Stretham Community Primary School


Kite Class

Year 6 Residential - Caythorpe Court 2024

After a gentle start at school checking our bags and doing a quick script read through for production, we had lunch at school before hopping on the coach. We have now arrived safely at PGL Caythorpe Court. Our lovely leader Amber settled us into our rooms and took us off for a tour of the site. We marveled at the forest, lake and amazing activities on offer. Later, we enjoyed out first activity: climbing! Watch this space for photographs...

Day 2 Year 6 Residential Caythorpe Court

After a quiet night, we started our day with a hearty cooked breakfast, cereal and fruit. Then, it was off to Activity 1 - Disc Golf. We had a great time in the forest learning the art of combining golf and ultimate frisbee into a brand new sport. Later, we went back in to the woods for our Survivor sessions. It was fun to make use of our fire lighting skills and further developed our wittling and shelter building skills. We did so well we were able to 'weather the storm' that blew in as our final test.

We had a tasty lunch of chicken or cheeseburgers, chips and salad before heading off for the afternoon activities of archery and the favourite - Giant Swing. After a delicious dinner and a quick trip to the gift shop, we were out again braving the elements to take on the 'Passport to World' orienteering challenge. Well done to the winning team but a big well done to us all for surviving the session if somewhat soggy at the end of it!!

Day 3 - Year 6 Residential Caythorpe Court

Gosh! What an action packed day we have all enjoyed today! After another tasty, big breakfast, we dashed back to our dorms to get ready for our jammed packed, activity filled day. Our fun leaders led us through activities of: Raft Building, Problem Solving, High Ropes, Archery Tag and later, Balloon Splash after dinner. Our groups braved the ever changing weather during these energetic activities and loved every second. Everyone took on big personal challenges involving height or water and were really proud of breaking down their boundaries. The team building skills you are acquiring are a sight to behold. Well done everyone - you are amazing!! 

Day 4 - Year 6 Residential Caythorpe Court

A fabulous, final, full day at Caythorpe for Year 6 today. The sun was out for us and we celebrated a special birthday for one of our pupils too. Another tasty cooked breakfast with sides of toast, yoghurt and fruit fuelled us for activities which included: Fencing, Abseiling, a Sensory Trail and taking on the Trapeze. You can see from the photographs how much fun we have had and how courageous we have all been when taking on new challenges. Having our friends to support us really helped and a special visit from Mr Sweeney was a lovely surprise! He was so impressed by all we have experienced and achieved this week. After a delicious dinner, where some of the options included Garlic Breaded Chicken, Homemade meat or vegetarian lasagne and tasty salad, veggie and potato side dishes, we headed off for our last evening activity - a D-I-S-C-O! The children were delighted that their favourite leaders - Amber and Benny - were hosting the disco and were there to witness their fantastic dance moves. What a great way to spend our final evening of Residential!

Day 5 - Last Day of the Year 6 Residential to Caythorpe Court 2024

It was with mixed feelings that we started our final day at Caythorpe Court. Whilst we have all missed our families, we have had such an amazing experience with PGL at Caythorpe Court that it was hard to think about leaving. Fortunately, after a slightly earlier start to clean our dorms and complete the final pack up, we trooped off with our lovely leader Amber for our final hearty breakfast. Fuelled and ready to go, both groups took on our final two out of 19 activities tackled during our residential adventure. Group One went off to try their hand at the rifle range whilst Group Two took on the Vertical Challenge - one of our trickiest and most tiring climbing challenges to date. After a brief break, the groups switched activities so we all got to try our hand at both. Despite the tiredness creeping in, all the children gave their all to these final activities showing positive attitudes, resilience and the fantastic mutual support we have seen blossom over the course of the week. Well done Kites - you are an example to us all!

After a filling fish, chips and salad lunch, it was time to spend some final moments with our wonderful PGL leaders before grabbing our bags and heading for the coach for the ride back to Stretham. Just before we left, one of the senior PGL managers came out to say her goodbyes and presented each child with a little PGL bear as a gift from the team for being one of the most polite, enthusiastic and delightful school groups they have ever had through! I think that says it all. Here's to an amazing residential - Caythorpe Court 2024!


