Stretham Community Primary School


Hedgehog Class

Summer Term 2024

Week beginning: 3rd June 2024

We hope you all had a wonderful half term! Everyone has come back refreshed and ready for another busy half term of learning! We have really enjoyed playing lots of different phonics games this week, becoming more and more confident at recognising and blending the digraphs and trigraphs. 

In Science, we have started learning about the different animal groups. This week, it has been BIRDS! Ask us about the features of birds - we can tell you lots of important facts! In our Art lesson, we started our new unit - sculpture and collage; we all made our own 3D model bird; we had to make sure they had the scientific features of birds (a beak, 2 eyes, 2 legs, 2 wings and feathers) and they look amazing!

In Maths, we have now finished our unit on fractions; we have learned about QUARTERS and have been finding a quarter of different shapes and quantities.

Week beginning: 20th May 2024

This week we have read the book 'Gregory Cool' by Caroline Binch. We have really enjoyed reading a book that is set in a different country - a contrasting country to the UK. We have thought about the feelings of Gregory, who went out to visit his Grandparents in Tobago, and how they change in the time he spends there.

We then wrote postcards as if we were Gregory, writing to our parents to tell them all about our holiday.

On Tuesday, we had a wonderful time at Forest School, making popcorn on the fire and planting sunflower seeds, to support out Science learning.

Week beginning: 13th May 2024

In Geography this week, we had great fun locating the UK on different maps, atlases and globes.

In DT, we have finished making our model windmills. They are brilliant and all of them fulfil the design criteria: able to stand up on their own, have three parts, and have sails that turn!

Week beginning: 6th May 2024

Hedgehogs are really enjoying our PE unit 'net and wall games'; we are learning lots of ball and racket skills.

We have really enjoyed reading some Katie Morag stories; this week we compared the two Granny characters, using lots of adjectives. We then wrote character profiles about each one, using our punctuation and spelling knowledge as well as some of the adjectives we had collected.

In Computing, we have been learning about how we must be careful sharing information about ourselves online.

Week beginning: 29th April 2024

Another busy week in Hedgehog Class!

The week started with a visit from Tim from Rhythmicity! He did an amazing drumming workshop with us, called 'Sammy the Spider'. We listened carefully, followed instructions and really enjoyed playing the instruments to different rhythms and dynamics.

In our Religion and Worldviews lesson this week, we learned all about prayer mats in Islam. We learned how they are used by Muslims when they pray 5 times a day.

We had a lovely time in the sunshine at Forest School on Tuesday. We made May Day crowns and explored new life growing in the pond.

On Thursday we went on our first welly walk this term, exploring the village. We were looking for signs of spring, as well as human and physical features of the village. We saw SO many different features: cow parsley, wheat growing, bluebells and an orange tip butterfly too! We also saw lots of human features - the shop, park, pub, church, houses and physical features - trees and fields. It was a beautiful walk which inspired us to draw our own maps when we got back to school. We even draw them using aerial views, imagining we were birds looking down on the buildings.

Week beginning: 22nd April 2024

This week, we started our new topic 'Where my wellies take me!'. We started by looking at a map of Stretham village, identifying the human and physical features. Weather permitting, we are hoping our wellies will take us for a walk around the village next week, to find each feature!

In Maths, we have continued our unit on Place Value to 50. We have been partitioning numbers into tens and ones, and finding numbers on empty number lines!

In Music, we have been learning about 'timbre', the particular tone that distinguishes a sound. We played a couple of games to identify different musical instruments and our friends voices! We were very good at working out the different timbres!

Week beginning: 15th April 2024

Welcome back everyone! We have had a very busy few days back at school. In Maths, we have been using all sorts of different manipulatives to help us make different numbers up to 50. We have been learning about the number of tens and ones in each number, and realising that when we are counting large numbers of objects grouping them into 10s to count can be very helpful!

We have also been finishing off our model vehicles - don't they look amazing! Our wheels turn because we built super axles in axle holders. We have evaluated our vehicles this week too, thinking about how easy or hard they were to make and what we might do to improve them.

Spring Term 2024

Week beginning: 25th March 2024

Well, what a week and what a term! We have had such a fun busy term 'travelling around our wonderful world'. This week we really enjoyed the LKS2 production of 'The Bee Musical' and ended the week with lots of Easter fun, learning the Easter story and all about the traditions of Easter!

We wish you all a restful and very happy Easter!

