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Summer Term Curriculum Overview

Summer Term Curriculum Overview

Summer Term Homework Menu

WB Monday 20th May, 2024.


To all the wonderful parents, carers and pupils of Wren Class - thank you so much for being so amazing! I have absolutely loved teaching in Year 3 this year and will never forget all your kindness and support. You are truly phenomenal and I look forward to hearing all your news from Mrs Hawes and Miss Gordon. 


Have a wonderful half-term holiday and enjoy the rest of the year!


Mrs Tait 

Peg treat using the Year R outdoor area!

WB Monday 13th May, 2024.


It was a VERY busy week in school! We were all so proud of the Year 6 pupils for sitting their SATS with such great attitudes. They were excellent role models to the younger pupils in relation to trying your best! 


Wren Class, this week, worked very hard on: 

- Completing their Maths unit on 'Money' and starting a new unit on 'Statistics'

- Making posters for the Stretham Feast float linked to Mrs Hawes' class novel 'Fantastic Mr Fox'

- Further investigating structures in DT

- Starting their new unit in History: Ancient Greece

- Teamwork skills in OAA in PE

- Learning scientific names for bones in the human skeleton

- Recording their learning from the unit on Agriculture in Geography

- Identifying word families, their root words, prefixes and suffixes in SPaG


It has been great this week to have Miss Gordon visit Wren Class; getting to know names, personalities and learning styles. We look forward to her popping in again next week and then officially starting after the May half-term break. 


Have a wonderful weekend, Year 3. Have fun at the 'Colour Dash' and at all the 'Stretham Feast' activities smiley


Make posters for the Feast float!

WB Monday 6th May, 2024.


It was a slightly shorter week due to bank holiday Monday but Wren Class still managed to pack in: 


- Starting 'Money' in Maths, focusing on adding amounts (up to £10) and converting between pounds and pence

- Looking at even more suffixes which can be added to root words

- Using our spellings to practise joined handwriting

- Continuing 'Fantastic Mr Fox' and 'The House at Pooh Corner' 

- Honing teamwork skills in order to complete OAA tasks in PE

- Learning about some very dramatic Grecian battles in History

- Investigating how to make toilet roll and kitchen roll tubes into strong structures

- Completing 'Agriculture' in Geography with a look at sheep farming (including shearing)

- Taking part in an exciting Art workshop to create headbands for the Ely Fest event in June

- Sorting drugs listed last week and discussing 'Medicines' in more detail 

- Watching the story of 'Joseph' in R&W


Phew! What a lot of excellent learning smiley

Money Problems in Maths


Art workshop

WB Monday 29th April, 2024.


Summer Week 3 marked National Skipping Week! Year 3 thoroughly threw themselves into the event and felt an immense sense of pride and achievement in their improved skipping skills and resulting fitness levels. 


Wren Class also took part in a drumming workshop and saw the importance of listening to those around them! 


In DT, pupils took great care to cut nets of cylinders accurately to form columns (important in Grecian buildings). 


In English, pupils wrote instructions for playing 'Poohsticks' - a game we hope you'll enjoy playing at some point in the near future! 

Skipping Week

Drumming Workshop

DT Structures

WB Monday 22nd April, 2024.


A packed week with Year 3 pupils showing excellent stamina! 


Lessons included: 

- Focusing on Capacity in Maths and reading volumes of liquid in litres and millilitres

- Continuing our class novels: 'Fantastic Mr Fox' and 'The House at Pooh Corner'

- Looking at reading texts linked to 'Healthy eating'

- Taking part in Level 1 'Bikeability'

- Starting to think about structures found in Greece to inspire our DT models

- Continuing 'Persia and Greece' in History

- Looking at 'Arable Farming' in Geography

- Reading food labels to consider nutritional values of food in Science

- Starting to learn some for the Ely Fest event at Ely Cathedral in June

- Watching the story of 'Isaac and Rebekah' in Religion & Worldviews

- Recapping and embedding 'Root Words' and how these can be changed by adding prefixes and suffixes 


Please remember to: 

- Submit weekly homework tasks on Seesaw by 9am on Wednesday each week

- Bring in your reading record each Wednesday to be checked

- Bring in library books to be swapped on Thursdays 

- Prepare for you weekly spelling test each Friday


WB Monday 15th April, 2024.


Welcome to Summer Term! Please do have a look at the the Curriculum Overview to check out what will be taught over the coming weeks. You'll also see the new Homework Menu with tasks linked to our learning which can be posted on Seesaw or brought into school on Wednesdays along with Reading Records. 


This week, we have continued some topics from Spring Term (as it was so short): 

- Persia and Greece in History

- Nutrition in Science

- Agriculture in Geography 


But also started some new topics: 

- OAA (outdoor and adventurous activity) in PE

- Mass and Capacity in Maths

- Fantastic Mr Fox (Mrs Hawes' class novel on Mon-Wed)

- The House at Pooh Corner (Mrs Tait's class novel on Thu-Fri)


On Thursday 18th April, we had a special Religion and Worldviews visit from Miss Twitchett. She was so impressed to hear how Year 3 pupils were able to debate 'charity' and how respectful they were in sharing opinions on how we should treat others. We were also fortunate enough to sample lots of yummy treats linked to the Jewish festival 'Passover' - yum! 

Mass and Capacity - Build it!

OAA - Focus on teamwork and communication

Religion and Worldviews Workshop

WB Monday 25th March, 2024 - The Bee Musical!

WB Monday 18th March, 2024.


It has been a very busy and very topsy-turvy week! Well done Wren Class for just running with it and showing great flexibility! We have: 

- Planned and draft-written our non-chronological reports for our Spring Term Writing Assessment 

- Completed a PUMA Maths Assessment paper 

- Had oodles of rehearsals for 'The Bee Musical' on the stage!!!


We are so very excited to show you the end product and hope you can join us to see the production on...


WEDNESDAY 27th MARCH at 2:15pm smiley


Using Number lines in Maths

WB Monday 11th March, 2024.


This week, Wren Class enjoyed taking part in time-related activities celebrating 'British Science Week'. These included: 

- Speed-writing names

- Estimating the length of a minute

- Creating a pendulum clock that would swing for exactly 30 seconds

- Making a water clock using an empty 2L bottle


It was great to come together as a whole school during Thursday assembly to showcase the best pendulum clocks. Well done to Ladybird Class for winning! 


Thank you to Mrs Dunham for organising all the events including the gadget shops smiley

Exploring Time

Pendulum Clocks

Water Clocks