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Summer Termly Overviews

Y3/4 Summer 2 Homework

WB Monday 10th July, 2023.


What a brilliant last full week, Wren Class! 


Highlights included: 

- Completing our personalised book covers in DT

- Taking part in an interactive Science workshop all about plants and pollination

- Striding all the way to Little Thetford for our sponsored walk on Friday, cleverly missing the rain showers! 


Have a wonderful weekend. Looking forward to seeing you all for the final 3 days of term! 

WB Monday 3rd July, 2023.


In this second-to-last full week, Wren Class enjoyed: 

- 2 more sessions of swimming in the pool

- Adding more detail to their book covers in DT

- Performing in the KS2 production 'Pirates of the Curry Bean'

- The Summer Fair 


Enjoy the lovely warm weather this weekend!

WB Monday 26th June, 2023.


What a packed week! Highlights included: 


- Releasing the butterflies which had emerged from their cocoons

- Starting to make our book covers in DT

- Growing in confidence with our parts in the KS2 Production

- Welcoming Peter Faulding (who arrived by helicopter) to speak to us about water safety

- Our RE trip to Ely, visiting St. Etheldreda Church, Countess Free Church and Ely Cathedral


Enjoy looking at the photos below wink

WB Monday 19th June, 2023.


Summer 2 is whizzing by, Wren Class!


This week included:

- Making a paper mock up for our book sleeve in DT

- Learning about 'The homesick ruler and the hall of light' in History

- Asking the question 'How are deserts formed?' in Geography

- Considering 'Loss and separation' in PSHE and how some changes are temporary and some are permanent 

- Working on body position and breathing in 2 more swimming lessons

- Joining Y5/6 for the first of the rehearsals for the KS2 Production: Pirates of the Curry Bean 


As well as: 

- Planning, writing and editing our Summer Term writing assessment 

- Consolidating knowledge of tenses (Y4) and accurately punctuating fronted adverbials (Y3) in SPaG

- Completing our block on Time and moving on to Shape (Y3) and also completing our block on Time (Y4)


Do keep submitting homework on Seesaw and continue to encourage good habits in relation to reading records, spellings and times-tables. The drip feed of these basics really, really helps. 


Well done for returning reply slips for the RE Trip to Ely. The trip is on FRIDAY 30th JUNE, meeting at Barton Street Carpark at 9:15am. Pupils are to wear school uniform and have their water bottle and packed lunch with them, preferably in a small rucksack, to carry throughout the day. Please keep checking the weather forecast to know what layers to bring. Pick-up from Barton Street Carpark at 2:45pm.  

Year 3 Sing at Ely Arts Festival Concert at Ely Cathedral

WB Monday 12th June, 2023.


Well done for surviving through the heat of week 2, Wren Class. 


This week included:

- Designing a book sleeve in DT keeping different fastenings in mind

- Asking the question: 'Why did Islam spread so far, so fast?' in History

- Looking at a case study of the Sahara Desert in Geography

- Completing a Science assessment at the end of out unit on 'Plants'

- Learning more about 'The Holiest month' in relation to Ramadan in RE

- Considering how friendships change in PSHE and sharing coping strategies 

- Rainforest body percussion (Y4 Music) and a final rehearsal in preparation for the Ely Arts Festival (Y3 Music)

- 2 more swimming lessons! 


As well as: 

- Continuing to practise using different features in narratives in preparation for our final writing assessment 

- Consolidating knowledge of tenses (Y3) and accurately punctuating fronted adverbials (Y4) in SPaG

- Both year groups working on 'Time' in Maths which is notoriously tricky for this age group. Any additional work on telling the time (using an analogue and/or digital clock) at home would really help boost confidence.  


Do keep submitting homework on Seesaw and continue to encourage good habits in relation to reading records, spellings and times-tables. The drip feed of these basics really, really helps. 


A letter should have made its way home on Friday 16th June to let you know about an exciting RE Trip we have planned for both Y3/4 classes for the Friday 30th June. We MUST have reply slips returned no later than FRIDAY 23rd JUNE in order to confirm numbers with the various locations we'll be visiting so please do return the permission slip as soon as possible. 







WB Monday 5th June, 2023.


Fantastic first week of Summer 2, Wren Class. 


This week included:

- Evaluating fastenings in DT

- Discovering how Islam burst out of Arabia in History

- Asking the question: 'Are deserts always hot?' in Geography

- Explaining pollination and fertilisation of flowers in Science

- Finding out why the Crescent Moon is so important to Muslims in relation to Ramadan

- Reflecting on our own lives and identifying 'changes' in PSHE

- Body percussion (Y4 Music) and another visit from Chris in preparation for the Ely Arts Festival (Y3 Music)

- Our first swimming lesson of the year in the school pool - the new and improved changing rooms are great!

