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Owl Class Summer Term 2021 Topic Web

Week Beginning 19th July - Last Week of Term

What a fantastic final week of term and school Year 6 have had!

Monday - Computer Science Masterclass with a specialist teacher from Kings Ely.

Tuesday - OAA Day at GoApe Thetford where we played Gorilla Games; solved the outdoor escape room and dared to traverse the high ropes course.

Wednesday - Final Sports Day of primary school

Thursday - Leavers time and lunch.


Thank you for a wonderful year Owl Class...You are all wonderful and will be missed!


Week Beginning Monday 12th July

We have enjoyed so many activities this week in Owl class, including:

- Getting our teeth into a final piece of writing;

- Continuing to plan our imaginary holiday tours and all the involved calculations in Maths;

- Completing our Kodu projects in Computing;

- Getting ready to present our prototypes, advertising and marketing plans at our version of Dragon's Den - Lions' Lair;

- Researching the greatest inventions of the Maya and finding out what happened to this impressive civilisation;

and celebrating Bastille Day with a fabulous lunch and French Café in the afternoon.

Week Beginning Monday 5th July

This week, the final phases of our production have been filmed and edited. The choral group received some guidance from a vocal coach to perfect one of our final songs. It sounded amazing! In addition, we have been working on our listening and note taking skills in English to gather information for our debate. The posed point for the debate is: Deforestation should be banned. Discuss. We have challenged ourselves to argue from perspectives that are not usually our own and are surprised by how passionately we can form points and counter points. In Maths, we have been fantasising about future travel opportunities and have been using our data handling skills to research and compare the climates in various countries to select the best travel destination. Whilst in DT, we have been finalising our chocolate bar sleeve designs and discussing how best to market our products. We have begun to storyboard an advertising campaign in preparation for next week's Dragons' Den style lesson. Well done for maintaining the momentum Owl class!

Week Beginning Monday 28th June

Owl class have had a fast paced and productive week again. Some of the activities we have enjoyed included:

- developing our diaries for Rang-Tan, an orangutan effected by deforestation in his rainforest home;

- researching our market for our Chocolate Project and deciding how this impacts our chocolate bar design;

- rehearsing and filming for our Key Stage 2 production;

- completing some athletics activities in preparation for Sports Day


- beginning our 'Bee Inspired' garden designs for the Big Bee Competition.

Well done Owl class you have achieved substantially this week!

Week Beginning Monday 21st June

It has been a 'productive' week in Owl class, especially in regards to the rehearsals for our Key Stage 2 production. In addition to rehearsing our scenes and songs, we have also enjoyed:

Collaborating to uncover the mysteries of finding missing angles in triangles;

Writing in role as Rang-Tan, the baby orangutan whose rainforest home has been subject to deforestation;

Programming our MBots to complete specific tasks; 

Orienteering, Benchball and Athletics sessions in PE; and

Having the sunshine back!




Week Beginning Monday 14th June

This week, Owl class have been developing our knowledge of angles. We know that adjacent angles on a straight line add (sum) to 180º; that angles within a full turn add (sum) to 360º and that vertically opposite angles are equal. In English, we have been reading the text 'The Rain Player' by David Wisniewski. This text links to our learning about the game of Pok-a-Tok played by the ancient Maya. We stepped into the role of the main character Pik, before and after his big match against Rain god Chac, to write contrasting diary entries. By using peer editing, we have been able to improve our initial drafts to ensure that the character mood and atmosphere engaged the reader, whilst also ensuring that our punctuation choices were accurate. Tuesday afternoon saw Owl class begin their D.T. linked Chocolate Project. Phase one was to identify and understand the market. We did this by familiarising ourselves with various chocolate brands, their packaging and marketing strategies. We also taste tested some well-known brands to better understand what our consumers like about the chocolate on the market. Unsurprisingly, the Chocolate Project has been a big success with Owl class so far...even though some members of our class had strong opinions about certain types of chocolate!

Week Beginning Monday 7th June

Owls have enjoyed the summery sunshine this week as well as our learning. In English and History, we have been using our researching skills to find out more about a favourite sport of the ancient Maya - Pok-a-Tok (also known as the Game of Death). Using our research as a foundation for our knowledge, we then created recruitment posters for potential Pok-a-Tok players and wrote a detailed set of instructions for 'How To Play Pok-a-Tok'. Later in the week, we used these instructions to play an adapted modern version of Pok-a-Tok in PE. Luckily, this game didn't end in ritual sacrifice! We also enjoyed furthering our knowledge of measuring angles in Maths by using a protractor. We have learnt to measure in degrees; about the value of a quarter turn, half turn, three quarter turn and full turn, as well as how to select our origin point and correct scale. We created enlarged angles to measure (using masking tape) on our tables; the hands-on practice was really helpful. We have also started looking at the script for our KS2 Production - how exciting!

