Stretham Community Primary School


Design and Technology

Subject Leader: Mrs Spencer



In Design and Technology (DT), our aim is to develop creative, innovative young thinkers who can apply their knowledge to real life problems. Pupils will design, make and evaluate products throughout our curriculum. Through a carefully constructed curriculum, we aim to give all pupils, regardless of background, gender, ethnic origin or additional needs, confidence when exploring and drafting ideas. We aim that pupils become reflective learners; able to use a growing range of appropriate vocabulary. We hope to inspire and encourage our pupils to apply their knowledge in the wider world.


Below you will find a flavour of what is being taught at Stretham. The children are always keep to take part in these lessons and share what they have made.

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

What do the children think about Design and Technology at Stretham?


"Any gluing and making is fun!"


"We love all the eating!"


"Chopping fruit is fun!"


Why is DT important?

"We need to know if we want to be designers, engineers or even mechanics."