Week beginning: 18th March 2024

This week, Hedgehogs have been busy measuring in Maths. First, we compared length and heights using the language 'longer than', 'taller than' and 'shorter than'. Then we measured objects using non-standard units (cubes) before using centimetres on a ruler.

In DT, we have been carrying on making our model vehicles. After painting our boxes, we stuck on our axle holders, carefully cut dowel using a hacksaw and attached our wheels. Then we added details to our vehicles, such as lights, windows and doors. We hope to finish our models next week!

We had a wonderful time at Forest School on Tuesday too, exploring and tasting hot cross buns!

Week beginning: 11th March 2024



It's Science Week this week! We have had a wonderful week exploring our theme of 'time'. We had been set a whole school challenge of creating a pendulum that swings for 30 seconds. We all worked together to investigate ways of doing this and thought about making the string longer, changing the height or altering the swing. It was lots of fun! We came joint third in the school!

On Monday, we had a wonderful dance session with Jack, from JSDC Dance Company. 

In Maths, we have been continuing to learn about subtraction and 'finding the difference between' two numbers.

Week beginning: 4th March 2024

What a wonderful start to our animal themed 'Book Week' we had this week, with the visit from The Animal Experience. Our favourite animal was definitely the meerkat!

On Thursday, World Book Day, we all dressed up as different animals, or people linked to animals, and had a wonderful book themed day!

We enjoyed reading lots of different stories, thought about our favourite books and who we would like to share them with, made book marks and did a wonderful book scavenger hunt! We also had a live story read by author Laura Henry-Allain, who wrote the 'Jo Jo and Gran Gran' series. It was a very busy World Book Day!

We also enjoyed a wonderful Forest School session on Tuesday! It was very muddy but lots of fun! Thank you to everyone who helped us.

Week beginning: 26th February 2024

We hope you all had a super half term holiday! We have had a very busy first week back, with a focus on boat travel and water! We have learned all about the seas and oceans that surround us and read a lovely story called 'Grandma Bird by Benji Davies' in which a little boy called Noi, gets rescued in his Grandma's boat. We read the sentences of the story and then ordered them carefully.

We then wrote some super letters to Grandma as if we were Noi, to say thank you for letting him stay, Look at our amazing writing...

That lead us on to be inquisitive scientists, working scientifically to explore objects that float and sink! We had great fun and recorded our findings.

Week beginning: 12th February 2024

We've had a very busy week this week, with our learning being themed on 'buses'! We have learned about buses today and compared them to those in the past, made our own role play bus with tickets we made, drawn buses today and from the past, explored different printing styles to create bus art, and enjoyed reading the story 'The Hundred Decker Bus', by Mike Smith. This wonderful story ends with the bus being carried away by many hot air balloons, which inspired us to write our own hot air balloon adventure stories! Wow - a busy and fun week! We are very ready for a holiday after all that hard work! Have a great half term everyone!

Week beginning: 5th February 2024

We have been continuing our exploring of vehicles in the past and this week, we were lucky to have a visit from Mr Sheldrick, who bought his vintage Austin 7 saloon, to show us. We all had lots of questions to ask him and learned so much about cars in the past. Did you know that only the front window opened, there were no seatbelts and no indicator either - the driver had to put his arm out of the window to show he wanted to turn left or right! What a brilliant morning we had! Thank you Mr Sheldrick!

We wrote some wonderful letters to Mr Sheldrick to say "thank you"!

We had wonderfully wet time at Forest School on Thursday! We LOVED the puddles and mud! We then had early pancakes and hot chocolate to warm us up! Delicious!

Week beginning: 29th January 2024

In Dance this week, we have been changing direction and speed to create different pathways and make our dances look more interesting. We have been creating 'weather' inspired movements!

In Science we have been investigating how fast toy cars travel down a ramp. Do they travel faster if the ramp is steeper? We were brilliant at predicting and then investigating to see if our predictions were correct.

In Maths, we have been ordering and comparing numbers within 20 using < > =.

Week beginning: 22nd January 2024

This week in Science, we did a wonderful investigation, thinking about how we could rescue the people trapped in ice. We made some wonderful predictions and had fun seeing if we were right! 

In History, we have been investigating bicycles used today and those used in the past, looking carefully to see how they have changed.

Our school Art Gallery was open this week! We really enjoyed seeing the art through the school, as well as seeing our own displayed there.