Week Beginning Monday 24th May

Although it has been a short week, we have achieved so much. This week, we have:

taken on Maths challenges to develop our statistics knowledge; learnt to use our protractors; researched Fair Trade and used this knowledge to present a balanced argument; presented our knowledge about Mayan beliefs; designed an extreme survivor in Science and enjoyed a marvellously muddy Forest School session.

Owl class wish you all a happy and healthy half term.

Week Beginning Monday 17th May

Owl class have been working hard this week to demonstrate the growth of their general Maths, GPS and Reading skills over the course of the year so far. What a super effort they have made!

We have also begun some research into the beliefs of the ancient Maya in History; to understand how certain animals and plants have adapted to their environment to survive and what makes a good survivor; to build our understanding of what makes a balanced argument in English and in Art we have used our foundation of knowledge of Gustav Klimt's artwork/ style to reimagine a logo design.

Week Beginning Monday 10th May

This week has seen the culmination of our latest project - 'The Guardian Within'. Last week, we read The Magical Tree by Myriam Ouyessad, a story created around the artwork of Gustav Klimt which inspired us to plan our own extended narrative. We divided up the plot points and assigned them to writing pairs. Over the course of the week, we have hunted for vocabulary with relevant intent, created 'WOW' opening and closing sentences, drafted the initial version of each paragraph, edited them and produced a final typed version. We have combined this with our own story illustrations, which mimic Klimt's colour palette, style and use of negative space (created during our art lessons), to produce our own book which we have titled - The Guardian Within. Please take a look at the  document attached under this week's photographs to see the finished story with some of the accompanying illustrations. We are very proud of our efforts as authors. This week, we have also: learnt about the city states, social hierarchy and key rulers of the Ancient Maya; consolidated our understanding of Ratio and Proportion and started our new unit on Statistics in Maths; read and unpicked multiple texts; engaged with programming the MBOTS in Computing and learnt to pass a hockey ball over greater distances with accuracy in PE.


Week Beginning Monday 3rd May

Although this has been a short week with only 4 days in school, Owl class have packed in a lot of learning. This has included:

- Using knowledge of Ratio to understand Scale Factors,

- Reading and analysing an inspiration text - The Magical Tree - in preparation for next week's writing challenge, 

- Researching the adaptive traits within various species in Science,

- Finding out about the artist Gustav Klimt and his style before testing these techniques in preparation for our illustration challenge next week,

- and developing our ball control and passing skills in Hockey.

It was even our turn to share our learning during our school Zoom assembly. We've had such a fun packed and busy week!




Week Beginning Monday 26th April

This week, Owl class have been very scientifically minded. We have taken a logical approach to learning about ratio and applying these skills to calculating and problem solving with ratios. In English, we have been putting our Charles Darwin research and reading to good use to complete our biographies of his life. Many of us have become quite expert in the details of his family life, career and greatest contributions to the world of science. We have linked our learning in English to that of our specific science lessons. This week's focus was the role of Mutation and Adaption in species development. We enjoyed discovering more about Darwin's Galapagos Finch theory and the peppered moth example from the time of the industrial revolution. We were able to apply this understanding to our peer Environment Adaptation/ Variation activity and it generated some animated discussions. In addition to all this scientific thinking, we have also enjoyed developing our hockey skills and studying the artwork (Lithograph images) of Fredrick Catherwood from his expedition through the territory of the Ancient Maya.

Week Beginning 19th April

What a busy week of learning we have had in Owl Class!

We have been unpicking the wonderful and 'Math-magical' skills behind finding the Area of Parallelograms and the Volumes of various shapes. In English, we have researched the colourful life of Charles Darwin to help us write a biography of his life. We have discovered that his Theory of Evolution directly links to our studies in Science. This week, we looked at how inherited traits can be passed from different breeds of dogs to their offspring. In History, we became experts in one area of Maya Daily Life then presented/ shared our findings with the class. We have also enjoyed get out in the sunshine for our daily runs, skipping challenge and our second session of Hockey skills.

Summer Term Week Beginning 12th April

Welcome back! It has been wonderful to be back together again after our Easter holiday break.

