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Summer Term 2023

Week beginning: 10th July 2023

What a FANTASTIC day we had on Tuesday, with Craig from History off the Page, learning all about the history of seaside holidays! In the morning, we all made different seaside souvenirs - from shell boxes and toy boats to pop-up puppets and sandcastle flags! Of course, we all had to count 12d into our purses ready for our trip to the seaside in the afternoon, and create our steam train ticket too! Then after lunch, we took it in turns to either be a worker at the seaside or visit the seaside; there was the seaside cafe to visit, the Punch and Judy show, lots of games and donkey rides, having our photo taken and building sandcastles! We had to choose carefully where we wanted to spend out money! It was all so much fun! Thank you Craig and thank you parents for all the wonderful costumes!

Week beginning: 26th June 2023

We have enjoyed travelling back in time to visit the Victorian seaside, for our class assembly. We practised and performed it to the school and our family and friends on Friday!

What a wonderful afternoon we had on Thursday, being visited by Peter Faulding; he arrived in his helicopter to talk to us all about water safety! We certainly won't forget his visit!

Week beginning: 19th June 2023

This week in Maths, Hedgehog Class have been partitioning numbers all the way up to 100, into tens and ones.

In DT, we have started to make our Victorian bathing machines, making the axles for our wheels and painting our boxes!

Look at the lovely plants we have been growing! We enjoyed planting them out today.

Week beginning: 12th June 2023

We have had a really busy week this week, in Hedgehog Class, travelling back in time! We have travelled back to the Victorian times to find out what seaside holidays would have been like back then. We used photos as a primary historical source - learning to look carefully for clues about life was like. We were fascinated by bathing machines, the clothes and Hokey Pokey ice-creams!

We had a wonderful time at Forest School on Thursday. It was a little too hot for a fire, so we used the heat of the sun to melt our chocolate and dipped a selection of fruit in it! Deeeeelicious! We also enjoyed hunting for minibeasts, finding the biggest worm ever and a bright green caterpillar too!

What a glorious time we've had swimming this week too, keeping us cool in the hot sunshine! We have been learning to kick our legs well, using floats to swim on our fronts and on our backs!

Week beginning: 5th June 2023

What a busy first week we have had, after the half term holiday! 

We have had so much fun practising our phonics....

...and learning about half and quarter of objects and numbers.

We had our first swimming lesson of the term on Monday. The pool was very warm and it was LOTS of fun! We learned how to get in and out of the pool safely and respond to the whistles, to keep ourselves safe in the water.

On Wednesday it we had a wonderful time at Sports Day! We tried our best, cheered on our house team and enjoyed being great sports! The warm up with Mr Cox was great fun...and the ice pop afterwards was yummy!

Week beginning: 22nd May 2023

In our art this week, we have been using our knowledge of paint shades to create an underwater scene.

In Maths, we have been making and adding up different amounts of money.

Week beginning: 15th May 2023

In our Art this week, we have been using our knowledge of colour mixing!

We have been continuing our wonderful work in Maths, painting arrays and sharing between.

Thanks to generous donations of some plants (thank you Mrs Cornwell!), we are enjoying looking after some tomato plants and some different flower plants. It inspired us to plant our own seeds at Forest School this week.

Week beginning: 8th May 2023

In Maths this week, Hedgehogs have been making equal groups. We have then learned how arrays make counting equal groups so much easier. We got really good at counting the columns and rows.

In Art, we have been revising how to mix primary colours to make secondary colours.

In English this week, we read the book 'Gregory Cool'. It is set in Tobago. We wrote some super sentences about all the things Gregory got up to on his holiday and then we used the visualiser to read each others writing, commenting on all the wonderful things our friends remembered and also think about next steps! We were all so supportive and encouraging of each other.

Week beginning: 1st May 2023

In Geography this week, Hedgehog Class have been using atlases to locate the four countries of the United Kingdom and the surrounding seas.

In Maths, we have been counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.

We had a lovely time at Forest School on Thursday afternoon...

... and a great day on Friday celebrating the King's Coronation. We made a large piece of artwork of the King's crown using natural materials (just before the rain came!) and then enjoyed an indoor picnic lunch!

Week beginning: 24th April 2023

This week in our Maths, we have been comparing and measuring volume and capacity, as well as weight. We have had so much fun weighing different objects using non-standard units, and comparing capacity using rice and water.

In our Music, we have been learning all about dynamics and timbre. We created our own 'under the sea' music, using dynamics to tell a story.

In Art this week, we have been learning how to use different lines, experimenting with our own creations after studying the work of artist Bridget Riley.

Week beginning: 17th April 2023

Welcome to the Summer Term everyone! 

What a busy first week we have had! In Maths we have been revising our knowledge of the names and properties of 2D and 3D shapes. 

We have spent the week celebrating SPRING! We used 2D shapes to print spring flowers, wrote a Spring factsheet and on Thursday we went on our Spring village welly walk; it was a beautiful sunny spring morning and we found lots of signs of spring.

In Art, we worked with a partner to use 2D shapes to create abstract art. Don't our creations look amazing!

Spring Term 2023

Week beg: 27th March 2023

This week has been a fabulous RE week in Hedgehog Class. We started the week learning all about Islam; we learned about what life is like for a Muslim family, looked at a prayer mat, a Qu'ran and some beautiful patterns in the Mosques. We did some wonderful writing about what we had learned, as well as creating some of our own lovely patterns.

We ended the week learning about the Christian festival of Easter. We sequenced and read the story, made Easter gardens at Forest School, toasted hot cross buns on the fire and even learned to play 'hot cross buns' on the glockenspiels! It has been so much fun!

Week beg: 20th March 2023

Look at us counting groups of objects by grouping them into 10s!

In Geography, we have been completing our unit on maps by learning about aerial views. We have been looking at different objects from above - a bird's eye view, and drawing what we see.

Week beg: 13th March 2023

In Maths this week, we have been counting in 10s! We have practised counting in multiples of 10 and then we used the number square to spot the patterns of counting in 10 from other numbers!

In our gymnastics this week we were learning to use body tension to help us balance! We then made simple sequences of balances and travelling.

On Friday, we joined in the Red Nose Day fun, all looking fabulous in red! 

Week beg: 6th March 2023

This week, we have been learning DOUBLES in Maths! Ask us to sing our double song - we are getting very quick and working them out! We then learned to use these facts to help us with our addition calculations - even spotting near doubles!

In DT, we have now finished our windmill models. Don't they look great and the turbines even turn!

Following on from our visit to Ely last week, when we learned all about eel catching, we read a book called 'Think of an eel' in English this week. We were amazed about the journey eels make from the sea to the river. We had a wonderful creative afternoon baking eel shaped bread, painting pictures of eels, making eel models and drawing eels pictures on the computer.

Week beg: 27th February 2023

What a wonderful trip we had to Ely on Thursday. First we explored Ely Cathedral; we thought the stained glass windows, amazing ceiling and the Octagon Tower were all "incredible" and "beautiful".

We then had a wonderful time at Ely library, which was perfect as it was World Book Day. We enjoyed a hunt for different book characters, a story time session with Ruth, time to enjoy looking at the books ourselves and then we had our lunch.