Stretham Community Primary School


Robin Class 2021

Week beginning 11th July


We have had a lovely week in Robin class this week.  In Science, we have been working scientifically to devise an experiment to see how different colour dyes move at different speeds when immersed in water.  It has been a very hot week, so we have had breaks for cooling activities too!  Next week will be even warmer, so please make sure that you have your water bottle in school, wear plenty of suncream and have a wide-brimmed hat with you to protect during the short periods that we will be outside.

Week beginning 4th July 2022


This week, we have been very excited to start our swimming lessons in the pool.  Fortunately, our lessons have now coincided with the warm weather and it has been glorious!  We have been practising our strokes and getting used to being under the water.  In English, we have been writing our own limericks and in RE we have been learning about David and Solomon.  Our class butterflies have now fully emerged and we were also very excited to release them into the wild.

Summer Term 2022

Week Beginning Monday 25th June 2022

We have thoroughly enjoyed practising our songs for the KS2 production! We can't wait for you to come and watch us be a part of the big performance happening next week!

Week Beginning Monday 20th June 2022

We LOVED doing den building in our Forest School session this week. The children worked beautifully in their teams to build fabulous dens which they could use for imaginary play!

We enjoyed another Art lesson this week, painting lizards using only green, black and white. We learnt that artists create tone in their work by adding tints using white paint mixed with the original colour and shades using black paint. The children worked hard to blend the colours together smoothly using long brush strokes.

Week Beginning Monday 13th June 2022

In Art this week, we looked at a drawing by Carl Giles and annotated what was happening in the picture and what it depicted. We used this to inspire our own cartoon characters for our families. Robin Class did a good job making their characters! We have had a super week and we have enjoyed the sunshine too!

We had a wonderful visit from a school governor who spoke to us all about the Greek language. We learnt how Greek letters are very different to our alphabet and translated some of the words. This children really enjoyed their Greek talk!

Week Beginning Monday 6th June 2022

In our PE lessons we are continuing our skill development around the game rounders. We made barriers to try to trap the ball when it comes towards us when fielding and we also worked on our batting!

In History, we have started our learning about Alexander the Great and we have learnt about hoplites in Greece and Macedon. They form phalanx which are rows of soldiers and hold their sarissas in different positions. We had fun acting out their formations!

Week Beginning Monday 23rd May 2022

We have enjoyed our 'Eating Seasonally' topic this half term for DT. The children made vegetable tarts this week using seasonal vegetables and practised many skills like cutting/chopping, following a recipe and evaluating their efforts. They did taste delicious - well done Robins.

Our trip to Denny Abbey last week was very exciting and we learnt a lot about 'Farming in the Fens'. It was great to recap on some of our learning from last half term! Thank you to everyone who transported children on the day!

Week Beginning Monday 16th May 2022

SPORTS DAY! We had a lot of fun racing against our class mates and then cheering others on in our houses! We all ran as fast as we could...

In Maths this week, we have been learning to tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes. They have been working really hard to answer some tricky time related problems and use the appropriate vocabulary.

Week Beginning Monday 9th May 2022

This week, our PE lesson was a lot of fun playing mini games of rounders and learning about the different positions within the game. The children did a brilliant job of striking the ball which was bowled to them - I was so impressed! All children continued to practise their throwing and catching skills.

Science this week was all about 'complete or incomplete' circuits. The children had to test different circuits to determine whether they would turn the light bulb on or not.

Week Beginning Monday 2nd May 2022

Some of us created paper plate volcanoes to display as part of our Geography topic. The children had fun painting and collaging their vicious volcanoes and they turned out brilliant!

We LOVED doing Bikeability this week. All children who participated achieved their Level 1 certificate! Well done Robin Class!

Week Beginning Monday 25th April 2022

Robin Class enjoyed their first singing assembly for quite some time! It was lovely being together again as a whole school. We sang a version of 'I'm a believer'!