Year 6 Topic Web - Summer Term 2024

Week Beginning 20th May

In Year 6, we have made the most of being 'Post-SATs' to dive back into our curriculum this week. We have enjoyed PE with Mr Cox and Computing lessons with Mrs Bowen, where we used Microbits to take temperature reading around our school site to share with a national study.

We have enjoyed breaking down the 'Working Scientifically' portion of the Science curriculum into stages, such as problem solving, and focusing on them to demonstrate our prior knowledge when investigating.

Year 5 and 6 had such fun on our field trip to the University of Cambridge Botanic Gardens this week. It was fascinating to learn about the plants of various global biomes, to explore the botanic gardens and find the exceedingly tall redwoods.

We also enjoyed completing our Writing challenege - 'Recipes for Friendship'.

What a wonderful week before our half term holidays!

Week Beginning Monday 13th May

What a week we have had Kites! This week, you completed SATs tests in the following areas:

- Monday - Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Paper 1 and Standalone Spelling - Paper 2

- Tuesday - Reading paper

- Wednesday - Maths Paper 1 - Arithmetic and Maths Paper 2 - Reasoning

- Thursday - Maths Paper 3 - Reasoning (2nd paper)

Every morning, we met for SATs Breakfast Club and tried to get outside for a bit of a play either before, part way through or after each of our tests (when the weather allowed). It was so nice to hear your calm chatter and see your smiling faces as you tucked into your choice of breakfast.

In the afternoons, we completed a little revision each day to ready us for the next day and then did something completely different (played games, did some art, enjoyed PE and Computing sessions, etc) to give our brains a break. 

By Friday, the testing was complete and you were ready for a well-deserved roll on Den Building Day!

Your dens were just like you: creative, fun and utterly unique! It was lovely to see your practical, scientific and architectural skills in action. At one stage, one den evolved into a castle fort!! We particularly enjoyed the way you built some connective tunnels between dens in the afternoon which really just highlighted how inclusive you are as a class. You also had an opportunity to play games, draw, hang out, watch a movie and enjoy the utterly delicious looking treat trays that Mrs. Marsh made for you. (Thank you Mrs Marsh!)

Year 3 kindly made each and every one of us a 'Congratulations' card for finishing our SATs. Thank you Year 3 - how thoughtful you all are.

We also finally got to hand out your Leavers' Hoodies and how fabulous you look. What a lovely way to end the week!

Well done Year 6 - you have shown incredible skills, kindness and resilience this week - a true mark of a successful Year 6!

We rounded off the week with the PSA Colour Dash event which it looked like you enjoyed immensely. Thank you to the PSA for hosting this brilliantly fun event at the end of a long and busy week.

Week Beginning 6th May

After a refreshing Bank Holiday weekend, Kite class came into school ready to complete some final revision and practice questions to prepare us for our SAT testing which begins next Monday. We found that by doing a mixture of independent practice, group work and games/ challenges that we could feel more confident about our knowledge. We even managed to find a way to combine our fitness focus from PE with a SPaG themed game too! Outdoor learning can really help keep us focused and calm. A few learning breaks to the library, some artwork in preparation for the Stretham Feast and reading outside (and the occasional biscuit!) helped too! 

We've enjoyed our learning in other subjects across the curriculum including: Computing, PE, Geography, Art and History.

Wish us luck for SATs Week next week!


