Stretham Community Primary School


Rabbit Class

Week ending 25th June:

This week, we have been investigating capacity and mass in Mathematics.  We have also enjoyed sewing butterflies in our DT sessions.  Here are some of our designs:

Update from Mrs. Marsh: Day 9 (5th June).  Our beautiful butterflies are starting to emerge!

Day 3 in new home (30th May): no change to us today!

Our chrysalises have been moved to a new home for the half term break.  Mrs. Marsh is looking after them for us, to make sure that they are given the best of care.


Here is a photo of them on Day 1 in their new home (28th May):

Week beginning 24th May:


This week, we have enjoyed reading poems about the seaside and investigating rhyme and rhythm.  We even had a go at writing our own seaside poems.


In Art, we have created models of sea turtles using collage materials.


We wish you all a very happy half term and look forward to seeing you all again soon for the final part of the Summer term.

Week beginning 24th May - Our tiny caterpillars are now growing big and strong and have now begun to form their chrysalis.  It is fascinating to watch the chrysalis wiggle around and we hope that it won't be too long before we can watch them emerge as beautiful butterflies!

Week beginning 19th April - In Maths this week, we have been measuring using centimetres and metres.  We spent some time in Explorers measuring sticks and arranging them in size order.  In PE, we have been practising our bowling and striking skills.

Week beginning 12th April 2021


Welcome back to a new term!

Here are some photos from this week's Explorers session.  We are excited to see that there are now lots of tadpoles in the pond!

Week beginning 8.3.21: Welcome back, Rabbit Class! It has been wonderful to meet you all this week. Here are some photos of the activities that we have been enjoying this week! Best wishes, Mrs. Krajewski

Rabbits Home Learning during lockdown

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Termly Overview Autumn 2020

Autumn Term Overview

Week beginning 14th December 2020
This week, Rabbit Class enjoyed making arrays of winter robins during their Maths lesson. 

We also enjoyed learning about reindeer and were surprised to discover that all Santa's reindeer must be female because male reindeer loose their antlers during the winter. We also learnt that the world's largest herd of reindeer is really big and consists of around 1 million reindeer.

After we had discovered lots of new facts, we made some split pin reindeer of our own.

Week beginning 7th December 2020
This week Rabbit Class have been very busy rehearsing and filming 'The Dinky Donkeys' -  We thought you might enjoy a sneaky peek at us in our costumes!
Week beginning 30th November 2020
This week, Rabbit Class made some super snowflakes and then in English we wrote instructions so that somebody else could make them too. It was lots of fun!
In Geography, we learnt about the Aurora Borealis. We then created our own Aurora pictures using chalk pastels.
Week Beginning Monday 23rd November


We have started rehearsing for our nativity play 'Dinky Donkeys' this week.  If you get a chance to help your child to practise their words this weekend, that would be great!   Please bring in any costumes at the beginning of next week if you have not already done so.  Any problems - please ask!  Thank you!

RE - Advent. We thought of the different ways people get ready for Christmas during advent.

Maths - We have been using money to compare different amounts. We showed the comparisons by using the inequality and equals signs.

Art - We made some beautiful Christmas tree decorations. We cut different lengths of paper, stuck them to lolly sticks and decorated with sequins. A lovely way to spend a cold and foggy Friday afternoon!

Fine Motor Skills - We have been doing some early morning work when we first come in this week to practise our fine motor skills. One of the activities was to build a tower out of 'hama beads'. It was more tricky than it looks!

Week beginning 16th November 2020

This week we have been using a thesaurus to find synonyms

We have been thinking about Christmas traditions in RE (is it too soon?!)

Computing - Thinking about trust

PE - Practising throwing, passing and catching

Maths - The answer is 12 ... but what's the question?

Maths - Money - Making amounts

Week beginning 9th November 2020

This week, on Remembrance Day, Rabbit Class enjoyed drawing and painting beautiful pictures of poppies.

They have also been very busy planning their own endings to the story Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers and are now busy with the writing. 

Planning our Story Endings

Our Wonderful Artwork

Week beginning 2nd November 2020

This week Rabbit Class have enjoyed learning about the Hindu festival of Diwali. They particularly enjoyed the story of Rama and Sita and were fantastic at ordering and retelling it themselves.

They also travelled back in time, learning about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot before writing some super 'Wanted' posters imagining that he had not been caught yet.

The story of Rama and Sita

'Wanted' Posters

Week beginning 19th October 2020

This week we have continued to find out more about the countries within the United Kingdom during our Geography lessons, and enjoyed researching and producing fact files about Wales. 

Our science work this week also involved research, along with a wet, muddy but fun afternoon. We enjoyed searching and investigating minibeast habitats and managed to find quite a few. We then wrote about some of the microhabitats we had located and created pictograms  to show how many minibeasts each of us had found, back in the classroom. 

Researching and creating fact files

Our science

Week beginning 12th October 2020
This week, Rabbit Class have enjoyed learning about Scotland and making information booklets during their Geography lessons. They have also worked hard in their Computer Lesson and enjoyed using Scratch to learn how to make characters move.

All about Scotland!

Enjoying our learning during our Computer lesson

Week beginning: 5th October 2020
Rabbit Class have enjoyed another super week of learning. This week we have been busy planning and writing our own  Pirate Adventure stories in English. In Maths, we have been learning bonds to 100, as well as completing addition and subtraction problems. Then in RE we have been finding out more about the Jewish festival of Sukkot and have made our own model Sukkahs, and in Art have enjoyed making leaf pictures.

Planning our Pirate Adventures

Week Beginning: 28th September 2020

Enjoying our Maths lessons

Using teamwork to make a model Sukkah

Creating Leaf Pictures, in Art

This week Rabbit Class have been very busy, They have been writing about the woodland environment in Science, and also wanted to share their super woodland art work with you.  Then in Art, they have been busy creating Harvest related prints using a variety of fruit and vegetables.
Week beginning: 21st September 2020

This week Rabbit Class have been learning about habitats in their science lesson.

Week beginning: 14th September 2020
This week Rabbit Class had lots of fun  playing team games during their P.E. lesson with Mr Cox. They also enjoyed painting shades of colour during Art.

Week beginning: 7th September 2020

What a fantastic first week back we have had in Rabbit Class. We have quickly settled into our new routines and have also completed some super work.

In Maths, we have been very busy learning about Number and Place Value.

In Art, we have been making careful observations to paint woodland animals ready for our class display.