We found volcano related words in the dictionary this week! Robin Class used their knowledge of how a dictionary works to make finding the words easier. They all worked very well with their Learning Partners!

Week Beginning Monday 18th April 2022

The children have had a fantastic start to the Summer Term - full of energy and enthusiasm for their learning. We started our Geography topic about Volcanoes by learning about the layers of the Earth. We created 3D models out of plasticine to have on display. Ask me about the different layers of the Earth!

We learned about Haiku poems and created our own! We performed them to the class reading with confidence and clarity!

Spring Term 2022

Week Beginning Monday 28th March 2022

In our PE lesson this week, we played 3 games of Benchball! It was a lot of fun and we learnt about communication and 'finding space' during these games. It made us realise how we have to throw the ball accurately to each other in order to be successful!

In Science, we created our own classification keys for urban and woodland animals. We had to ask questions to get a yes or no about their characteristics! Robins did a brilliant job presenting their work to the rest of the class.

Week Beginning Monday 21st March 2022

Robin Class loved having 'The Animal Experience' in as part of their Living Things and their Habitats Science topic! They learnt so many facts about the different animals and were they live. They also thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to hold or touch the animals - they were all so brave!

Year 3s have started their work on fractions by splitting up a a 'whole' into different 'parts'. They used different resources to find equal and unequal parts. Year 4s have been extending this knowledge by finding fractions of a set of objects.

Week Beginning Monday 14th March 2022

We have done a few Science related activities this week: year 3s looked into the lifecycle of a frog, we explored the idea of optical illusions and we went on an invertebrate hunt to see where animals live and grow.

We began writing a set of instructions about 'How to Play Snakes and Ladders' at the beginning of the week. We had no other option... We had to start by making and playing the board game! The children had a lot of fun and it was good ruler practice!

Week Beginning Monday 7th March 2022

Robin Class were delighted with their observational drawings this week. We looked at fizzy drink cans in detail, using our knowledge from last week about geometric shapes. They sketched out their guidelines of the can and then added details like the writing.

We learnt about classification this week in Science and the children worked hard to classify different animals by asking questions. We learnt about vertebrates and the 5 different vertebrate groups. Ask your child if they remember them!

Week Beginning Monday 28th February 2022

Robin Class enjoyed our cosy World Book Day celebrations and dressing up in pyjamas! We enjoyed reading a wonderful story and taking part in the BBC Live Lesson. Reading for pleasure is so important - remember, there is a book out there for everyone!

Robin Class enjoyed their 'Shrove Tuesday' celebration Forest Schooling - we cooked our pancakes on the fire and ate them with either honey, lemon or jam! They did a great job following the recipe in their groups to make the batter. They are now working on writing their own set of instructions on how to make pancakes!

Week Beginning Monday 21st February 2022

In History this week, Robin Class acted out the story of Cyrus invading Medes and how he went on to conquer the city of Babylon. Cyrus wanted to build an empire!

During our first lesson back, we learnt about different positions and balances in gymnastics. We had fun trying to balance a cone on our bodies!

Week Beginning Monday 7th February 2022

In Maths, the Year 4s investigated area. They explored how many different shapes they could make with the same area. The children then practised drawing shapes with a particular area and learnt about square and rectilinear shapes.

In Science this week, Robin Class investigated the melting point of different material. We discussed the safety around the investigation and how to work scientifically. The children recorded their results, method and conclusions.

Week Beginning Monday 31st January 2022

Robins have had a super week of learning in various subjects but they particularly enjoyed the drama activity in PSHE. They have been learning about what 'risk' is and how to manage 'risky' situations. They used 'Stop. Decide. Do.' scenarios to help them understand the best response in a risky situation.

Week Beginning 24th January 2022

In Computing, Year 4s worked hard writing codes for their Lego person to climb their models and get to the light at the top. They used a programme called LightBot. Here are some of their extravagant models! Year 3s are currently planning their own podcasts ready to record...

