Stretham Community Primary School



Science at Stretham Community Primary School

Subject Leader:  Mrs Vicky Dunham


At Stretham Community Primary School, we recognise the importance of Science in everyday life.  We want our pupils to develop a healthy curiosity and respect for the world around them.  We want them to love Science and engage with the scientific opportunities they are presented with throughout their years at the school and beyond.  It is our intent to provide the pupils with a wide variety of opportunities to explore, ask questions and develop their knowledge, whilst acquiring specific skills to enable them to think and work scientifically.  We want to inspire our pupils to become the Scientists of the future.  Opportunities for hands-on practical activities are provided as often as possible, through stimulating and challenging lessons, covering knowledge and concepts as specified in the National Curriculum.  Key subject-specific vocabulary is built-on and developed throughout the pupils’ time in school.  We endeavour to engage and enthuse the children through extra-curricular Science opportunities whenever possible, such as celebrating the annual British Science Week, participating in Science Challenges at our partner secondary school and visiting our local nature reserve.  At Stretham Community Primary School, we strive to inspire all pupils to fulfil their potential, regardless of background, gender, ethnic origin or additional needs, cultivating a love of Science whilst developing their knowledge, understanding and skills as a scientist.


'The most important thing is to never stop questioning'

~  Albert Einstein ~


Take a look at the following document which outlines Science at Stretham, detailing the skills, knowledge and vocabulary that are taught in each year group.

A Snapshot of Science at Stretham

Foundation Stage ~ Observing the differences and changes in the seasons and weather

Year 1 ~ Investigating how the surface material and gradient of a ramp affects how a car travels down it

Year 2 ~ Investigating which materials are waterproof

Year 3 ~ Using Newton meters to measure the force exerted by various objects

Year 4 ~ Investigating the melting points of different materials

Year 5 ~ Investigating irreversible changes by mixing warm milk and vinegar to create casein plastic

Year 6 ~ Building and testing electrical circuits with various components

British Science Week


Every year at Stretham, we celebrate British Science Week, with additional activities to help our pupils develop their scientific enquiry skills, as well as their passion and enthusiasm for Science.  We also challenge stereotypes about scientists and celebrate the diversity of people and careers in Science.

Pupil Voice

What do our pupils say about Science at Stretham?


"Learning about animals is my favourite. We even got to look in animal poo" ~ Year 1 pupil

"I liked it when we got to squirt water on different materials" ~ Year 2 pupil

"I love doing experiments. I sometimes try them again at home" ~ Year 3 pupil

"You actually learn lots in Science. There is always stuff I didn't know" ~ Year 4 pupil

"We get to experiment and it doesn't really matter if it goes wrong because that’s what happens in Science" ~ Year 5 pupil

"I like using equipment.  Making electrical circuits was really good" ~ Year 6 pupil