Stretham Community Primary School


Finborough Hall – Year 6 – 2019

Friday 21st June

4.00pm All safely home and collected.  A big thank you to the parents for ‘lending’ us your children this week.  A large thanks from me (Mr Robertson) to all the staff who helped to make this residential happen.  Everyone deserves a restful weekend!

1.00pm Lunch soon and then the journey home – see you soon!

12.45pm Morning Activity – Adventure Race

7.30am All up and getting ready for our last day.  Breakfast – sausage and scrambled eggs.


Thursday 20th June

10.10pm Bedtime!  See you all tomorrow!

Evening Entertainment – Disco

Dinner – Pulled pork or chicken rolls, new potatoes and salad.

Afternoon Activities

Trust trail; climbing; orienteering and XP Challenge

2.00pm – Lunch – Tacos with chilli and broccoli.

Morning – Jungle Jim

8am All awake.  Off to breakfast – sausage, hash browns and beans.  And we have some blue in the sky!


Wednesday 19th June

9.30pm Night hike completed – damp underfoot but the rain held off.  All in all weather has been quite kind to us today.  Children very tired and off to bed soon!

7.00pm A very busy day!  Everyone has kayaked, built rafts, been on the low ropes and had a go at archery!  Lunch was duck or beef pancakes (very posh!) and dinner was meatballs and spaghetti.