- Competing in Sports Day - showing off speed in the flat races and skill in the 'Spud and Spoon' race!


As well as: 

- Using pictures and story starters as stimuli to write narratives

- Identifying and using nouns (common, proper, collective and abstract)

- Completing the block on Money (Y4 Maths) and continuing Time (Y3 Maths) 


You should have received a hard copy of the homework menu for Summer 2. It is also attached to the top of this class page and on Seesaw. We really look forward to seeing your tasks each Wednesday along with reading records. 


Spelling tests and x-table tests continue each Friday till the end of term so keep up the hard work on those. 


Hopefully you have received a letter about the KS2 production which is called 'Pirates of the Curry Bean'. Wren Class will be singing a song about pirates and so will need an appropriate costume to help get into character. Do refer to the letter for costume ideas. 






WB Monday 22nd May, 2023.


Well done, Wren Class, for getting to the half-term holiday. We're all in need of a rest! 


This week's highlights included: 

- Using pastels in Art

- Learning how to weave and make 3D sculptures down at the Explorer Area 

- Acting out our Little Red Riding Hood play-scripts

- Y3 taking part in an Art workshop and Music workshop in preparation for the Ely Arts Festival


The first week back in Summer 2 is a busy one so here is a list of what you need each day: 

- Monday 5th June: Trainers for Sport's Day practice

- Tuesday 6th June: Trainers for Sport's Day practice and swimming kit

- Wednesday 7th June: Full PE kit for Sport's Day and Reading Records 

- Thursday 8th June: Swimming kit

- Friday 9th June: Spelling test


Enjoy the holiday

WB Monday 15th May, 2023.


We've finally had a 5-day week this half term! Plenty of time to pack in: 


- 'Arabian Worlds' and 'A New Message' in History

- Artwork inspired by recreational activities 

- 'How can we measure earthquakes?' in Geography

- Flower dissection and writing up our cress seed experiment results in Science

- How the message of Jesus spread to the Gentiles and beyond in RE

- Samba pulse and rhythm (Y4) and Ely Arts Festival rehearsals (Y3) in Music


As well as: 

- Looking at word families in SPaG

- Identifying the features of a play-script and focusing on the importance of accurate punctuation

- Completing 'Shape' and moving onto 'Money' (Y4) and starting a new block on 'Time' (Y3) in Maths 


Next week is a 4-day week again as Friday 26th is a training day for staff. Spelling test will, therefore, be on THURSDAY 25th MAY!


Hopefully, you'll already have seen the email from the office about Y3/4 using the Explorer Area next week. Wren Class need to bring in suitable outdoor clothing on TUESDAY 23rd MAY. 


On THURSDAY 25th MAY, Y3 pupils will have an Art workshop in preparation for the Ely Arts Festival Concert so need to bring in an old t-shirt to wear over their uniform. 


What an exciting week ahead of us before the half-term break! 


Enjoy the Feast weekend wink

WB Monday 8th May, 2023.


This week, Wren Class have: 

- Looked at the San Andreas Fault in their Earthquake Geography topic

- Discovered in RE how the news of Jesus spread to the Gentiles after Peter had an unusual vision 

- Set up their cress seed experiment; investigating which growing surface aids seed growth the most in Science 

- Painted and decorated a flock of wrens to help decorate the Feast float

- Completed writing their free verse poetry based on nature and started looking at rhyming poems

- Focused on suffixes in SPaG with Year 4 also finding out about superlatives

- Completed their unit of money (Y3) and continued finding out about shape (Y4) in Maths


As well as enjoying a well-deserved class treat down in the Explorer Area having turned over 24 pegs on our sun plate! Some beautiful photos below. 


As always, keep practising spellings and x-tables for tests on Fridays and try to get back into the habit of reading and recording your books and comments in your reading record as we've had very little evidence these past few weeks. 


Enjoy the weekend laugh

WB Monday 1st May, 2023.


After the May bank holiday, Wren Class managed to fit the following into their 4-day week:

- Completing a newspaper report about The Highway Rat

- Looking at free verse poetry involving using our senses out on the field to generate ideas about nature, identifying alliteration, similes and onomatopoeia in an example poem and having a go at writing so nature verses ourselves

- Identifying prefixes in words and explaining how they change the root word

- Starting new blocks on Money (Y3) and Shape (Y4) in Maths 

- Lesson 2 in History - Growing up in the desert

- Lesson 2 in Science - using MRS GREN as an acronym to remember the 7 characteristics of living things

- Dental health and the importance of sleep in PSHE

- Saul's conversion on the Road to Damascus in RE and how his life completely transformed

As well as:

- Wearing red, white and blue and joining in with an indoor picnic lunch to celebrate the King's Coronation

- Decorating a giant crown on the field using items from nature

- Taking part in Level 1 Bikeability in torrential rain!


