Stretham Community Primary School


Uniform Information

School Uniform

We have a school uniform and pupils are strongly encouraged to wear it as we feel it builds self respect in pupils as well as pride in their school. However, we do ask that all clothing is named to avoid items getting lost. Our current school uniform provider is Gooddies.



Grey long or short trousers. White shirt or polo shirt and royal blue sweatshirt or jumper. Black shoes.



Grey skirt, tunic or trousers, white shirt or polo shirt with royal blue sweatshirt, jumper or cardigan. During warmer weather blue and white striped or checked dresses may be worn. Black shoes.


Sweatshirts and other uniform items with the school logo are available from the school suppliers.  However items, the correct colour, without the school logo are completely acceptable.


The school runs a pop-up second hand school uniform shop on a regular basis.  Please see newsletters for dates.



We would request that no jewellery is worn in school. Children with pierced ears should wear plain stud earrings, not hoops as these can be hazardous, particularly in the playground. This is in line with the guidance on Health and Safety issued to all schools by the Local Authority. The LA advises that, for safety and hygiene reasons, ear studs and other jewellery (whether metal or plastic) should not be worn during sporting activities, PE, swimming, design technology or food technology lessons. Adults within the school are not permitted to assist children removing jewellery.