Stretham Community Primary School


Finborough Hall – Year 6 – 2019

Friday 21st June

4.00pm All safely home and collected.  A big thank you to the parents for ‘lending’ us your children this week.  A large thanks from me (Mr Robertson) to all the staff who helped to make this residential happen.  Everyone deserves a restful weekend!

1.00pm Lunch soon and then the journey home – see you soon!

12.45pm Morning Activity – Adventure Race

7.30am All up and getting ready for our last day.  Breakfast – sausage and scrambled eggs.


Thursday 20th June

10.10pm Bedtime!  See you all tomorrow!

Evening Entertainment – Disco

Dinner – Pulled pork or chicken rolls, new potatoes and salad.

Afternoon Activities

Trust trail; climbing; orienteering and XP Challenge

2.00pm – Lunch – Tacos with chilli and broccoli.

Morning – Jungle Jim

8am All awake.  Off to breakfast – sausage, hash browns and beans.  And we have some blue in the sky!


Wednesday 19th June

9.30pm Night hike completed – damp underfoot but the rain held off.  All in all weather has been quite kind to us today.  Children very tired and off to bed soon!

7.00pm A very busy day!  Everyone has kayaked, built rafts, been on the low ropes and had a go at archery!  Lunch was duck or beef pancakes (very posh!) and dinner was meatballs and spaghetti.

8.55am Breakfast – pancakes, summer fruits and maple syrup.  We are being spoilt with delicious food!

8am Despite an overnight thunderstorm, everyone slept well and long! Weather forecast for the day looks mixed but spirits are high. Off to breakfast in a minute…


Tuesday 18th June

10pm All tucked up in bed and tired!

Evening – Camp fire (in the rain!)

Dinner – Burger in a bun, chips and broccoli.

am (dry and a bit of sun) and pm (rain and more rain) Air Rifles; Quad Bikes; Crate Climb; Bush Craft; Orienteering

Lunch – Beef or salmon en croute and new potatoes or a choice of salads.