Week Beginning Monday 29th April


Kite class have continued to review key areas of Maths, Reading and SPaG ahead of our SATs testing but we have also been:

- enjoying participating in a drumming workshop where we reviewed our Music knowledge of pitch, rhythm and tempo, as well as the importance to listening to each other to perfect our performance;

- using our class text ‘Wonder’ to create a piece of instructional writing called ‘Recipe for Friendship’ for the main character August;

- learning more about Viking life through storytelling the classic Norse tale of Beowulf;

- using our fitness skills to participate in a whole school skipping challenge;

- challenging our understanding of the various concepts including the formulas needed to find the area of triangles, parallelograms and a rhombus, as well as re-exploring the calculation of Volume (Maths);

- developing our approach to working with Statistics by reworking reasoning questions;

- creating a comparative paragraph about the megacities of South America with a focus on Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo;

- programming Microbits to count up and down during our Computing lesson with Mrs. Bowen;

- participating in a SPaG questions scavenger hunt to test our skills and knowledge development;


- delving into the world of Microorganisms in Science.


Drumming Workshop

Still image for this video
Building and layering rhythms using drums and percussion instruments

Week Beginning Monday 22nd April


With SATs just a few weeks away, Kite class have been:

- developing reading fluency and comprehension skills, including retrieval, vocabulary awareness and inference skills, through multiple texts including ‘Dawn at Midnight’, ‘Wonder’ and some past SATs texts;

- learning more about the movements of the Vikings and their journeys further afield within our Norse Culture unit;

- completing regular daily practice of our arithmetic skills;

- upping our fitness levels through out Fitness unit in PE, by working on our balance, speed, stamina, strength, coordination and agility;

- challenging our understanding of the relationships between fractions, decimals and percentages (Maths);

- developing our approach to finding the area and perimeter of various shapes by reworking reasoning questions;

- investigating the way of life in the megacities of South America with a focus on Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo;

- working with Microbits during our Computing lesson with Mrs. Bowen;

- identifying Word Classes and good examples of higher-level punctuation as part of our SPaG skill and knowledge reviews;


- using our knowledge of ‘curious creatures’ to create our own scientific journals describing and classifying unusual animals of our own creation in English and Science.


This week, the Year 6 children who will be joining Witchford Village College in September also enjoyed a chance to meet their Head of Year 7 – Ms. Chambers. Children who will be joining some of the other local secondary schools will have a similar meeting of their own in upcoming weeks.

Week Beginning Monday 15th April


Welcome back to the first week of the new term. This week, Kites have:

- used our own research and knowledge of a specific animal to create a non-chronological report, using audience choices to inform our presentation;

- learnt about the key figures of Norse Culture through a story called ‘The Great Tree and the gods’ in History;

- enjoyed getting back into the library after two weeks holidays to choose new books and spend some time enjoying them;

- revisited our rapid recall arithmetic skills;

- began new units in PE, including Fitness, which tested our speed, balance, agility and coordination;

- embedded our understanding of the relationship between fractions, decimals and percentages through FDP Bingo as well as other models and challenges (Maths);

- developed our evidencing and explanations through calculations and modelling in reasoning questions;

- delved further into the wonderful characters within the text ‘Wonder' by R.J.Palacio and have studied key vocabulary whilst also using our retrieval and inference skills;

- enjoyed our Computing lesson with Mrs. Bowen;

- identified Word Classes as part of our SPaG skill and knowledge reviews;


- built on our knowledge of ‘curious creatures’ to explore those living things that are hard to classify in Science.


We have had a wonderful first week back at school together. 😊 

Year 6 Topic Web - Spring Term 2024

Week Beginning Monday 25th March


During this final week of the term, Kites have enjoyed:

- using our own research and knowledge of animals to draft carefully crafted blocks of text for non-chronological reports;

- delving further into the foundations of Norse Culture in our History lessons;

- finalising our sensory language writing and getting it ready to show off on our new display – Sensory Stretham;

- participating in OAA sessions with Mr Cox in PE;

- further developing our thinking and the quality of our explanations through multi-topic reasoning questions – with a focus on explaining the connections we need to make before we calculate;

- showing our understanding of forming expressions, using substitution and solving equations in our Algebra unit (Maths);

- watching the Bee Musical performed by Years 3 and 4;

- reading three short texts which included a non-chronological report, an atmospheric poem and an extract from a longer story called ‘Albion’s Dream’ to help us develop our identification of key vocabulary and use of inference skills, as well as more of our Class Novel – ‘Wonder' by R.J.Palacio;

- joining the rest of the school in and Easter Quiz (as our annual Easter Egg Hunt was rained off);

- identifying risky situations at home and how accidents (especially those involving electricity) could be prevented by making safe choices;

- creating colourful Easter creations to share with our families.


