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Home Learning

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Home Learning


Being at home for a length of time will be stressful and overwhelming for us all. Please can we encourage you to…


  • Make sure you chat to your child/ren and reassure them. This is not their fault and they have done nothing wrong; it may feel a bit scary but we’re just keeping safe and it won’t be like this for ever.


  • Reassure them that all their friends and children across the country will be all doing the same.


  • Exercise daily: a walk, family dance around the kitchen, a play in the garden, YouTube exercise clip… will all help with everyone’s mental health!


  • Encourage your child/ren to keep in touch with their family and friends, through email, texts, phone calls, FaceTime etc... This contact will reassure them no end.


You know your child/ren, (as well as the other demands on you as a family) and therefore the best approach to organising home learning. For some, it will work best to have structure and clear timings to your day; for others being a bit less structured will be better. This is new to us all, so be kind to yourselves and do what works for you.


Do have a look at…



Look after each other and have fun!

Please click on your class page to access this week's home learning.

In addition, please see the following document for a range of home learning activities that you might like to complete: