Stretham Community Primary School


Kite Class

Week Beginning Monday 17th January

This week in Kite class, we have:

  • Completed the final phase of our ‘Art through the Ages’ project by adding the finishing flourishes of colour to our Picasso Portraits (Year 5) and painted our Dali ‘Melting Time’ sculptures before photographing them for display (We later added our creations to the whole school gallery which we also visited so we could enjoy everyone else’s marvelous artwork.);
  • Worked hard to develop our calculating fractions and mixed number skills including all four operations (Year 6) and multiplying using a formal written method (Year 5);
  • Learnt more about the Indus Valley civilization through the puzzles archaeologists have faced;
  • Been inspired by a short film to help us write a phased narrative that shows changes in atmosphere and makes use of figurative language;
  • Found out further details about how, where and why Hindus worship together in RE;
  • Learnt how to use more challenging balances and movements within a short gymnastic sequence;


  • A better understanding of the difference between wants and needs and how to balance our life goals.

Spring Term Week Beginning Monday 10th January

Kite class have enjoyed their first full week of the Spring term.

Some of the highlights have included:

  • Completing the next phase of our ‘Art through the Ages’ project – Picasso Portraits (Year 5) and Dali Melting time sculptures;
  • Working hard to develop our calculating fractions and mixed number skills (Year 6) and calculating the area and perimeter of compound shapes (Year 5);
  • Immersing ourselves in our learning about the Indus Valley civilization and finding out a bit more about different types of settlement around the globe;
  • Using our research to write a biography of a famous artist;
  • Finding out about how Hindus worship together in RE;
  • Learning how to use our rolls and linking movements to create a canon or synchronisation movement;


  • Finding our more about the role of a budget and taxes within our country.



Spring Term 2022 - Week Beginning Monday 3rd January

Welcome Back Kite Class!

We hope you all had a fantastic holiday and enjoyed a good rest with your families.

Although we have only been back for two days this week, we have already enjoyed:

- Starting our art projects on Pablo Picasso (Year 5) focusing on his portraits and Salvador Dali (Year 6) focusing on his piece 'The Persistence of Memory';

- Starting our biography research on the same artists (Picasso/ Dali) in English;

- Practising addition/ subtraction of fractions (Year 6) and reviewing the calculation of Area and Perimeter (Year 5);

- Learning about what inflation is and what role money plays in our lives and may play in our job choices for the future;


- developing our rolls in PE.

We are already looking forward to more fun in our learning next week!


Week Beginning Monday 13th December

Kite class have enjoyed their final week of the Autumn term.

Some of the highlights have included:

  • Completing our comparisons between the Sumerian and Egyptian civilisations we have been studying;
  • Securing the wooden frames for our lanterns and completing the rangoli patterns to decorate them for our Art/ DT project;
  • Summarising our learning about mountainous regions of the world in Geography;
  • Writing from a specific perspective to engage an audience through our festive themed writing task called ‘Supporting Act’;
  • Applying our calculation skills in Year 5 perfect perimeter measurements of rectilinear shapes. In Year 6, we have learnt how to convert between improper fractions and mixed numbers and have begun to use this skill to support our calculations with fractions;
  • Taking on a team festive Maths Challenge;


  • Sharing Christmas Carols on the playground with the rest of the school.


🎄 🎅 From Mrs. E and all of Kite class, we wish you a happy, healthy and restful Christmas holiday 🎄 🎅

Week Beginning Monday 6th December

Kite class have been busy with their learning across many subjects this week.

Some of the highlights have included:

  • Finding similarities and differences between other cradles of civilisation;
  • Finalising our rangoli patterns and creating frames from scratch using our sawing and joining skills as part of our Art/ DT project;
  • Learning about the mountainous region of Snowdonia in Geography;
  • Applying our knowledge of poetry conventions to write an imitation poem based on Lewis Carroll’s ‘Jabberwocky’ poem;
  • Applying our calculation skills in Year 5 to complete Multiplication Word problems and learning to calculate perimeter. In Year 6, we have been learning how to find equivalent fractions and how to simplify them;
  • Year 6 using their knowledge of circuits to set sensors to catch Burglar Bill and Year 5 using maths skills to create accurate graphs to show growth data in Science;


  • Sharing another Hindu epic called ‘The Mahabharata’ which is four times as long as ‘The Ramayana’.

Week Beginning Monday 29th November

Year 5 and 6 have been busy with their learning across many subjects this week.

Some of the highlights have included:

  • Learning about other cradles of civilisation in comparison to the ancient Sumer;
  • Building our own rangoli patterns from scratch as part of our Art/ DT project;
  • Finding out more about mountainous regions within the UK in Geography;
  • Developing our knowledge of poetry conventions and enjoying the performance skills required to deliver Lewis Carroll’s ‘Jabberwocky’ poem;
  • Finding out how the Hindu religion has changed over time;
  • Continuing to develop our calculation skills – in Year 5 with Multiplication and Division and – in Year 6 with Order of Operations (BIDMAS);


  • Sharing a mini Science/ PE project about Keeping Healthy both in body and mind.