Wishing you all the happiest of Easter holidays with your loved ones. Enjoy some rest, relaxation and fun and we’ll see you again in April 😊 

Week Beginning Monday 18th March


This week, Kites have particularly enjoyed:

- our foray into outdoor writing which gave us an opportunity to appreciate the sensory offerings of our school site;

- delving into the wealth of classes within the animal kingdom in science including creating informative double page spreads about each class including less talked of varieties such as Echinoderms and Annelids;

- applying the sensory language gained from our school site walks to help us free write descriptive paragraphs from a picture stimulus yet again showing that great writing doesn’t always have to happen at a desk;

- participating in OAA sessions with Mr Cox in PE;

- developing our thinking through multi-topic reasoning questions – with a focus on explaining our method for calculating an answer but also explaining the connections we need to make before we can begin to calculate using sentence stems such as, ‘Before I can calculate the value of X, I must find…’;

- showing the connections between finding missing values, forming expressions and substitution when studying Algebra. (Maths);

- reading a discussion inducing picture book called ‘The Proudest Blue’ by Ibtihaj Muhammad (which linked to our recent unit about Living Muslim Traditions), as well as more of our Class Novel – ‘Wonder' by R.J.Palacio;

- building our foundation skills including a strong backhand in the next session of our PE unit for Tennis;

- learning to identify situations where basic first aid would be of use and to understand our growing responsibility in preventing a wider range of accidents at school/ home;

- creating compositions for still life sketching;

- starting our humanities units about the Norse Culture (History), and North and South America (Geography).


Kite class have also given their best this week when tackling their spring PIRA and PUMA assessments too. We are really proud of your efforts and attitude. 

Week Beginning Monday 11th March


Kite class have really enjoyed leaping into their learning this week which has had a science focus in honour of British Science Week. Kites have particularly enjoyed:

- our hands-on ‘Time’ themed daily science challenges;

- investigating pendulums and drawing on our knowledge of Forces from Year 5 to attempt to create a pendulum which swings and stops at exactly 30 seconds - Kites were proud to achieve 2nd place in the whole school competition on Thursday afternoon;

- participating in sensory language walks in our outside spaces at school (no matter the weather!) to gather language to make sensory poetry and descriptive paragraphs and showing that great writing doesn’t always have to happen at a desk;

- participating in a one-off contemporary dance workshop with Jack from JSDC, who taught us the importance of control in our movements to achieve the intended impact;

- maintaining the accuracy of our Maths fluency skills whilst increasing our speed through daily rapid arithmetic practice and extending our thinking through multi-topic reasoning questions – with a focus on geometry this week;

- showing the ‘real-life’ applications of recipes when studying Proportion. (Maths);

- reading a thought provoking picture book called ‘Uno’s Garden’ by Graeme Base (which linked to our current science unit about living things and habitats and our geography unit about migration), as well as more of our Class Novel – ‘Wonder' by R.J.Palacio;

- continuing to review and develop our foundation skills in the second session of our new PE unit for Tennis;

- participating in a virtual Science lesson which connected to our current science unit about Living things and how they adapt/ change over time;

- reflecting on risks that exist for us in our daily lives including those as a pedestrian, as a cyclist, near railways and in the sun and how we can adjust what we do to keep ourselves safe;

- summarising our learning within our humanities units about the Lady of Mercia (History), the Living Traditions of Muslims (Religion and Worldviews) and Migration (Geography) and giving ourselves time to reflect on all that we have learnt through these areas of the curriculum by challenging each other with questions of our own creation (Question Matrix).


Kite class, like all the other classes, have also enjoyed shopping in the Science week class shop and discovering pocket-money-priced, science themed items of interest. We hope you all enjoy exploring your purchases with your families at home.