Enjoy the 3-day weekend wink

WB Monday 24th April, 2023. 


Summer Week 2 has flown by! 


This week, Wren Class have: 

- Looked at the artist David Hockey and recreated stills of his painting 'My Parents' in Art

- Started the new History unit 'Arabia and Early Islam' with a focus on Makkah: A City in a Desert

- Continued our 'Earthquakes' topic in Geography by asking 'Why do earthquakes happen?'

- Asked questions in RE linked to Peter speaking to the crowd on the Day of Pentecost

- Reviewed out active diaries in PSHE and thought about how to improve strength, stamina and flexibility


As well as: 

- Finding fractions of a quantity (Y3) and consolidating work on tenths and hundredths (Y4) in Maths

- Looking at features of a Newspaper Report in English and starting to write one based on The Highway Rat

- Looking at root words in Grammar and thinking about prefixes and suffixes that can be used to extend

- Completing weekly spelling and times-table tests


Due to photocopier issues, pupils have brought their hand-written spellings home this week on a green card book mark so do practise these ready for the test on Friday 5th May. 


Friday 5th May will be a busy day with Level 1 Bikeablity. Please remember to come to school appropriately dressed for Bikeability (check the weather forecast) if you signed up for this and don't forget your bike and helmet! This is also the day when we will have some special things happening ahead of the Coronation of King Charles 3rd. 


Monday 1st May is a bank holiday so please do not come into school! Enjoy the long weekend smiley


WB Monday 17th April, 2023.


Welcome to Summer Term Wren Class! 


My, how you have all grown over the Easter holidays - not just physically but also with your maturity. You have come back to our final term with excellent attitudes, ready to learn. 


Although it has only been a 4 day week, we've managed to pack in: 

- Lesson 1 on 'Earthquakes' in Geography

- An introduction to Rounders in PE, ensuring everyone knows the same rules!

- Lesson 1 on 'Plants' in Science focusing on the 4 main parts of a plant (root, stem, leaves and flower)

- Lesson 1 on 'Healthy Lifestyles' in PSHE where we looked at case studies to identify healthy habits

- Lesson 1 on 'Message of Jesus Spreads' in RE with a focus on the Day of Pentecost

- Lesson 1 on 'Samba' in Music (Y4) and starting to prepare for the Ely Arts Festival Cathedral concert (Y3)


As well as: 

- Using the text 'The Highway Rat' to write character descriptions

- Starting a new block on 'Fractions' (Y3 Maths) and continuing 'Decimals' (Y4 Maths) 


Well done for remembering to come into school in your PE kit on Wednesday. It saved so much learning time being ready for the lesson so remember to do the same next week. 


Spellings were sent home on Friday 21st April so be sure to learn these for the test on Friday 28th April. As always, if you misplace your spellings, please do ask for a new copy as we make plenty of spares. 


The homework log was handed out as a hard copy and has been uploaded on this page of the website and on Seesaw. We're looking forward to seeing your first task when we check it on Wednesday 26th April along with completed  reading records. 


See you next week wink


WB Monday 27th March, 2023.


Woohoo! Well done Y3/4 for successfully completing Spring Term!


This week we have:

- Completed building our pavilions (Roman towers) in DT

- Finished studying 'Christianity in Three Empires' in History

- Shown off our Science knowledge in our end of block assessment on forces and magnets

- Discovered how Jesus' followers reacted when he appeared to them - alive!

- Considered safe and unsafe secrets and now to recognise and report abuse in PSHE

- Completed blocks in Maths: Mass and Capacity (Y3) and Fractions (Y4)

- Written from the perspective of a member from the Gregg (now Egg) family

- Started a story sequel for The Magic Finger


As well as: 

- Watching and listening to drama, songs and stories linked to Easter in the GenR8 assembly

- Celebrating the learning of Rabbit Class through their class assembly

- Taking part in an Easter Egg Hunt

- Finding out the lucky winners of the Rainbow Raffle


What a tremendous week to finish the term! 


No spellings are set over the long holidays so do enjoy a well-earned Easter break and we'll see you all, back in school, on TUESDAY 18th APRIL.

WB Monday 20th March, 2023.