Week Beginning Monday 22nd November

This week, Year 5 and 6 have been:

  • Developing a piece of independent descriptive writing called ‘The King of Winter’;
  • Recapping how to multiply/divide by 10/100/1000 (Year 5) and Consolidating our understanding of Long Division strategies, as well as our knowledge of Common Factors, Common Multiples and the Order of Operations (Year 6) in Maths;
  • Exploring the Epic of (the strong yet cruel) Gilgamesh  and retelling the story using key actions in History;
  • Reviewing our knowledge of Vishnu and his symbols within the Hindu faith as part of our studies in RE and
  • Discussing Life in the Andes in Geography.

We ended the week by celebrating the successes of one of our class in a Taekwondo competition, enjoyed taking part in a Speed Stacking competition and enjoying an afternoon of Christmas craft making across Kite and Kestrel classes. What a lovely way to end our week together!

Week Beginning Monday 15th November

This week, we  learnt about the key messages behind Anti-Bullying Week. This year's theme was 'One Kind Word'. We had an Odd Socks parade in Year 5/6 on Monday morning to take a morning to enjoy and celebrate our uniqueness. As part of our learning in PSHE and English, we created jars of kindness for each other. Each jar was filled with kind words and supportive messages tailored to fit the recipient. Everyone has taken their jars home so that we each have a jar full of kindness to draw upon if we are having a bad day. We have also used our English skills to write Postcards of kindness to adults and children around the school. We enjoyed making surprise deliveries of them on Friday afternoon. On Friday, Year 5 and 6 shared a story called 'Manu the Kiwi of Kindness'. From this stimulus, we wrote our own scenes in poetry or prose form where the character Manu helped another creature of our own creation with a problem they were having. In Art, we learnt our final taught zentangle then applied our skills to zentangle odd socks in honour of Anti-Bullying week. This week, we also learnt about why people live on and visit mountainous areas; created human growth timelines in Year 5 Science; practised Sports Stacking ready for an upcoming competition; learnt about foundation moves and balances in gymnastics and ended the week by supporting Children in Need and raising a super amount for charity. Well done everyone!

Week Beginning Monday 8th November

Kite class have been working with dedication on various areas of learning this week. They have shown patience, focus and hard work. Well done Kites!

This week, we have:

  • Completed our information report paragraphs, have edited them and collected them into a final piece;
  • Continued to develop our zentangle pattern skills;
  • Found out more about important buildings in our new topic (Cradles of Civilisation) in History;
  • Discussed mountain ranges around the world in Geography;
  • Reenacted sections of the story of Manu and the Matsya Fish in RE;
  • Explored Excel in Computing.

Year 5 enjoyed their learning about multiplication and division in Maths and about the Human Lifecycle in Science.

Year 6 enjoyed learning about tackling division using our knowledge of factors and multiples and Electricity in Science.

We all enjoyed ending the week with an expert street dance session with dance teacher - Miss Baker – it was AMAZING!

Week Beginning 1st November 2021


This week we:

  • found our inner clam - producing beautiful zentangle patterns in Art;
  • learnt about and identified the key features of an information report in English and began to research for our own;
  • learnt the story of Manu and Matsya whilst we looked at the Hindu faith in RE;
  • practiced our division and multiplication methods in Maths;
  • were separating mixtures in Science with Year 5s and Year 6s were learning about electricity.

Week Beginning Monday 18th October

In our final week of the half term, Kite class have enjoyed their learning in many areas, including:

- the final stages of the mature river including meanders, estuaries and the creatures that live at these points;

- translating hieroglyphics, the uncovering of the Rosetta Stone and discovering the details behind the mummification process;

- developing our reading and comprehension skills;

- modelling various methods for calculation

- and sharing tactical skills in PE.


- In Year 5, we have enjoyed a range of activities as a temporary replacement for our postponed residential adventure.

- In Year 6, we have been demonstrating our developing skills in maths and English to establish out autumn term baseline.

- We all enjoyed a trip to the Forest School area where we completed a scavenger hunt; imagined ourselves into the role of squirrels hiding supplies for the winter; enjoyed some free play and shared the crispy cakes made by Year 5 over a warming cup of hot chocolate. What a lovely end to a half term! 

Have a happy and healthy half term everyone smiley



Week Beginning Monday 11th October

Another fabulously full week for Kite class....we have:

- Excelled at the Year 6 STEM Day hosted by Soham Village College where our teams won awards for the 'Best Scientific Explanation of Flight', the 'Most Spectacular Crash' and the 'Best Maths Solutions';

- Learnt about ancient Egyptian beliefs and the afterlife in History;

- Consolidated our written methods for addition and subtraction (Year5/6) and begun to review methods for long multiplication (Year 6);

- Celebrated receiving our Bikeability awards;

- Investigated materials that will dissolve and begun to classify them as soluble and insoluble;

- Used team strategies and tactics to win mini games in Hockey;

- Discussed our personal support networks in PSHE;

- Applied our knowledge of specific Punctuation and Grammar features to improve a piece of free writing;

- and Found out more about the formation of 'V' shaped valleys in Geography.