This week in Owl class, we have been getting straight back to it in Maths by learning about the relationship between the area and perimeter of various shapes and how to manipulate shapes that have a 'tricky' area to make the calculation easier. In Art, we used paint mixing skills (reviewing what we already know about tints, tones and shades) and an oil pastel overlay to create either a 'sun tree' or 'moon tree' as an illustration for our writing focus this week. In English, we were able to use a visual stimulus to inspire some descriptive writing about an unusual landmark - sun tree or moon tree - in a strange land. We have also learnt more about the countries of Central America which played host to the ancient civilisation that we will be learning about this term - The Maya. In Science, we have begun our unit about Evolution and Inheritance by looking at our own characteristics and deciding which are environmental and which are inherited. The week ended with our first Hockey session for Friday PE. Today, we familiarised ourselves with the correct grip, stance and basic control moves. We cannot wait to explore more of all these topics in following weeks.

Owls Home Learning during lockdown

Please click the link below.

Week Beginning 14th December 2020

With the Christmas holidays fast approaching, the festive spirit has crept into almost all areas of learning in Owl class this week. Take a look at what we have been up to.

We would also like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy and healthy Christmas.

Owls collaborated to create some mindful artwork.

Outdoor Christmas Carols 2020 - We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Still image for this video
Week Beginning 7th December
Year 6 have continued to expand their skills and knowledge across a range of subject areas this week. Take a look at some of the wonderful learning we have been doing.

This week, we have applied all we learnt about non-chronological reports to our final versions of our world of Fantastic Beasts.

As part of our RE unit on Christianity, we have been thinking about important Christian celebrations such as Advent and the traditional services that take place as part of them such as Christingle.

We have used our knowledge of colour and pattern to build up panels to form one collaborative piece of artwork as a class. We can't wait to reveal the final whole class image.

Year 6 worked hard to complete their min-enquiries into the impact of Romans in Britain. They preseneted their historical hypothesis, researched information and conclusion in a format of their own choice.

Week Beginning 30th November

What a way to start the week - featuring on Star Radio in their annual festive Sleeps til Santa sing along!

2020 Stretham's Sleeps til Santa on Star Radio

Year 6 were delighted to represent the school by taking part in Star radio's annual Sleeps til Santa festive sing along. If you missed us on Monday, have a listen now.

This week, we combined our English and Art lessons by creating a creature mash-up using SwitchZoo, using our sketching skills to recreate it and developing features descriptions of these new creatures in English. With the descriptions prepared, we were able to write non-chronological reports to present our creatures to the world.

Owl class enjoyed investigating catapults in DT. We have researched their purpose and development through time. After that, we applied this knowledge by designing and making mini-catapult structures of our own.

In History, we enjoyed beginning our own mini- enquiries that linked to our topic of the Romans in Britain. Through these enquiries, we hope to make a hypothesis statement, find the evidence to prove or disprove it and then present our findings to the rest of the class.

It was lovely to finally share our Christmas crafts with the rest of the school during Monday's Zoom assembly. We were very proud of what we had achieved and were also very impressed by the range of crafts that we were shown. Well done everyone!

What a brilliant way to end the week - Friday fun in the snow!

Week Beginning 23rd November


We had a great adventure in Forest School this week building temporary settlements in role as Romans and Celts, creating natural art to build on our zentangles work and cooking a warm snack to enjoy around the camp fire.

This week, we explored Newton's own findings about the colour spectrum. We shone light through prisms to create rainbows and made colour wheels to mimick the blending of colours to create white light.

We managed to squeeze in some Christmas themed craft making this week. We can't wait to hang our finished products up at school.

This week, we have also found out quite a lot about Roman gods and goddesses and played a mathematical version of Four-in-a-row to help make adding and subtracting fractions easier and more fun. We even began to explore the world of non-chronological texts by using pandas as a focus topic.

Week Beginning 16th November 2020

This week, the use of oracy skills has featured heavily in many of our lessons including English, History and Guided Reading.

In Science, we explored the weird and wonderful world of Refraction. Trying to explain what was happening and why was quite a challenge.

This week in PSHE, we were thinking about Kindness as it was Anti-Bullying Week. Owl class discussed what bullying was and what to do if you saw it happening. We created messages of kindness to share around the school and even brought kindness into our own classroom by designing welcoming, COVID-safe 'handshakes'. We ended the week with a story called Manu: The Kiwi of Kindness. After discussion, the take home message was that we always have choices and we should always choose to be kind.

We explored animals patterns as our Zentangle theme this week.

We have been enjoying discussing our routines in conversational French.

Week Beginning 9th November

Owl class have been enthusiastically learning about a great variety of subjects this week, including:

- fractions in Maths,

- our new unit of Light in Science,

- discussions about the different denominations within the religion of Christianity in RE,

- learning what it means to be a good communicator in PSHE,

- how fitness circuits can help us to increase our stamina in PE,

- and developing our understanding of pattern and texture through Zentangles.