Well done for completing the penultimate week of Spring Term Wren Class - we're almost there! 


This week has included:

- Learning about 'A High and Holy Place' in History

- More sawing and hot-glue gunning in DT (the pavilions are definitely taking shape)

- Exploring 'Summer in the sun' in our Tourism Geography unit

- Growing in confidence in Dodgeball and OAA in PE

- Consolidating Forces and Magnets in Science ahead of the end of unit test next week

- Sequencing the events after Jesus' death leading to his resurrection in RE

- Considering 'Bodily Autonomy' in PSHE - thinking about our personal space and practising saying "No!" in a firm voice

- Writing a short, persuasive text linked to The Magic Finger: Should the ducks shoot the Greggs or not? 

- Practising sentence demarcation and the use of apostrophes for contraction. These were highlighted as a weakness in the recent writing assessments and can easily be fixed! 

- Measuring mass in grams and kilograms, finding equivalent masses, comparing mass and adding/subtracting mass in Year 3 Maths

- Converting improper fractions to mixed numbers, finding equivalent fractions and adding fractions in Year 4 Maths


As well as enjoying watching Robin Class assembly and wearing non-uniform on Friday to help with the rainbow raffle! Many thanks for all the fabulous donations - who knew you could find so many blue, edible treats?!?


It was great to see so many parents on Thursday 23rd and we look forward to seeing more of you on Tuesday 28th at the second parents' evening. A number of you mentioned that spellings do not always make it home. If your child ever needs a spare set of spellings, please do ecourage them to ask for another copy as we make plenty of spares. 


Final week to submit Spring 2 homework!



WB Monday 13th March, 2023. 


This week, Wren Class have: 

- Learnt about the African Empire: Aksum in History

- Used hot glue guns to stick their cut wooden pieces together to start forming their pavilions

- Looked at 'Changing Tourism' in Geography

- Continued with Dodgeball (Y3) and OAA (Y4) in PE

- Investigated magnet strength and watched videos linked to jobs in Science as part of our Science Week focus

- Considered thoughts, feelings and words that may have been spoken during the crucifixion of Jesus in RE

- Been 'crafty' making a special surprise for a special someone on Sunday 19th (shhhhh!)


As well as:

- Completing the Spring Term PIRA and PUMA assessments

- Writing a survival guide for someone who has been turned into a snake, mouse, elephant or bat by the Magic Finger

- Performing in the Wren Class assembly on Tuesday 14th - showing off their learning from Spring Term

- Moving onto Scales (Y3 Maths) and continuing with mixed numbers and improper fractions (Y4 Maths)

- Supporting Red Nose Day by paying £1 to wear red! 


Phew! A well-deserved rest is needed this weekend smiley


WB Monday 6th March, 2023. 


Although Spring flowers are appearing, the weather was most definitely been wintery this week with plummeting temperatures, rain, sleet and snow! Well done for braving the cold and making the most out of wet playtimes. 


This week, pupils have: 

- Discovered how the Byzantine Empire continued on in History

- Cut wood ready to glue together to form the frame of their pavilions in DT

- Been on a theoretical Mountain Adventure in Geography

- Continued Dodgeball (Y3) and OAA (Y4) in PE

- Experimented in Science to sort classroom objects into those that are attracted and those that are repelled by a bar magnet

- Read and watched an animation about the arrest and punishment of Jesus in RE


As well as Year 3 pupils working on fractions on a number line and finding equivalent fractions in Maths and Year 4 pupils completing their end of block assessment on 'Length and Perimeter' and moving onto fractions with a focus on mixed numbers (partitioning them and placing them on a number line). 


Pupils also completed their Spring Term writing assessment which was an opportunity to show off their spelling, punctuation and grammar in the context of a fictional story written in the past tense and 3rd person. 


Keep recording your reading aiming for 4 reads a week and chip away at spellings and x-tables each evening in preparation for your next tests on Friday 17th March (St Patrick's Day and Red Nose Day!!!)


Stay safe! 

WB Monday 27th February, 2023. 


What a great week of focused work with a real celebration of reading at the end with World Book Day! 


This week included:

- Learning about 'Emperor Constantine's big changes' in History

- Using ideas from the marshmallow/cocktail task last week to design a pavilion in DT

- Finding out about different types of tourism in Geography

- Honing throwing and catching skills to help with dodgeball (Y3) and following sets of instructions in OAA (Y4)

- Testing the force required to move a mass along different surfaces in Science

- Reading and discussing the Last Supper and Jesus washing his disciples' feet in RE

- Identifying trusted adults who help make up our network of support in PSHE 


As well as comparing and ordering fractions (Year 3 Maths) and calculating perimeters of rectilinear shapes and regular and irregular polygons (Year 4 Maths). 