As always, we have worked hard, learnt many new things and enjoyed our learning to boot.

Congratulations to our new Year 5 and 6 school councilors who were elected this week and well done to everyone who put themselves forward, gave engaging speeches and participated in the democratic process.  


Week Beginning Monday 4th October

What an active week we have enjoyed in Kite class!

Not only did many members of Year 5 successfully participate in Bikeability training this week, we also managed to:

  • Collaborate to create a beautiful Harvest/ Autumn themed poem to accompany our Autumnal artwork to celebrate Harvest,
  • Make use of Year 6s developing Zentangle skills to create a piece of festive art,
  • Build our understanding of sentence structures (Year 5) and use descriptive writing for effect(Year 6),
  • Find out a little bit about the beliefs of the ancient Egyptians including the weighing of the heart by the god Anubis,
  • Find out more about the role of the demon Ravana in the Hindu story of Rama and Sita,
  • Discuss strategies for how best to cope with new situations in PSHE and even developed a board game to help us understand how best to apply the strategies.

Week Beginning Monday 27th September

This week in Kites, we have:

  • Begun our new unit on calculation in Maths and have been fine tuning our use of the formal column method for addition and subtraction;
  • Used our research about Howard Carter’s discovery of Tutankhamun’s missing tomb to plan and write a newspaper report of the event;
  • Understood the changes  that occurred in Egypt during the Old, Middle and New Kingdoms;
  • Applied our new hockey skills in mini games in PE;
  • Continued to unpick the details of the story of Rama and Sita and its impact on the Hindu faith;
  • Created some autumn themed artwork using chalk pastels;
  • Found out about Refraction (in Year 6 Science) and how some materials can be excellent conductors whilst others are better insulators (in Year 5 Science).

In addition to all this, we have also kept up with our weekly reading target and produced some fascinating fact files about Tutankhamun for homework. Well done Kites - keep up the excellent work!

Week Beginning Monday 20th September

This week in Kites, we have:

  • Continued to develop our place value and number knowledge in Maths;
  • Researched the events that surrounded Howard Carter’s discovery of Tutankhamun’s missing tomb so we could imagine ourselves into the positions of Carter, Carnarvon or the local waterboy to write diary entries of the event;
  • Found out about the importance of the River Nile to the ancient Egyptians;
  • Learnt some new hockey skill drills and a game called Treasure Island in PE;
  • Developed the next phase of our Zentangle, fine motor skill building in Art;
  • Found out more about Light (in Year 6 Science) and tested the properties of materials (in Year 5 Science).

Mrs. E also taught us about Democracy in our Friday assembly. By showing us that we all have the right to a say, she showed us how we can all have a voice through our school council.

Week Beginning Monday 13th September

What a week we have had in Year 5 and 6! 

We started the week by waving goodbye to the Year 6s as they set off on their residential to Overstrand in Norfolk. You can see from the Photo Gallery section of the website what fun they all had. Whilst they were away, Year 5 have been comparing and ordering numbers in Maths; developing the use of descriptive language and varied sentence structures in English;  researching both ancient and modern Egypt and completing a drawing tutorial. We even managed a trip to Forest School where small groups collaborated to complete the 5 Senses Scavenger Hunt. When Year 6 returned, we enjoyed joint sessions in PSHE and PE. It was lovely to be back together again to end the week.


Week Beginning Monday 6th September

Kite class have been soaring through their learning this week. They have continued to develop their place value knowledge by working with larger values, including numbers up to 10 million in Year 6! We have also been working on our sentence structuring skills to improve our narrative writing in English. Year 5 Kites really enjoyed finding out about codes and ciphers in Computing. They even challenged each other to decipher their own codes. In Art, we have all enjoyed improving our fine motor control to explore the complex patterns that can be made through simple mark making.

Back to School - Thursday 2nd September - Friday 3rd September

Welcome back! We do hope you had an enjoyable summer and a restful break. 

Kite class have had a busy couple of days getting to know each other in Year 5 and 6 and getting settled in to our learning for the new school year. In just two days, we have:

- reviewed our existing times table knowledge,

- read the story 'Dear Teacher...' and started to write a response letter as if we were a child like the main character Michael with a 'good' (but rather weird and wonderful) excuse for being late for school,

- reviewed our existing Place Value knowledge,

- run a 'Golden Mile' at school to test our current fitness and resilience

- and created an All About Me artwork Shout Out.

Well done Kites for a wonderful first two days.