Stretham Community Primary School


Key Stage 2 Ancient Greek Day - October 2019

Key stage 2 children enjoyed being Ancient Greeks for the day!

We were visited by Victoria from 'History Off the Page' on Tuesday who introduced us to many different aspects of life in Ancient Greece. The day began with us visiting different craft stalls in the Athenian market place.  Everyone had an opportunity to make different crafts such as fresco painting, mosaics, pottery and wax tablets to write on. We were able to visit an apothecary (doctor/ pharmacist) who provided us with herbs to cure our aches and pains. We also gave thanks to the goddess Athena for our creativity and to keep us safe from the threat of invasion by the Persian king, Darius.

In the afternoon, we divided into groups to rehearse Greek comedies, tragedies or dances. Some of our pupils were specially selected to be Victoria's 'slaves' for the afternoon. The day ended with us gathering at the amphitheatre to watch the groups perform, while the slaves served a traditional feast of bread, 'wine', feta cheese, olives, fruit and honey soaked cakes. (Don't worry - Victoria gave special permission for the slaves to enjoy the performances and the feasting too!) All the children had a wonderful day and went home with a bag full of all the things they had made that morning.

A huge 'thank you' to the very kind parents who undertook their role of artisans so brilliantly and helped to support our children's learning and enjoyment of the day.