We even had an enrichment session for our History unit on the Romans in Britain, where we welcomed a visitor via Zoom. We used the information we gained from this visitor to help us write in role as a Roman soldier.

Investigating light and shadow

Exploring pattern and texture in Art

Taking part in trust games to enable a discussion about being a good communicator

Utilising our discussion skills in English and RE

Fitness circuits to build stamina

Week Beginning 2nd November

Welcome back after what I hope was a restful half term!

As always, in Year 6, we have been busy with our learning. This week, we have:

- practised our Reading Comprehension skills, as well as how to use Semi-Colons and Colons in English,

- developed a better understanding of Factors, Multiples and Prime Numbers in Maths,

- completed our unit on Animals including Humans in Science by finding out more about the impact of legal and illegal drugs on our bodies.

- used Teams to help us work on a History project about Roman towns, villas and entertainment in Britain,

- begun our new PSHE unit called Working Together,

- used an interval led strategy to improve our stamina for running,

- explored pattern and texture in an introduction to Zentangles in Art.

Please ask us about our learning and perhaps we can even show you how to 'Zentangle' this weekend.

Exploring pattern and texture through zentangles.

We were taught a fabulous song by a member of the class to help us all remember our Prime numbers in Maths this week.

We have created posters in groups to show the impact of legal and illegal drugs on Humans.

Learning how to identify our owns strengths in a positive way and finding ways to work with others.

Week Beginning 19th October

…And with that we have completed our first half term…and what a busy half term it has been! We have learnt and done so much. This week, we enjoyed:

Maths – Learning the skills for Long Division including using factors and multiples;

English – Creating a collaborative Autumn/ Harvest themed and completing our extended narrative based on the Pixar short called Blue Umbrella. Please ask your child to share some of the outstanding vocabulary they have been using with you;

Science – Carrying out an investigation into the impact of exercise on heart rate;

Forest School – Reenacting Roman Raids on Celtic settlements, Senses Scavenger Hunt and just getting absolutely wet and muddy;

PSHE – Learning about diversity in families;

History – Studying Roman artefacts and drawing conclusions from our observations,

Geography – Completing our comparative study of British and Italian cities,

Art – Completing the final embellishments for our Venetian masks, as well as creating Autumn themed art to accompany the poem we wrote for the Harvest Assembly.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and restful half term!

We loved our art projects!

Learning strategies to find factors for aiding Long Division

Week Beginning 12th October

As always, us Owls have been busy with our learning this week. In Maths, we have been looking at our new unit of division. We have reviewed out 'bus stop' method and have begun to look at recording our remainders as decimals. In English, we have continued to plan, write and develop our extended narrative based on The Blue Umbrella. Earlier this week, we painted the basecoat on out Venetian masks in preparation for the final embellishment stage. We couldn't believe how many coats of paint some of our masks required! In History, we independently researched and recorded information about Roman Forts and Fortifications. We learnt that soldiers in the Roman army were not just physically fit and skilled warriors but also engineers and craftsmen as well. In Science, we have discussed, planned and begun to carryout an investigation into links between heart rate and exercise. We have also enjoyed sessions in PE, PSHE, Computing, French and Music. Half term holidays are on their way but we are still working really hard at school.

Carrying out our impact of exercise on heart rate investigation

Carefully painting the base layers of colour on our Venetian masks. For some of us, this was coat number 4!

Owl class enjoying a range of other lessons this week including Excel in Computing, our whole school Zoom Assembly and the 'Find someone who...' game in PSHE.

Week Beginning 5th October

It's been a lovely, if somewhat soggy week (weather wise) in Owl class. At the beginning of the week, the whole school virtual assembly, run by Mr. Robertson, was a delightful surprise. It was such a treat for all of the classes to be together (virtually) for the first time this academic year. We loved giving each other a wave! In class, we have also enjoyed developing our long multiplication skills, drafting out the opening of an extended narrative we will be writing called The Blue Umbrella, assembling the base of our Venetian masks and covering them in papier mâché, exploring the impact of diet and exercise on our health, discussing the importance of relationships in PSHE, completing some comparative geography studies and learning how to pace our runs in PE. These are to name just a few of the lessons we have been enjoying. 

We discussed our initial understanding of a healthy diet and lifestyle before carrying out further research and presenting it in our own style.

We enjoyed the virtual assembly and really understood the power of a simple smile or a laugh.

Using Mrs. Wordsmith dictionaries has helped us to use a broader and more interesting range of vocabulary in our story planning.