Pupils are thoroughly enjoying 'The Magic Finger' in English and completed planning a narrative story ready to write next week. It will be a great opportunity to show off SPaG knowledge of writing in the past tense as that's what we've been focusing on recently in our Grammar Works sessions. 


Don't forget to keep filling in your reading record to be checked on Wednesdays and keep chipping away at your spellings and x-tables each day in preparation for tests on Friday 10th March. 


Enjoy your weekend. 

WB 20th February, 2023. 


What a great first week back after the February half-term holiday. The days are getting longer and it really seems to be helping everyone's concentration and mood! 


This week, highlights have included: 

- Starting a new History topic: Christianity in three empires

- Exploring frame structures in DT (check out the marshmallow photos below!)

- Starting a new Geography topic: Tourism 

- Dodgeball (Y3) and OAA (Y4) in PE

- Considering pushes and pulls in our new Science topic: Forces

- Learning about Palm Sunday in RE

- Thinking about emotions, safe spaces and early warning signs when we feel unsafe in PSHE

- Keeping the tempo in Music whilst singing a round 


As well as:

- Completing Multiplication and Division and starting Fractions (Y3 Maths) and starting a new unit on Length and Perimeter (Y4 Maths)

- Starting a new book in English: The Magic Finger, and writing our own transformation stories


New spellings were sent home today to be tested on Friday 3rd March. 


Don't forget to aim for 4 reads in your reading record each week and keep using your TTRS log-ins to improve your times-table recall speed. 


Have a lovely weekend!

WB 6th February, 2023. 


Our final week began with an exciting Roman Day packed with activities to help consolidate all we have learnt in History so far this year. Well done for throwing yourselves into all the activities and for wearing such terrific costumes! Do check out the photos below. 


Other highlights included: 

- Completing our Coastal Processes unit in Geography

- Carrying out a soil permeability experiment in Science

- Perfecting balances in PE

- Growing in confidence in multiplication and division in Maths


Spellings to be tested on 24th February were sent home today along with all reading records and books to read. 


A Bikeability consent form will be sent home on Monday 20th February (straight after the half term holiday) which needs to be returned by THURSDAY 23rd FEBRUARY if your child would like to take part in the Level 1 course. If you did this course in Year 3, you do not need to complete this course again - it is an opportunity for any Year 4 pupils who missed out last year and, of course, for all the Year 3s. 


After half term, we'll be making pavilions in DT and would really appreciate any thick card (packaging boxes would be ideal) to be brought into school in the first week back. Many thanks. 


Have a wonderful half-term holiday - enjoy the longer days and getting out in the fresh air! 

WB 30th January, 2023.


Time is flying! Hard to believe just one more full week before the February half term holiday!


This week, pupils have:

- Looked at the Roman town of Aquae Sulis in History

- Created compositions using classroom items and sketched their work ready to paint in Art

- Discovered facts about the Jurassic Coast in Geography (neat link with fossils in Science)

- Worked on sequencing gymnastic moves with a partner in PE

- Considered the permeability of soil in Science and talked through the experiment to be carried out next week

- Continued learning about the life and ministry of Jesus with a focus on the Transfiguration in RE

- Shared positive messages with one another in PSHE to build one another up

as well as:

- Writing descriptively in English, using photographs as stimuli

- Multiplying 2-digit numbers by a 1-digit number in Maths (Y3) and dividing 2-digit or 3-digit numbers by a 1-digit number (Y4)


Don't forget ROMAN DAY on MONDAY 6th FEBRUARY - looking forward to seeing costumes! 


Also, one more week to submit your 5 homework tasks on Seesaw from the Spring 1 homework menu.

A new menu will be set after the February half term so last chance to get your tasks done. 


Have a wonderful weekend smiley

WB 23rd January, 2023.


This week kicked off with some dramatic history as the children learned about the reasons for the Celtic revolt led by Boudica against the Roman rule. They found out why she was so upset and about the many battles and the wave of destruction she brought to Roman cities in the South East. They followed the story up to her final defeat at the Battle of Watling Street.


Geography was a slightly slower paced lesson as the children learned about the creation of four important coastal landforms: beaches, bays, cliffs and headlands.


Year 4 spent a bit of time preparing their school concert to share the songs and memories they have from the Young Voices event last week. This took place on Friday afternoon to an audience including families and people from home.


While they prepared, Year 3 learned about the four processes that create soil: addition, losses, translocation and transformation in Science. As a group, we made our own compost experiment to watch them in action.


