Remember if you have any questions or concerns, email the school office and I will be in contact to help you out.


Week Beginning 20th April (1st week back after Easter)

Welcome back everyone! Please look at this week's Home Learning document and activity links/ documents. Remember if you have any questions or concerns, email the school office and I will be in contact to help you out. 

Week Beginning 30/03/20 - Home Learning Tasks

It has been lovely catching up with you and all your families over the telephone this week Year thank you for putting a smile on my face. Please take a look at the Updated Home Learning document below for the Week Beginning 30/03/20. No big changes; just some timing suggestions for each remaining task for the week as requested by some families. Some tasks require some access to the internet initially to look at a resource, task stimulus or as a vehicle for your own research but you should not need the computer for the entirety of every task. Some tasks do not need to computer at all. Please remember that there is no expectation to print out any of the activities. You can view them on screen and complete all writing/ recording of answers, etc in your books. 

***If you didn't get a chance to complete your Mrs. Wordsmith online test yet, please do it before the end of tomorrow. Passwords will be removed at the end of the day on Thursday (02/04/20) Thank you.***

For anyone, who would like an alternative to the Joe Wicks workouts, don't forget to try the Street Dance Master Class or Oti Mabuse's dance class via YouTube. Here is her first one: 

Most importantly, stay safe!

Owl Class (Year 6) Home Learning Week Beginning 23rd March. **Brand New Today** Mrs Wordsmith testing link. Show off your Mrs. Wordsmith word knowledge by completing the last Mrs W online test. The link to access the test and your URN passwords are in the document below. Please follow the instructions in the document and have a go today or at the latest tomorrow. Passwords will be removed by the end of the day on Friday 27th March.** Good Luck Year 6 :) Look carefully at the Weekly Learning document for the labelled learning for each day.