Stretham Community Primary School


Rabbit Class

Spring Term 2022

Week beginning 17th January 2022


This week, in Computing, we had to create a graph using digital tools and the graphs we created showed the different colours of sweets in our packets of Haribo!

We also thoroughly enjoyed a session in our new school library this week.  It looks amazing and we were so excited to finally get our hands on some of the books.  It's a lovely space to sit and enjoy a book and soon we will all be able to choose a book to take home on loan.

Week beginning 10th January 2022


We travelled the world this week and imagined setting foot in some different places; we explored a jungle, swam in an ocean, walked in a desert, sat at the foot of a mountain and threw snowballs in the Arctic, before writing postcards home.

Of course, before we could go on our travels, we had to locate the 7 continents and 5 oceans of the world.

Week beginning 3rd January 2022


Welcome back and a happy new year to you all! smiley


Keep an eye out for a termly overview and new Learning Log details which will appear soon.


Rabbit Class have come back to school full of energy, enthusiasm and smiles.  We have enjoyed learning about the artist Vincent van Gogh this week, for a special whole-school art project, where each year group is looking at a different artist and a specific piece of art.  After learning about van Gogh, we had a go at our own painting of sunflowers.

Autumn Term 2021

Week beginning 13th December 2021


The children in Rabbit Class have worked very hard this term - we are very proud of each and every one of them.  Thank you for your support. Wishing you all a very happy Christmas!  🎅🎄🎁  

We have enjoyed lots of creative activities this week.  Here we are using finger-painting to produce winter tree pictures.

In Science, we had our final lesson exploring everyday materials; our focus this time was that some materials can be changed by squashing, bending, twisting and stretching.

Week beginning 6th December 2021


We have worked so hard this week rehearsing and recording our KS1 production, 'Bethlehems' Buzzin'.  Thank you so much for your help with costumes and learning lines.  We can't wait to share the full production with you next week!

Christmas Jumper Day 2021!

Week beginning 29th November 2021


In PE, we took our gymnastics outside and practised lots of different balances.

In Geography,  we learnt all about using maps.  We had to make our own key to show places on a map.

Week beginning 22nd November 2021


We had a great time in Forest School last Friday!

Week beginning 15th November 2021


To mark and celebrate Anti-Bullying Week 2021, we took part in lots of different activities.  This year the theme was ‘One Kind Word’, emphasising the positive impact a small gesture or comment can have on someone else’s day.  We kicked off the week with 'Odd Socks Day' and then each decorated our own template to create odd socks.  We also looked at lots of different scenarios to decide whether it was bullying or not.  After discussing the various scenarios, and listening to some stories, we considered people's feelings and how to respond to bullying.

In our Topic and English lessons, we have been attacking castles this week!  We wrote some fantastic detailed accounts of attacking a castle and, in DT, we worked very hard to follow instructions to construct catapults. It was a lot of fun testing the catapults. smiley

Week beginning 8th November 2021


What a week it's been for Rabbit Class!  Today was 'Castle Day'.  We all looked fantastic in our costumes and enjoyed dancing, feasting and some juggling (from the Court Jester).  We also made our own castle-themed finger puppets.

Earlier in the week, we thoroughly enjoyed learning a Street Dance routine.

Week beginning 1st November 2021


In PE this week, we were developing our balance and stability.  We also practised jumping and landing safely.

In English, we have been learning about the daily life of a medieval knight!  Before writing a diary entry, we used actions to help us remember daily activities. 

Week beginning 18th October 2021


In Computing, we have been learning how to program using Scratch.  This week we were given the challenge of making an animation with a background and sprites that move and talk.

In Maths, it's been a week of subtraction!  We have explored lots of different strategies to help us, including using tens and ones, making up subtraction stories and counting back on a number line.  Here we are using ten frames to practise crossing 10. 

Week beginning 11th October 2021


In Science, we continued our topic of 'Uses of Everyday Materials'.  This week we carried out an investigation to find out which materials are waterproof.  We found rubber, cling film and bubble wrap are waterproof but we were also quite surprised at how well white photocopier paper and the patterned side of a cereal box stop water passing through.

After weeks of fantastic team work, our castles are finished and we are very proud of them!

In English, we read a story about Dragons and Knights.  Here we are sequencing the main events of the story.

Week beginning 4th October 2021


This week, we enjoyed creating some fantastic pumpkin pictures using chalk pastels.  We are very pleased with the finished pieces.

In Maths, we have been working on number bonds - the simple addition of two numbers to make a given total. Number bonds help us to understand that a whole number is made up of parts.  We need to practise those number bonds to 10 at home so that we can recall them instantly.  They were useful this week, when looking at number bonds to 100 using tens.

Week beginning 27th September 2021


This week in English, we read the story 'The Paper Bag Princess'.  After becoming familiar with the story, we then focused on the personalities of the main characters, Princess Elizabeth and the dragon.  Here we are re-enacting various parts of the story.  Next week we will retell the story from the dragon's point of view.

In Maths, we have been practising counting up in 2s, 5s and 10s again.  We even tried counting up in 3s this week.

Our castles are coming along nicely!  This week, we made some turrets.

Week beginning 20th September 2021


In Science, we started our topic of 'Uses of Everyday Materials' and went on a hunt around the school to spot different materials.  We worked very hard to record our findings and felt like proper scientists with our clipboards!

We also continued with our castles this week, working together to paint our moats and hills.

Week beginning 13th September 2021

In Maths, we had great fun playing games counting up and down from different starting points - counting back was trickier!  We are getting much better at counting up in 2s, 5s and 10s.   

We also made a start on building our own castles!  This week we cut out and painted the castle walls.

Week beginning 6th September 2021


In Maths, we have been practising counting up and down and thinking about number sequences.  Here we are counting objects, thinking about different grouping strategies to help us count quickly and accurately.


This week we enjoyed a great game in PE which required excellent teamwork, together with some kicking and fielding.

Welcome to our Rabbit Class web page!  It has been a super two days; the children have settled back into school incredibly well and should feel very proud of themselves.  We have had a lot of fun exploring our new classroom, being creative, working together and thinking abut the year ahead and all that we hope to achieve.