In RE, they listened to the story of the Good Samaritan and retold the parable using pictures and words.


In English, the children were given a dramatic picture and, after some planning together, were challenged to describe the scene using their most powerful words and creative sentences. 


In Maths, Y3 completed length and perimeter and have now moved on to multiples of ten and also using related multiplication and division facts. Year 4 have been using column multiplication both expanded and compact.


Please don’t forget to reply to the letter about our Roman Day on Monday 6th February. It should be a lot of fun :) 


New spellings went out today – keep that practice up!

WB Monday 16th January, 2023.


This has been a very exciting and busy week for Wren class.


On Wednesday, the Year 4 children went to the O2 Arena to take part in Young Voices 2023. They have been practising the songs since September and were all keen to show off their voices. It was a very long day but was a fantastic experience for everyone. Don’t forget, Year 4 parents and carers are welcome to attend the mini Young Voices Concert in the school hall on Friday 27th January at 2.15pm. 


On Friday, the school celebrated Chinese New Year with a special hot lunch. Most of the children took part and enjoyed the specially prepared food for the occasion. Hedgehog Class also sold yummy cakes at morning break. Thank you to all who brought in money. 


We have squeezed in a few lessons this week too!


In English, the children have been challenged to use dictionaries to look up meanings of unfamiliar words and a thesaurus to find alternatives. They also used a picture as a stimulus to practise writing some quality sentences. This will support us with descriptive writing next week.


In Science, Robin class have continued looked at fossils and the pioneering work of Mary Anning. 


In Maths, Y3 have extended their measuring work and then used these skills to explore perimeter of regular and irregular shapes. Year 4 have been consolidating multiplication and quick recall of times tables.


In Religious Education, we are watching part of 'The Jesus Film' to focus in on the parables he told and the miracles and healings he performed. 


Caratacus’ resistance of the Roman invasion has been the subject of History. The children learned about who he was and have followed his progress across Britannia during the wars that he fought.


For Geography, the children continued to look at coastlines, exploring transportation and deposition, as well as human built coastal defences against erosion. 


I hope you all have a restful weekend.

WB 9th January, 2023.


Well done, Wren Class, for completing your first full week of Spring Term. You have been busy: 

- Starting a new History unit: Roman Britain

- Starting a new Art unit: painting

- Starting a new PE unit: gymnastics

- Starting a new Geography unit: Coastal processes and landforms

- Continuing to look at rocks in Science with a focus on fossils

- Finding out more about the life of Jesus; the calling of the disciples and his early teachings

- Considering stereotypes linked to gender in PSHE

- Converting measure (Y3) and multiplying/dividing by 10 and 100 (Y4) in Maths

- Writing metaphor poems linked to the season 'Winter'


Our poems should be on display in the cloakroom by the end of next week so do pop in at the end of the school day to have a look. 


Reading records have had their first check and the first spelling test and x-table test has been completed so we're all up and running again. 


Have a thoroughly well-deserved weekend!

WB 2nd January, 2023. 




It has been great to welcome pupils back to school this week on Thursday and Friday. Most of the coughs and colds from December have cleared and it has been wonderful to see pupils returning with can-do attitudes. 


We've been straight back into work:

- Sentence level tasks in English

- Measuring length (Y3 Maths)

- Finding factors and using them for multiplication (Y4 Maths)

- Investigating Rocks (Science)

- Early stories of Jesus' life (RE)

- Identity (PSHE)

as well as enjoying our class treat for turning over all 24 pegs on the plate in Autumn Term - well done! 


You will find the homework for Spring 1 on the website. A hard copy of this should have also made its way home on Friday along with the new spelling list to be tested on Friday 13th January. 


Have a restful weekend. 

WB 19th December, 2022.


Well done everyone for getting to the end of Autumn Term! 


It's been a great half-week to finish off the term. 


Highlights included:

- Testing our cars in DT

- Enjoying a pantomime (oh yes we did!)

- Performing in the Carol Service in St James' Church

- Enjoying Christmas lunch together


It only leaves us now to say ... Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

WB Monday 12th December, 2022.


Hard to believe that we've finished the last full week before the Christmas holidays!

It has been a week of finishing things off:

- Cars have now been completely made in DT and are ready to be tested next week

- Our History unit 'Roman Empire' is now complete

- The Geography unit 'Population' is also done

- RE unit 'The Birth of Jesus' is complete 

- The Science unit 'Animals including Humans' is also done

Both Y3 and Y4 also completed their Maths units on multiplication and division and had their end of unit assessments this week. 