During English this week, we continued using Oliver Twist for writing inspiration. Chapter 3 included a lot of dialogue which allowed us to come up with the rules for direct speech and learn how to punctuate it appropriately when writing. The children worked in pairs to create posters to help them remember the rules for writing dialogue. Well done Robins, it's not an easy grammar feature to remember!

Week Beginning 17th January 2022

In Science this week, Robin class practised using thermometers to measure the temperature of water. We used the vocabulary melting point, freezing point and boiling point to describe how water can 'change its state' from being a solid, liquid or a gas. They were all very sensible!

In computing this week, Year 3s were recording and editing sounds using Audacity. Year 4s where solving problems by splitting them into smaller parts (called decomposition) using the program Lightbot. They enjoyed their lesson this week!

Week Beginning 10th January 2022

Here are our final pieces of artwork, inspired by Matisse and Klimt. Well done Robins, they will look excellent displayed in school for everyone to see!

Year 4s have been working hard on their multiplication and division facts this week. We have been learning about factor pairs and their products!

Wow! What a fantastic two days Robin Class have had. They all worked so hard throughout all lessons and enjoyed the afternoons being creative. Year 3s have been learning about Gustav Klimt - writing a biography in English and recreating our own versions of his painting 'The Tree of Life'. Year 4s have been learning about Henri Matisse - they wrote a biography in English too and created their own artwork inspired by his method of collage. I am looking forward to our learning next week!

Autumn Term 2021

Week Beginning 12th December 2021

In our Forest School session, the children built dens, climbed trees, played in the mud kitchen and ate apples baked on the fire. We had a lot of fun! Well done this term Robins - you have worked so hard.

Week Beginning 6th December 2021

Most of us completed our DT sewing projects! Do you like our little Christmas ornaments? We'd like to hang them on our trees at home! I am really impressed with everyone's sewing efforts - well done Robin Class!

We investigated what materials are best for muffling sound in Science. We planned our own investigations in a group and we all contributed our ideas. Robins also practised using data loggers which we could use to record the decibels of the sounds created.

Week Beginning 29th November 2021

During our Music session this week, we listened to and appreciated the song 'In the Hall of the Mountain King' by Edvard Grieg on BBC Ten Pieces. We identified the different instruments we could hear, learnt about rhythm and tried to recreate the tune using a variety of musical instruments.

Robins have been completing a DT (Design and Technology) sewing project making a stuffed robin decoration! Although threading a needle is difficult for some, we have all persevered and worked hard to complete the first few stages. I am really impressed by everyone's effort and concentration. They are really excited to bring them home to share with you soon!

Week Beginning 22nd November 2021

In Maths, we have been introducing multiplication by making arrays. The children could identify what repeated addition number sentences were represented as well as the multiplication number sentences. They also explored what arrays (and multiplication facts) the could find using a certain number of cubes. Great work this week!

During English this week, we created newspaper reports about Lady Agatha going missing in the Himalayan mountains. (We used The Abominables book for inspiration!) The children did a fantastic job presenting their work and they should all be proud of what they achieved. Well done Robins!

Week Beginning 15th November 2021

We were celebrating 'Anti-Bullying Week' so lots of our learning was based around what makes a good friend. We created posters inspired by a book called 'Grumpy Frog' and we also created our own Anti-Bullying superheroes.

We have had a wonderful time learning about how sound is made by vibrations and how it travels through the air particles as waves. The children explored this by doing lots of different investigations. We had fun making cup telephones to finish!

Week Beginning 8th November 2021

During DT, we started practising different stitches including 'running stitch' and 'blanket stitch'. We are in the planning stages of our sewing project.

We took part in a hip-hop 'Street Dance' workshop to inspire us to dance more and have fun! We got to learn new moves and walk around in the space with attitude and purpose!

Week Beginning 1st November 2021

We had fun creating our firework themed artwork this week using soft pastels on black paper. Stay safe if you are out enjoying Guy Fawkes celebrations this weekend!