It was great to start to make our masks designs a reality in our first step of constructing them.

Week Beginning 28th September

We started Week 4 of the term with an Art lesson which focused on the final designs for our Venetian masks. Owls combined our earlier research of mask styles and patterns with our practice embellishments to complete an annotated mask design page in our sketch books. From the designs created, I believe our final products will look dazzling! In English this week, we have been developing our word level and sentence structures. We have been inspired by a still image from a comic about a robot and have used our word banks to generate some fantastic story starts. These story starts have included writing features such as onomatopoeia, speech, powerful verbs for action, setting and character descriptions. We have also made use of our writing skills in History. After learning about the composition of the Roman army, their way of life and their tactics. We wrote the diary of a Roman soldier and used it as a way to share our knowledge of the time and the circumstances in which Roman soldiers trained, fought, worked and lived. Owl class were really able to give an accurate voice to our pretend soldiers! In Maths, we have been looking at our next unit - Four Operations - with a focus on Addition and Subtraction. We have been working with numbers of varying size, reviewing our formal written method and applying it to word problems and other reasoning questions involving addition/ subtraction. It really helped when some students modelled their problem solving thinking and calculation skills on the board. In Science, we made the link between the circulatory system and our digestive system. In small teams, we tried to recall earlier knowledge of the parts of the digestive system and then applied new knowledge to explain their functions in the body and role in the process of digestion. The associations we made during class discussion to help us draw on previous knowledge were invaluable and using the meter stick to show the length of the small intestine was quite the eye-opener for us all!

Finalising our Venetian mask designs

Watching Cressida Cowell's opening presentation for the Reading is Magic Festival which started this week.

Trying out some Roman Army Battlefield formations/ tactics including the Cavalry Repel and the Tortoise. Writing from a Roman soldier's point of view.

Talking through our thinking and calculation skills in Maths.

Collaborating to identify the name and function of each part of the digestive system.

Week Beginning 21st September

In Owl class this week, we have been discovering further reasons for the Roman invasion of Britain (Britannia) in History and finding a better understanding of topological and climate maps of Italy in Geography. Through the study of Oliver Jeffers' book 'Here We Are' (in English), we generated extended noun phrases, creative sentences and oxymoronic phrases to use in our setting themed paragraphs or poems. In English, we also read an article entitled, 'Is punctuation important?'. After initial discussions, we used our homework and class notes to create our first written, balanced argument piece of the year. In Maths, we have been working with numbers up to ten million and have learnt how to compare, order and round them. We have also begun to look at negative numbers too. In Art, we have been testing methods for embellishing our designs for our Venetian masks. It has been such a full week that the time has flown by for us all!

Practising embellishments for our Venetian masks

Colour coding helped us to make sense of topological and climate maps.

Paired discussions have helped to build our confidence when comparing, ordering and discussing numbers of various sizes.

We collaborated to turn our notes on the Roman invasion of Britain into a knowledge organiser.

Forming creative poses for showing the world who we are/ how we want to be seen helped us to develop more accurate descriptions.

Week Beginning 14th September

Another busy week of learning has dashed by in Owl class. We have been enjoying all sorts of activities as part of our learning and have made particular use of our logical, creative, inquiring and scientific minds. We have read poetry and found the poetry within song lyrics and the natural world around us. We have also drawn on the works of Phillip Gross. We have deconstructed and reconstructed numbers up to 10 million to help us understand their value. We have explored vignettes of design on Venetian masquerade masks. In Science, we have reviewed the systems within the human body and their functions, with a specific focus on the circulatory system. Whilst in History and Geography, we have been considering Italy, in particular Rome, as the origin point of the Roman Empire and as a geographical place of interest. 

Seeking positive imagery in poetry/ lyrics and finding descriptive inspiration from the natural world.

Year 6 explored the early origins of the Roman empire in History this week and were able to apply this knowledge to finding out more about the modern country of Italy in Geography.

Year 6 created vignettes of design by focusing on the detail contained in Venetian style maquerade masks.

In Maths, we have looked at ways to create and partition numbers up to 10 million to help us understand their value. We have been able to apply this knowledge to help us problem solve.

Please find below the Topic Web for Owl class (Year 6) for the Autumn term 2020.

Week Beginning 7th September 2020

Welcome back to school Owl class! It has been wonderful to welcome you all back to school as the new Year 6 class. We have had a busy week enjoying lots of different activities including maths investigations, team building skills, reflecting on the text 'Here We Are' by Oliver Jeffers, thinking about fitness and stamina in P.E. , learning about the role of an orchestra conductor in Music and all about cryptography in Computing. Have a wonderful and restful weekend.