The final spelling test for the term was done on Friday. No new spellings have been set over Christmas so you can properly enjoy a holiday. Look out for the new spellings when we return in January. 


Next week will be busy with rehearsing for the Carol Service which will be at St James' Parish Church on Wednesday. We look forward to seeing lots of you there. 


Have a restful weekend and keep warm!

WB Monday 5th December, 2022. 

Another week has flown by! 

Wren Class have been busy showing off in their Reading and Maths assessments - great to see how your test strategies and stamina is improving. Great attitudes all round! 

In Maths, both Year 3 and Year 4 are nearing the end of their blocks on Multiplication and Division. These should be complete by the end of term. 

The mechanised cars are really taking shape in DT - the focus now will be designing and making a streamlined car body before the cars are put to the test and launched! 

Pupils braved the cold on Tuesday taking PE outdoors to free up the hall for KS1 Nativity rehearsal. Thankfully, circuit training kept everyone toasty warm. 

We learnt, in Science, how muscles in our bodies work in pairs and looked specifically at biceps and triceps. 

With film night on Thursday the 8th and Christmas jumper day on Friday the 9th, we're all getting into the holiday spirit. 

The last spelling list for the term came home on Friday. If you were absent, be sure to collect your list from Mrs Hawes on Monday. Don't forget to submit any last-minute homework in the coming week and keep filling in your reading record. 

Have a restful weekend. 

WB 28th November, 2022.

All the wonderful Christmas craft has been beautifully displayed around the school welcoming in the Christmas season! 

This week, Wren Class have worked hard on their Autumn Term writing assessment - a recount about craft morning. 

Both Year 3 and Year 4 have continued with their Maths blocks on multiplication and division. 

The mechanical cars are beginning to take shape with wheels attached to chassis and car body designs developing. 

The PE dance unit has come to an end with pupils performing their 'Spy' or 'Country and Western' dances for their peers. 

In Science, pupils worked well together in groups to share investigation results and draw conclusions. Many found that the length of a femur did not actually affect the distance a person could jump - who knew? 

Just a few more opportunities to get homeworks in before the end of term. Remember, the expectation is to complete 5 of the 7 tasks that were set for Autumn 2. 

Enjoy the weekend :) 


WB 21st November, 2022.


What a wonderfully creative week it has been in Wren Class. 

On Monday, pupils starting making their mechanical cars in DT and considered car body designs. 

Each day, they have been adding to their independent write in English - an explanation text about skeletons - which has been our most challenging writing task to date. 

In Maths, both Year 3 and Year 4 have continued working on multiplication; spotting patterns and explaining their understanding. 

And what a great finale to the week - craft morning on Friday! It was lovely to have so many family members join us to re-use and re-cycle materials to make some stunning decorations. We look forward to displaying pupils' work in the school next week and then sending home for you to display before the end of term. 

Keep chipping away at homework, reading, times-tables and spellings. Year 3 only have 10 spelling words this week as they are more challenging than usual. 

Enjoy the weekend!

WB 14th November, 2022.

Another successful week has flown by!

In English, we've completed a shared explanation text all about lunch at Stretham Primary School. Stamina for writing is really starting to build up. 

In Maths, Year 3 have completed their block on Addition and Subtraction and Year 4, their block on Area. Both year groups are now moving onto blocks on Multiplication and Division. 

Wren Class have had a real focus on History these past three weeks. This will now flip to DT for the next three weeks and the long-awaited making of mechanical cars. Be sure to look at car designs that you spot out and about as this may help you with your own model car. 

The PE dance routines looked fabulous on Tuesday - be sure to look at some photos below. 

Great to see you all show your support this week by wearing odd socks on Monday to mark the start of Kindness Week and spots and/or stripes on Friday to mark Children in Need. We had the lovely opportunity to spend more time on PSHE; thinking about being assertive when someone is being unkind to us and using positive visualisation as a technique to help us focus on pleasant things in our lives. 

Keep going with filling in your reading records and submitting your homework on Seesaw - please remember these are due in on WEDNESDAY mornings (by 9am please). 

Friday 25th November is our Christmas (dare I say that word in November?!?) Craft Morning. We are so looking forward to getting into the festive spirit. 

Have a wonderful weekend. 

WB 7th November, 2022.


That's the end of week 2 already! What fun you all had down at the Explorer area - well done for bringing in suitable clothing to really get the most out of the experience. Lots of wonderful photos below to show what we got up to! 


In English, we're well on the way with explanation texts and practised writing in the PRESENT tense this week. 


