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Languages at Stretham Primary School



At Stretham Primary School, we want all children, regardless of background, gender, ethnic origin or additional needs, to leave us at the end of KS2 with a solid foundation of linguistic skills which can be applied at KS3 and beyond as well as a love of language learning. We believe that learning a language opens the door to huge potential and it is a necessary part of being a member of the multicultural society in which we live.


We believe that children enjoy learning to speak another language and that learning a foreign language helps pupils to extend their communication skills and enhances self‐esteem. Our carefully sequenced curriculum allows children to build a strong basic vocabulary.


Although MFL is not mandatory in Key Stage 1, pupils will learn words and phrases from a variety of languages, giving them an insight into languages before KS2 French. For French at Stretham, we use the 'Rigolo' scheme of work. This helps us to ensure that children are immersed in the target language and have opportunity to practise their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.




Children have weekly lessons in French throughout Key Stage 2, using the Rigolo programme of study in addition to other resources.  Areas covered include: numbers, colours, house and home, in town, food and drink, the classroom, clothes, transport, sport and hobbies.  


Children are encouraged and supported to develop their speaking and listening skills through conversational work, singing activities and games. As confidence and skill grows, children record their work through pictures, captions and sentences.


  • Displays are used to remind children of key vocabulary
  • Practical activities, songs and games are used to help improve memory and recall.
  • Visual prompts are used to support children in translating new vocabulary.




Our children will be able to read, understand, write and express themselves in French – at an appropriate level – using accurate vocabulary and intonation in the French language. Our children will leave Stretham Primary school with a solid foundation upon which to build future skills and knowledge and will be well prepared for the next stage of their language education.

What do pupils have to say about learning French at Stretham Primary School


' I really enjoyed learning about homes in France and the names of the room, the best part was doing a floor plan of my imaginary home and labelling the rooms!'


'I loved doing the class pet survey in French.'


'I enjoyed the game when we had to grab healthy and unhealthy foods and put them in the correct pot.'


'I like learning new words and doing the pictures to match French words in my French book'