Year 4 mathematicians completed the addition and subtraction block of work, a revision session and the end of unit assessment before moving onto a short unit all about 'Area'. 

Year 3 are now near the end of their addition and subtraction unit which will conclude with their end of unit assessment at the end of next week. Column addition and subtraction is now looking great! 


More Romans in History, skeletons in Science and continuing the Nativity story in RE as well as considering our strengths and strengths we'd like to develop in PSHE. 


Well done for being so respectful during the 1-minute silence today on the playground to mark Remembrance Day. We know many of you will take great pride in being involved in various services over the weekend. 


Next week is a busy one with Anti-bullying week and Children in Need. Remember to wear ODD SOCKS on Monday 14th and SPOTS/STRIPES on Friday 18th to show your support. 


See you next week. 



WB 31st October, 2022. 


So great to see you all return after the half term well-rested and ready to learn! 


We hit the ground running with a new unit in English - Explanation Texts - identifying key features, openers, technical vocabulary and punctuation as well as continuing our grammar tasks, handwriting and weekly spelling test. 


Both Year 3 and 4 have continued Block B in Maths - addition and subtraction - and are growing in confidence in using efficient methods. 


History and RE topics of 'The Romans' and 'The Birth of Jesus' continue this term whilst in Geography, we've moved onto 'Population'. 


We've started a new PE unit (dance), a new Science unit (animals, including humans) and a new PSHE unit (working together). We look forward to sharing news and photos of our new units in the weeks to come. 


Well done for those of you who have brought in wellies to school. These were particularly useful on Thursday when it poured! Please remember to bring a waterproof coat each day to school - no coat in wet weather results in spending playtimes in the roundhouse. 


On TUESDAY 8th NOVEMBER, Wren Class will be spending the afternoon in the Explorer Area. Mrs Hawes has sent a detailed letter about this but also flagging it up here to remind you to bring an apporpriate change of clothes for the afternoon session. 


Have a wonderful weekend and be sure to keep yourselves and others safe at any fireworks displays you attend. 

WB 17th October, 2022.

What a marvellous final week before the half-term holiday 😊.

We’ve completed LOTs of topics/units/blocks, including assessments to show what we know now and what we do not know yet.

History was particularly fun as we acted out being Hannibal’s Army, including war elephants!

We finally revealed the results of our UV light experiment – who knew purple sugar paper could fade so much?!? And what a funny surprise we had from the bird sticker!

‘Escape from Pompeii’ is now complete so it was time to write some book reviews.

In Maths, addition and subtraction continues for both classes with Y3 moving onto column method after half term and Y4 thinking about efficient methods of working.

The new homework menu is available on the school website and has been uploaded on Seesaw. Be sure to have a look and choose your first task to submit by Wednesday 2nd November.

Coat pegs and trays were cleared this week so please be sure to have a good sort through bags and wash any PE kits ready for the return to school.

As the weather is turning, please also try to send in wellies for your child to use during playtimes – we like to get outside and onto the field as much as possible.

Enjoy a well-deserved half-term break. Rest lots and look after yourselves till we meet again!


WB 10th October, 2022.

It’s hard to believe that we’re already at the end of week 6!

Wrens have worked their socks off on their ‘Messages in a Bottle’ which will soon be on display in the Year 3/4 cloakrooms. Be sure to pop in at some point towards the end of the half term to celebrate your child’s achievements.

In Maths, both Year 3 and Year 4 are continuing with addition and subtraction which includes mental and written methods.

In PE, we’ve been focusing on improving our balance (see photos below).

Do keep submitting homework tasks on Seesaw and don’t forget that reading, spelling practice and x-tables are also weekly expectations.

Hope you enjoy a relaxing weekend and we look forward to catching up more about your child’s progress at parents’ evenings on Tuesday 18th and Thursday 20th October.  

WB 3rd October, 2022.

What an amazing week Wren Class!

How wonderful to see your Artwork at the Harvest assembly on Tuesday 4th.

You’ve now completed your ‘Captain’s Log’ in English and started planning your ‘Message in a Bottle’ based on the text ‘Escape from Pompeii’.

You shared all you’ve done so far in English in a wonderful class assembly on Friday 7th – how grown up you all looked and what confidence!

In Maths, Year 3 have continued to work on Block B – Addition and Subtraction while Year 4 have completed Block A – Place Value and completed an end of block assessment.

In RE, pupils thoroughly enjoyed adding Tom Gates style illustrations to the angel’s message known as The Annunciation.

Spelling scores and x-table scores are on the up and even more homework and reading records are being completed – fabulous!

Enjoy a well-deserved break this weekend 😊